Welding Wire for Extrusion Roll Repair Supplies

Extrusion Roll Repair

Extrusion roll repair, special series of welding wire for extrusion rolls

WALDUN adopts the special series of welding wire for extrusion rolls to ensure the quality indexes such as hardness and wear resistance after repair, and the service life after repair can be guaranteed not less than 8000 hours.

WALDUN Welding Wire=Higher Quality With Moderate Price, Faster Delivery


Service mode.

1、 Off-line repair of extrusion rolls.

2、 Provide high quality special welding consumables.

Technical Details:

NameTypeSize(mm)Hardness(HRC)ChemicalsMain applications and characteristics
Welding wire for extrusion roll repairWED-ZYG100(1#)1.6、2.8、4.0C:0.03-0.15  Mn:0.5-2.5Priming layer for extrusion rollers
WED-ZYG100A(1996)1.6、2.8、4.0C:0.05-0.15 Cr:18-22  Ni:8-11  Mn:4-7Priming layer for extrusion rolls
WED-ZYG2001.6、2.8、4.020-35C:3.5-4.6  Cr:4.0-6.0  Mo:0.3-1.0  Nb:0.3-1.0Transition layer for extrusion rollers
WED-ZYG3001.6、2.8、4.050-55C:0.3-1  Cr:5-10  Mo:0.5-1.5 Nb:1-3Transition layer for extrusion rolls
WED-ZYG5001.655-60C:0.5-2.5  Cr:5-10  Mo:0.5-1.5 Nb:3-6Covering layer and pattern layer for extrusion rolls