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You are always striving to find a weld overlay solution to improve the durability of your facilities, and advanced welds provide a highly suitable repair method.

With WALDUN high level of expertise, you can get the related weld overlay solution required to achieve unparalleled high quality weld seam pads.

With Waldun wide range of options for individual metal production,you can get a wide range of weldg overlay services.

From high-quality, cost-effective welding services to high-quality welding coatings. Learn more about our welding overlay and other welding services and learn more about the different types of weld overlay we offer.

laser cladding applications

A specially developed and automated weld overlay system is designed to restore and protect critical industrial processing plants through advanced welding technology.

WALDUN has developed a welding system specifically designed for industrial applications to meet the needs of high-quality industrial and industrial welding equipment.

The welding overlay process provides protection by using special manufacturing in hostile environments.

A welding process, a specialized welding system for industrial use, was developed by WALDUN, which was specially designed for the requirements of industrial welding applications, especially in the field of welding and metal production.

Corrosion – Resistant weld seam coatings are often used to improve the corrosion resistance of components made of materials that are otherwise susceptible to corrosion.

Corrosive – Weld seam pads are commonly used in the automotive, aerospace and other industrial applications, as they improve the reliability and durability of components made from otherwise corroded or corrosion-prone materials.

Roughly speaking, it can be used on a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, glass, stainless steel and many others.

Metal overlay or weld seam superposition is a similar process that is often used in several metal working processes.

When two or more metal-specific properties are applied to a base metal, we speak of welding coatings or overlay.

The weld overlap can be achieved by the following methods: arc welding, plasma arc welding to shield the metal welding, self-shielding – coring of the wire and arcs to shield the weld seam support and other industrial applications.