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Welding Turntable

For more than 20 years, welding turntables have been one of the strengths of Waldun.

Being a business with an ISO 9001 certification, Waldun will never fail you!

You can place your full trust in us for all your welding turntable needs!

Waldun’s Welding Turntable Options

Waldun’s welding turntables can help secure a workpiece both in place and in motion. We offer high quality welding rotary turntables to rotate your workpieces in automation.

Waldun is popular in the industry for providing reliable and dependable welding turntables.


From regular welding positioners for small and light workpieces, to heavy and industrial welding turntables for welding and maneuvering heavy parts, Waldun will be the best option for you!

Waldun can produce the specific welding turntable positioner depending on what you need.

In fact, we can get you whatever welding turntable you need; should you need a regular flat-surfaced turntable, even a turntable with a 3-jaw chuck surface!

Why Waldun Welding Turntable 

A myriad of businesses trust Waldun for all the welding turntables needs they have. They do so because of the following advantages they get from us:

  • Fast delivery of products (within 20 days)
  • All parts of the positioners are structured perfectly
  • Electric control parts came from the best manufacturers
  • Installation service is complete without any steps skipped
  • Excellent after services

As an organization, we’re certified across all welding and welding equipment-related certifications.


Waldun’s welding turntables are famous in the market for the following features:

  • High impact and frequency resistance
  • Easy to control and operate
  • Equipped with universal plugs
  • High quality AC and/or DC motors
  • Multifunctional

If you want other features included, you can easily tell us!

Waldun can create and modify welding turntables to suffice your business need!

That’s what brought us to the top of the industry’s ranking.

What Else is There With Waldun?

Besides the usual and the regular floor welding turntables, you can also have interest in our FT and WPwelding rotary positioners!

We also offer products that can develop and improve your machines and equipment such as:

  • Pipe and Tank Turning Rolls
  • Welding Positioners
  • Tube Welding Positioners
  • Weld Overlay Machines
  • And Many More!

For over 20 years, Waldun has been providing all types of welding machines to businesses!

We never failed to offer a one-type solution to all our clients’ needs!

Work With the Best Now!

Be in partnership with the most trusted welding turntable manufacturer in China! We can guarantee that you’ll never have any problems in working with us!

Contact Waldun now and get the exact kind and type of rotary welding turntables you need!

Welding Turntable – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Utilizing a welding turntable can make your welding projects become a lot easier. You don’t have to tire out and exhaust your welders too much any longer! Plus, you can keep them safer!

But do you exactly know what a welding turntable is? Do you know how it can help you? In case you’re not sure what they even are, you’re just in the right page!

Today, we will be walking you through everything you need to know about welding turntables. You would not have any questions about it after reading through!

What is a Welding Turntable?

In the simplest terms, they’re machines that can help you with your welding project.

Welding Turntable

Welding turntables are the equipment that could rotate a workpiece on its own. It can be controlled (manually), or could be set on automatic.

How Do You Use Welding Positioner Turntables?

Using a welding positioner turntable is neither hard nor challenging to do. In fact, it can be summed up in these steps:

How Do You Use Welding Positioners

  1. Load the workpiece onto the table before you start welding.
  2. It is then held onto the table by chucks and bolts.
  3. Using the controller or the pedal, the rotation would begin – it would depend on the speed and the pace you select.
  4. If you’re using a manual welding turntable, you’d have to hold the filler metal and/or the weld head. Otherwise, you can set them to perform at the pace you want
  5. Once complete, you can unload the workpiece from the machine; the weld is completed.

You can think of it as a machine that would give you two free hands off of the workpiece.

Are Welding Floor Turntables Automatic?

There are different processing types of welding turntable.

Welding Turntables Automatic_

You can choose from manual turntables, semi-automatic turntables, and automatic turntables. Most of the welding turntables now are automatic. However, some welders are more comfortable in making their own pace.

Where Can You Apply the Usage of Welding Turntables?

You can use welding positioner turntables in a wide variety of applications.

Apply Welding Positioners

But, the most common ones include creation of equipment and components in the following industries:

  • Chemical Industry
  • Shipbuilding and Shipyard Industries
  • Power and Generation Industries
  • Petrol Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • And Many More

These aren’t the only options you got – there are a lot more! Oftentimes, it’s more used in welding round or cylindrical objects as they’re more challenging to work with.

How Can You Benefit From Using Rotating Welding Tables?

Benefit From Using Rotating Welding Tables

You can find a lot of different benefits and advantages from using welding turntables.

Among the most common ones that you can consider include:

Faster and Shorter Positioning Time

One of the main advantages and benefits you can get from using it would be speed; speed in terms of positioning and productivity.

The automation that it offers will allow your welders to gain better welding positions faster. They wouldn’t have to experiment because the workpiece would be laid out flat.

Due to this, you can expect faster welding durations and timeframes for results.

Less Labor

If you are to use a welding turntable, you’ll only need one (1) welder or operator. Once the workpiece has been loaded to the table, it’s as easy as the alphabet from there.

If your machines are semi-automatic or automatic, the welder can allow it to operate by itself.

Safety and Security of Your Welders

Going back to the point above, it promotes the safety and the security of your welders. You wouldn’t have to worry about dangers in handling the workpiece – even if it’s too heavy.

Better and More Accurate Results

Last but definitely not the least is that it can provide promising results. The ease of the welding projects you have will allow you to yield better outputs.

Final Verdict: More Savings

All these advantages point towards one thing – more and better savings for your operational and maintenance costs!

These are just the most common advantages you can get from using welding turntables. Others and more specific ones would depend on the workpiece and the project you have.

Where Can You Purchase High Quality Welding Turntables?

It’s not an unknown fact that China has the world’s best welding machines and equipment. Therefore, here is also where you can find the highest quality of welding turntables.

But which company can you trust in the country?

Out of the myriad of different companies and manufacturers, no other company is trusted the same way how we are here at Waldun. We are considered as the best and the most reliable welding turntable provider.

Our welding turntables can change the pace of your project; it can make it a lot easier than how you were handling it before!

What are Some Features of Our Welding Turntables?

Different companies have different parts for their welding turntables. But, the wide variety of welding turntables that we have contain the following features:

  • Precision machined table
  • T-shaped slots on the table (for protection and better handling and fitting)
  • Worm gear box or pendant remote control or pedal (for speed control)
  • Tilt protractor (for angling of the table)
  • Power or electricity system
  • Brakes (electromagnetic)

All our welding turntable machines are equipped with cutting-edge and advanced technology. It is and can be operated wholly and fully, without errors and malfunctions.

Why Choose Waldun?

Since 2005, Waldun has been providing excellent quality welding machines and equipment to businesses and companies from all across the globe.

We’ve delivered thousands of machines, satisfying hundreds of thousands of requests. When you choose us, you can expect fully integrated and high quality machines to use and utilize.

Our After Sales Service

When you choose us, you can trust us even after giving the products and services you need.

  • We offer a 20-day maximum time for delivery
  • 1-year warranty for our machines and equipment
  • Samples of products using our machines
  • 12-hour response after sales service

At Waldun, you can make your dreams in welding come true!