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WP250 Welding Positioner

Waldun’s WP250 welding positioners have dominated the market. We’re able to provide high quality and unique 250-pounder weld positioners that you can use for many workpieces.

Waldun can manufacture manual WP250 weld positioners or automatic ones depending on what you need.

You can trust us to produce the WP250 welding positioner that befits your requirements!


Waldun’s WP250 Welding Turntable

The WP250 weld positioners Waldun offers is the typical 250-pound load capacity positioner.

WP250 Welding Turntable

What separates our positioners from the rest is the fact that our positioners are:

All sandblasted before assembly

Machine frames are tested and examined carefully

Sourced from the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers

Built and engineered by licensed and certified welding experts

Capable of being attached with any 3-jaw and a 4-jaw chuck

What are the Features of Our 250-Pounder Weld Positioners?

Waldun’s Wp250 welding positioners have capacities that can exceed 250 pounds horizontally. You can use it for workpieces that weigh 440 pounds in the horizontal position.

Features of Weld Positioners

Also, you will be able to choose the specific motor you can use for it, either AC or Servo motors.

You can choose a rotational motor power up to a max. of 1.5 kWs. Also, tilting motor powers that can go as high as 2.2 kWs. With the rotational speed, you can expect 0 to 5.5 rpms!

The WP250 welding positioner that Waldun offers has a tilting angle that can go at 90 degrees.

Overall, you can specify the design and structure of the WP250 positioner you’ll get.

WP250 Weld Positioner Applications

Waldun’s WP250 welding positioners are used by a lot of industrial businesses.

Applications of WP250 Welding Positioners

The most common businesses that approach us are businesses that are engaged in metalworking and fabrication. But, we’re also trusted by a lot of other niches, including:

Oil & Gas Industry

Construction and Structural Industry

Boiler Tanks and Pressure Vessel Industry

Marine and Maritime Industries

Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

And Many More!

Our WP250 welding positioners will help you with your processes whatever industry you’re in! Waldun has been the best example that you can get high quality welding positioners for a competitive rate!

Why Choose Waldun’s WP250 Welding Positioner?

  • Waldun offers a 15-day, guaranteed delivery time
  • We offer complete installation assistance
  • Guaranteed lifetime aftersales services
  • Trustworthy manufacturers of the parts and components of our machines

Waldun is a company certified against ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. It’s definite assurance that we will produce safe, quality, and significant WP250 welding positioners you can use.

What Other Services/Products Does Waldun Offer?

Apart from the valuable WP250 welding positioners we have, you can also count on Waldun to manufacture products, such as column & boom welding machines, 2-axis welding positioners, welding manipulators, weld overlay cladding machines, and many more!

Contact Waldun and know what deals you can land for the best value of your money! Get the best quality of WP250 weld positioners you can get at a low price!