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WALDUN is a top Chinese manufacturing company for the welding rotator. WALDUN provides a full range of welding rotators.

You can use a welding rotator to set positions for cylinders. No matter it is light-duty or heavy-duty.

Welding rotators can help you reduce labor costs and save time.

You can check the different types of welding rotators we have. It will improve welding quality and productivity.

WALDUN Welding Rotators

Self-aligning Welding Rotator

Self-aligning Welding Rotator

The self-aligning welding rotator can automatically adjust to the diameter of the workpiece. Easy to operate. Four wheels can hold the workpiece tightly. The lower average force on each wheel results in longer service life.

Conventional Welding Rotator

Conventional Welding Rotator

The conventional welding rotator adjusts the wheel center distance through the reserved screw holes or lead screw. It can adapt to the change of workpiece diameter: drive-by cycloid reducer or worm gear reducer.

Why WALDUN Welding Rotator

1. More than 15 years of welding machine manufacture experience.

2. One-stop solution available for OEM and ODM.

3. WALDUN welding rotators are of high quality and affordable.

4. Quickly feedback for your problems.

5. All machine parts have a one-year warranty and a lifetime maintenance service.

Welding Rotator Details:

  • Steel wheels or polyurethane wheels are optional for rollers.
  • Drive motor adopts AC variable frequency motor. Can use Servo motor if high precision is required.
  • The roller’s support bearing adopts spherical roller bearing, which has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity and impact resistance.
  • All the shaft parts are quenched and tempered, and the tooth parts are quenched and tempered.
  • The welded base profiles and plate welding, de-stressed. And the frame is shot blasted and rusted, which has sufficient strength to ensure long-term use.
  • All shaft holes CNC boring machine and the precision of transmission gears are 7 grade to ensure the dimensional accuracy.
  • The electric control system is composed of a control box and a hand control box, and the electric control system adopts the Schneider AC frequency system to regulate the speed. The control box and the hand control box are connected by super-soft multi-wire cable to ensure reliable use.

Welding Rotator Applications:

Welding rotators are ideal auxiliary machine in pressure vessel, boiler, chemical equipment, oil and gas, storage tank, water tank, water pipe, shipyard, wind energy, etc.

Welding Rotator Parts:

1.Inverter: Taiwan Delta /Japan Yaskawa

2.Motor: Taiwan Qinwei / Chinese brand

3.Electric parts: Schneider /Siemens

4.Wireless Control box: Taiwan by Yuding

5.Bearing: NTN / Harbin

It can customize other brands also.

Welding Rotator Video:

For unique welding rotator, kindly inquiry us with following details.

1. Max. Loading capacity in tons or max. Work piece weight in tons or pounds
2. Tank/Vessel diameter range (min. and max.) in mm
3. Tank / Vessel final length in mm