Welding Turning Rolls

Welding Turning Rolls

WALDUN is the top Chinese manufacturing company for welding turning rolls. WALDUN can provide a full range of weld turning rolls for pipes, tubes, and other workpieces.

You can use turning rolls for a wide range of products, from lightweight to heavyweight. For all your welding turning roll machine needs, you can count on WALDUN.

WALDUN offers a wide variety of weld turn rollers for industrial uses, check them out!

WALDUN Welding Turning Rolls

Self-aligning Welding Rotator

Self-Aligning Welding Turning Rolls

The self-aligning welding turning rolls can automatically adjust to the diameter of the workpiece.

It’s easy-to-operate, and even an amateur welder can operate it. WALDUN’s self-aligning turning rolls have four (4) wheels that can hold any workpiece tightly.

The lower average force on each wheel results in a longer service life.

Conventional Welding Rotator

Conventional Welding Turning Rolls

 The conventional welding turning rolls WALDUN are highly efficient. The wheel center distance through the reserved screw holes or lead screw.

It can also adapt to changing the diameter of the workpiece, either by a worm gear reducer or by a drive-by cycloid.


Why Choose WALDUN’s

Welding Turning Rolls?

1. WALDUN has more than 2 decades of experience in welding machines and equipment.

2. Provider of both OEM and ODM.

3. All welding turning rolls we offer are affordable, but all of high quality.

4. Fast-responding support team to answer your queries

5. All machines and machine parts have one-year warranties

6. All machines and machine parts also have lifetime maintenance even after service.

  • The options you have for WALDUN’s welding turning roll wheels are steel and polyurethane.
  • For the motor, it adopts the AC variable frequency. But, some machines use a Servomotor, if high accuracy is needed.
  • The support bearings of the turning rolls adopt spherical roller bearing. This has the characteristics of a bearing that has high impact resistance and strong capacities.
  • All parts (tooth and shaft) are quenched and tempered. With WALDUN’s welding turning rolls, all plate welding and welded base profiles are de-stressed.
  • The frames are rusted and shot blasted, adding to the durability of the machine.
  • To ensure accuracy in the dimensions, all CNC boring machine shaft holes are on transmission precision are in grade 7.
  • WALDUN’s electric control system for the weld turning rolls is composed of a control box and a hand control box.
  • The control box and the hand control box are linked together by a soft, multi-wire cable to ensure reliability. The electric control system, however, runs on the Schneider AC frequency system for speed regulation.

Welding Turning Rolls – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Welding turning rolls are among the most important machines for heavy projects. In fact, there’s no welder that doesn’t utilize it when handling projects that weigh a ton or more.

With today’s fast-paced innovation, it’s difficult not to see and consider it as a need. In this guide, you will learn everything about welding turning rolls; from what they are, how they can be of help, and how you will be able to use them.

After this guide, you will know what they are by heart.

Furthermore, you’ll find out where to find the highest quality of turning rolls in the market.

What are Turning Rolls?

A turning roll is a machine that helps in handling heavy materials (more than 100 tons).

What are Turning Rolls
Source: Preston Eastin

It’s a type of auxiliary machine you can use to perform better and with more productivity. Welding turning rolls can assist your welding procedure in the best ways possible.

What Works Involve Usage of Turning Rolls?

You can use turning rolls in a lot of different industries that involve heavy equipment.

Works Involve Usage of Turning Rolls
Source: Piping Technology

However, the most common ones you can use it for include:

  • Pressure Vessel Creations
  • Large, Small, and Medium Pipe Sections Creations
  • Heavy Machinery Cladding
  • Shipyard Creations
  • Boiler Vessel Creation
  • And Many More!

You can use it in many different fields and applications involving ton-weighted parts.

What are Pipe Turning Rolls?

Pipe Turning Rolls
Source: LJ Welding

They’re the turning rolls you’d have to use for the rolling of pipes and tubes. It can be small, large, and medium-sized pipes.

What are Tank Turning Rolls?

Tank Turning Rolls
Source: Moore Machine Tools

These are the turning rolls that house tanks instead of pipes. Similarly, these machines can also handle light to heavy type of parts and components.

Types of Turning Roll Wheels

You can choose from various types of pipe or tank roller wheels. However, the most common ones are:

Types of Turning Roll Wheels
Source: JMT USA

Steel Wheels

If you’ll work on high temperature and high capacity equipment and parts, use steel wheels. They are the most useful if the engagement of the part has certain limitations.

Phenolic Wheels

Phenolic wheels are most useful if you can’t suffice the workpiece using steel or rubber. Also useful in high temperature areas and situations.

Rubber Wheels

Rubber wheels are the most common types of wheels for turning rolls; and this is because of their high friction capacity.

Is Welding Rotator the Same as Turning Rolls?

Technically, welding rotators and turning rolls are the same. They can be different depending on what process they’ll undergo.

Welding Rotator
Source: Arcmatic Welding

Welding rotators are used to assist the welder; they’re also dubbed as welding turning rolls. But, generally speaking, turning rolls are machines you can use to assist with heavy workpieces.

It’s what you have to use if your parts, projects, and components can’t be lifted regularly.

How Much Weight Can Turning Rolls Support?

The usual and regular weight that turning rolls support sits between 100 lbs to 400,000 lbs.

Weight Can Turning Rolls Support
Source: Street Light Pole Machine

Additionally, they can support workpieces and parts that have a diameter of 6 to 30 feet long.

What Features Do Turning Rolls Have?

Some of the physical features that welding turning rolls have include:

Features Do Turning Rolls Have
Source: Via Machinery Parts INC.


Welding turning rolls are flexible and can be used in many different applications. They’re known to be flexible and versatile, and they can support a wide range of weight classifications.

Easy Operations

Compare manually welding a 10-ton pipe versus when you use a welding turning roll. You’ll find it easier and more convenient to work on.

Allows Better Productivity

By using a welding turning roll, you increase productivity!

Automating it can give you better and higher chances of faster and more accurate work.

These are just some of the features you can get if you use turning rolls.

What Applications Can You Get With Turning Rolls?

You can use it for any cylindrical or rounded parts or components – that are preferably heavy.

Applications With Turning Rolls
Source: Smyth Industries

In fact, you’ll be able to find a ton of uses for it, some of the most common applications include:

  • Creation and Fabrication of Tanks and Vessels
  • Car Tanks
  • Pipe Spooling
  • Heat Exchange Units
  • Shipyards
  • And Many More

Advantages of Using Turning Rolls For Your Project

Using turning rolls for your project can give you a ton of benefits and advantages. You can look at them as advantages for your welders, advantages for your projects, and so on.

If you use welding turning rolls, you can be sure that your welders are:

  • Safer and more secure
  • Going to produce more accurate welds
  • Going to experience less fatigue and tiredness

For your projects, on the other hand, you can expect that:

  • You’ll produce higher quality welds
  • They’ll be finished faster and more urgently

Choosing to use welding turning rolls for your projects can give you a ton of benefits and advantages. If you have the capacity to acquire one, get it from the best!

The Best Quality Turning Rolls You Can Find

Nowadays, many companies are finding it difficult to get the best and highest quality welding turning rolls in the market.

So, if you’re looking for the best, don’t hesitate to work with us here at Waldun. Waldun is the premier provider of welding turning rolls from small to large-sized machines.

Our Welding Turning Rolls

The welding turning rolls that we offer here at Waldun have features you won’t see with other manufacturers. Some of the best-selling features they have include:

  • Precision and Accuracy in Center Distances
  • Unbreakable Heavy Duty Chassis
  • Choices for Different Wheel Types
  • Can Handle up to a million pounds
  • And Many More

How Long is the Delivery Time?

When you order, the delivery time would be within a maximum of twenty (20) days. That’ll be regardless of the number of units you order.

Within a month, you will be able to get your welding turning rolls to your plant!

Is There a Warranty?

Waldun offers a one-year warranty to all the machines. So, you really don’t have to worry or think about it being broken, malfunctioned, or damaged.

For all the needs you have with welding rotators and turning rolls, bank and count on us! We will never fail to deliver what you are in dire need of!