Welding Seam Tracker

st series welding seamtracker

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Welding seam tracker consists of induction probe, controller and actuator. The position change of welding surface is calculated by control system, and the distance between torch and workpiece is adjusted by actuator at any time to ensure the welding quality.

WALDUN welding seam tracker uses modular design to derive one-dimensional or multi-dimensional trackers, depending on customer requirements.

Welding seam trackers are suitable for TIG, CO2, MIG and SAW welding with high precision and fast response. It is easy to be used with all kinds of special equipment, such as automatic welding manipulator, to realize high quality automatic welding.

Welding Seam Trackers’ Types

Type ST05 ST10 ST20
Rated Load 25KG 50KG 100KG
Detection Range 100MM 200MM 200MM
Detection Speed 250MM/MIN 250MM/MIN 200MM/MIN
Precision ±0.25MM
Slides Weight 14KG 18KG 29KG
Loading torque 700KG·CM 1400KG·CM 2800KG·CM
Welding methods MIG、TIG、CO2 SAW SAW with double heads
Control function

Automatic cut-in tracking, up-down / left-right movement, quick emergency and pull-up, limit control, positioning point detection, remote control, end detection, left-right reversing, tracking speed regulation, special machine linkage

Welding Seam Tracker Details


The inductive probe is made of good quality components and advanced manufacturing and assembling technology of Aerospace Department. It has high quality and long life.

This sensor is suitable for lap welding, fillet welding, butt welding and so on. It is similar to the sensors of other companies at home and abroad, some of which can be interchanged directly.

st series welding seamtracker probe


The controller is made up of the newest CPU as core part, and the anti-interference control program makes the whole controller efficient and reliable. The controller has a friendly man-machine interface, 100,000-life touch keys and a graphic LCD display, which make it very convenient for users to operate, program setup and control. The Controller is also equipped with cable remote control (optional) .

st series welding seamtracker controller


  • The actuator adopts high-precision electric drag board, aluminum alloy body, reasonable and compact structure;
  • The internal use of ball screw and linear bearings, stable and reliable operation, Long Service Life;
  • Using DC low voltage (DC 24V) as the driving element, fully meet the safety standards of Europe, United States and many countries.

st series welding seamtracker cross slides

Mounting dimensions of sliders

Type A B C D E F G M
ST05 278 238 60 150 168 152 65 8
ST10 414 374 76 180 200 178 75 10
ST20 489 444 164 210 234 205 85 10

Welding Seam Tracker Applications

st series welding seamtracker application 2

Welding Seam Tracker – The Comprehensive FAQ Guide

Should you be trying to find out what welding seam trackers are, you’re just in the right page! Today, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about welding seam tracking systems.

As a bonus part of this guide, we’ll also help you find the best welding seam tracker manufacturing company to help you with your needs!

What is a Welding Seam Tracker?

Welding seam trackers are the machines or the equipment to have a weld seam tracking system.

what is a welding seam tracker Image from a clip of what a welding seam tracker is

It utilizes real-time tracking advanced than where the weld is deposited.

You’ll want to use welding seam trackers so that the controls and adjustments modify themselves accordingly, too.

The usage or the utility of sensors in robotic welding can absolutely replace manual welding. This enables welding procedures and processes to be applicable in high temperature, high impact, as well as complex and dangerous environments.

What is a Welding Seam Tracking System?

A welding seam tracker system is a type of system that uses automation for the benefit of the welder.

With a welding seam tracker system, the sensors of your welding heads would be automatic. They’d know specifically the distance between the sensor and the laser emitter.

Is it Possible to Use Seam Tracking Systems For Laser Welding?

Yes, there’s no written rule that you can’t use a welding seam tracker for laser welding.

is it possible to use seam tracking systems for laser welding What laser welding looks like

However, there have been reports of it being inaccurate because of the position of the laser weld. Therefore, the best approach to this is to ensure that the laser welding head is positioned and is placed accurately and precisely.

Types of Welding Seam Tracker Systems

Contrary to popular belief, there are a few different types and kinds of weld seam tracking systems.

types of welding seam tracker systems Laser vision seam tracking – one type of welding seam tracker system

They include, but are not limited to:

Laser Vision Seam Tracking

This particular type of welding seam tracking systems use lasers that project to the surface of the material’s part. You’ll be able to view it using a camera at a specific angle.

Then, the result will be in a line profile that’s identical to the weld seam geometry or specific measurements.

Tactile Seam Tracking

From the term alone, you’d already know that it utilizes tactile or physical sensors. These are the things that “touch” the seam using a probe.

When the position of the torch moves, the contact probe sides in the opposite direction. The controller will also make adjustments to revert it to its original position.

You’ll want to use tactile seam tracking for specific or distinct geometry, large weld seams, etc.  

Through Arc Seam Tracking  

The through arc seam tracking, or the TAST type of welding seam tracker utilizes feedback from the combination of wire feed speed sensors, voltage, and amperage sensors for the modification of the position of the torch.

Akin to tactile seam tracking, you can use through arc seam tracking for large weld seams or welds that need accurate and precise welding.

What is Laser Seam Tracking?

It’s one of the classifications of seam tracking where the laser beam is what you use for the welding procedure.

what is laser seam tracking Image from a clip of laser seam tracking

What it does is it shoots a beam and hits a surface, then, reflecting off of the surface, which then bounces back and gives the signal to the sensor.

This is when the sensor picks up all the information needed for the modifications and the adjustments to be made.

What is Long Seam Welding?

Long seam welding, or more commonly referred to as longitudinal seam weld or continuous weld, is a procedure that discusses the resistance over longer periods of time.

what is long seam welding Sample of long seam welding

It’s the complete opposite of what an intermittent welding is; which is the type of weld where it isn’t continuous.

What is Seam Welding Used For?

Since seam welding is the procedure of fusing two (2) types of different materials together, you can use seam welding for a ton of different applications.

However, you can utilize seam welding to process metals because they’re able to conduct electricity easier, better, and more effectively. In addition to that, metals are also capable of sustaining high pressures and impacts compared to regular steels.

Apart from that, though, you can use seam welding to create fluid-tight and gas-tight joints such as in radiators, tin cans, steel drums, tank and pressure vessels, motor vehicles, and many more!

Which Type of Electrode is Used in Laser Beam Welding?

The electrodes that you want to use in laser beam welding would be those that have thin materials that contain millisecond-long pulses.

You need to make sure that the electrodes you’ll be utilizing is fit for the laser beam welding procedure.

Which Welding Seam Tracker Supplier Should You Trust?

In the market, there would never be a shortage of welding seam tracker suppliers.

which welding seam tracker supplier Trust Waldun’s welding seam trackers

As a matter of fact, you’ll be able to find weld seam tracker manufacturers in various parts of the globe!

But, you will never have a problem if you choose us here at Waldun. For decades, we’ve been the go-to solutions businesses and companies have whenever they need welding seam trackers.

Unlike other welding seam tracker manufacturers and suppliers, our experts here at Waldun are capable of providing the best and the most advanced sets of welding seam trackers.

Whether you need tactile seam tracking, through arc seam tracking, or any other type of seam welding trackers, you can definitely bank and count on us!

When you work with us, you will never worry about where you can get the best welding seam trackers in China!

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