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Welding Positioner Manufacturer | WALDUN

WALDUN has been the most trusted manufacturer of welding positioner in the market.

For 15 years, businesses go to WALDUN for their welding equipment needs. Our topnotch quality welding positioner have been considered as the best in the country.

You can consider WALDUN as your go-to manufacturer for whatever welding positioner you need! Whether you need a manual, a semi-automatic, or an automatic positioner, WALDUN has it!

Can You Trust WALDUN With Welding Positioner?

WALDUN employs the most experienced engineers and welding experts. We have created foolproof solutions to help you with whatever welding procedure you need.

Having more than 2 decades of experience, we were able to develop our welding positioner to its fullest extent.

You can choose WALDUN to help you with your welding positioner because:

  • The parts of our machines are from trusted manufacturers
  • All mechanical and electrical control parts have been tested
  • Our welding positioner have high impact resistance and capacities
  • You can get it within a 20-day delivery time
  • You can enjoy lifetime services even after sale

WALDUN can also offer customization on the welding positioner that you need!

WALDUN’s Welding Positioner

WALDUN’s welding positioners can help you with whatever workpiece or project you have!

The wide selection of welding positioners we manufacture can increase work output in a short amount of time.

While other manufacturers produce regular positioners; WALDUN will never disappoint you with product quality! We can specify the positioner you need!

Features and Benefits of WALDUN’s Welding Positioners

Many businesses have chosen us for the welding machines and equipment they need.

Here’s a quick view of the features of the welding positioners offered by WALDUN:

  • Smoother and more seamless tilt drives
  • Stable operations with no slips even at the maximum load
  • Maximum load speed fluctuation is less than 5%
  • Contains high quality switches for control

You can enjoy these features – and many more – if you choose WALDUN’s welding positioners!

Applications of WALDUN’s Welding Positioners

Businesses in the mining industry have trusted us for the welding positioners they needed.

Not only that, WALDUN also was able to accommodate business needs of businesses in the:

  • Construction or Structural Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Power and Generation Industry
  • Railroad and Transportation Industry
  • And Many More!

WALDUN is able to accommodate the welding positioner needs of industrial companies for years!

WALDUN’s Other Products

Apart from welding positioners, you can also trust WALDUN to help you with other machines.

The machines you can find from our services include, but not limited to:

Get the Best Welding Positioner in the Market Now!

Never hesitate to give us a go for your all your welding machines and equipment needs.

Being ISO 9001 certified, WALDUN’s line of welding positioners are guaranteed safe and effective. Choosing us will be the best choice you’ll make to lighten up your welding procedures.