welding manipulator

Welding Manipulator

Waldun is the top and the most exclusive manufacturer of welding manipulators in the market. We can produce the exact kind of welding manipulator that you need for your business.

No matter how hard your projects seem, Waldun’s welding manipulators will be of help. We have manipulators you can use for GMAW, GTAW, SAW, even FCAW process!

 Waldun’s Welding Manipulators

Welding manipulators are machines that can help you with your welding process. You can use it to high-precision welds even with difficult and complex parts and components.

welding manipulator

Being the best welding manipulator in China, Waldun doesn’t just offer generic material. All the welding manipulators we have come in different types, shapes, and sizes.

You can get ODM and OEM quality welding manipulators from Waldun that have the most competitive rates!

Aspects and Advantages of Waldun’s Welding Manipulators

welding manipulators

The welding manipulators that we produce here at Waldun have a ton of features. The most common ones include:

Complete with all parts and components like controller panels, power source, slides, arc swing, etc.

Applicable cylinders of up to 5,000 mm

Wide range of boom travel strokes and speed

High boom elevation speed (1,050 mm per minute)

Those are just some of the features of Waldun’s welding manipulators. There are a lot more, depending on your need and your industry!

Applications of Waldun’s Weld Manipulators

Our welding manipulators can be applied to all businesses, given they’re for industrial use. Whether you’re a distributor, a retailer, or if you need it for your businesses, Waldun will be the best option!

weld manipulator

You can use it for whatever type of welding solution! We can produce manipulators that can support GTAW, GMAW, SAW, FCAW, and PAW processes!

Why You Should Choose Waldun For Your Welding Manipulators

Waldun has been certified in all local lands in Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Australia.

All our products have undergone extensive and comprehensive research and validation. But overall, you will enjoy working with Waldun because of the following business advantages:

  • ISO 9001 Certified (Quality Management System)
  • ISO 14001 Certified (Environmental Management System)
  • 1-Year Warranty on all welding machines and equipment
  • We offer complete installation of the machines
  • Excellent quality and lifetime aftersales services

But are welding manipulators the only type of machine we can produce for you?

WALDUN had developed welding manipulator for weld overlay cladding pipe. We had sold more than 30 machines to end users. Our manipulators have good quality with moderate price. Also we have complete after service team to make sure stable running of your machines.


  • Mainly used in cement, power, steel, mining, petrochemical, and other industries.
  • For the hard surface repair work of large-scale vertical mills, coal mills, continuous casting rolls, crushers, roller presses, and other wear-resistant equipment.
  • Can achieve both online repair and offline repair.
  • Suitable for Open arc, submerged arc and flux core, gas shielded welding.
  • The aluminum alloy trolley and the aluminum alloy arm adopt a specially designed flip mechanism to achieve quick installation and can be installed by a single person.
  • The high-precision welded column and boom are composed of an aluminum alloy arm and an ultra-light walking trolley, which makes the equipment more lightweight and beautiful.
  • The aluminum alloy walking trolley is controlled horizontally (X-axis) on the aluminum alloy cross arm to realize welding walking.
  • The aluminum alloy trolley lifts the vertical (Z-axis) aluminum alloy vertical arm for step control to achieve shaft length/control.
  • The control operating system consists of a touch screen, a control box, and a hand-held panel.
  • The electrical connection of the electrical control box uses an aviation plug, which is convenient for quick removal and installation.

Welding Manipulator – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The welding industry has a lot of equipment and technologies to aid the process. There are welding manipulators, welding positioners, rotators, and so on.

Among those, the welding manipulator is deemed as the most efficient machinery. We’ll find out why at the end of this article.

This FAQ guide will be finding out all about welding manipulators. We’ll discuss what they are, how they differ from other equipment, how you can use them to your advantage, and the like.

What’s a Welding Manipulator?

It’s a technology that helps in the welding process by moving the welder over the workpiece.

Welding Manipulator

Welding manipulators are just part of the many advancements in the welding sector.

How Does a Welding Manipulator Work?

You can understand to the fullest extent how a welding manipulator works. It’s actually simple.

How Does a Welding Manipulator Work

Its purpose is to move the welding head closer to the workpiece; it will allow you to reach parts and areas that a welder with high skills can.

In simpler terms, it enables and enhances the welder’s lifting capability so that it reaches closer to the workpiece or the part to be welded.

What’s a Column & Boom Welding Manipulator?

It’s a type of a welding manipulator that consists of the welding boom and the column.

Column and Boom Welding Manipulator

The column is what helps you to hold the workpiece in place, so that the welder can work on it. Welding booms are the part that helps you have complete coverage of the area being welded.

It’s a perfect machine you can use to handle any welding positions. It’s mainly used to weld on difficult parts of a particular machine or equipment.

What is a Welding Positioner?

It’s also a welding machine, which can help you automate the shifting of the workpiece.

Welding Positioner

Many people confuse weld positioners and weld manipulators, when they are actually two difference pieces of equipment.

Is Welding Positioner the Same as Welding Manipulator?

No, a welding manipulator is not the same as a welding positioner; in fact, they’re a lot different.

Same as Welding Positioner_

You would want to use a welding positioner if you want the workpiece to be kept in place. You would want to use a welding manipulator if you want to reach positions and angles that are far.

So, the welding positioner moves the workpiece, while the weld manipulator moves the weld head.

They have the same goal – to help you with your welding project.

However, they actually have different and separate functionalities and operations.

Why Should You Use a Welding Manipulator?

Why Should You Use a Welding Manipulator_

Welding manipulators can help you with any welding project. If you have welding projects that are difficult to complete, welding manipulators can aid and assist you.

Even the most skilled and the most talented welder would have limitations; that’s what welding manipulators are for.

Who Needs to Use a Welding Manipulator?

You would need to use a welding manipulator if you have a project that has far reach. Meaning, if there are areas that a regular welder can’t reach, using a welding manipulator can help.

In fact, in many welding projects today, almost all welders prefer using it because of its ease.

What is a Welding Boom?

It’s a machine that provides coverage of the welding area as a whole. It’s the component of a welding manipulator that allows welders to work on hard-to-reach places and angles.

Welding Boom

Different welding booms from different companies have their own functionalities. So, you would need to know which one works for you and which doesn’t.

Benefits of Using Welding Manipulators

Can welding manipulators really help you?

Benefits of Using Welding Manipulators

To give you some of the benefits you can get if you choose to use welding manipulators; here are some of the most common ones:

Better and Faster Productivity

Using machines can really improve your overall productivity. It can help you gain more mobility during projects and operations.

While the machines operate on the weld, you can go on and attend on other parts of the project. You can prepare the next workload, switch to a different workstation, and so on.

Safer Welding Procedures

Welding manipulators have safety kits and straps that can secure workpieces. Also, the column and boom can safely be placed and secured to fixed places.

In addition, it’s also safer for you because you can relax and watch the welding manipulator do the work.

Can Automate Your Welding Processes

Welding manipulators have been programmed to operate like how a skilled welder would.

This basically means that you can automate and develop welding processes and procedures.

Better Welding Control

Because of the computers, you will be allowed to have more control of certain factors. These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Speed of the weld
  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Energy input and output
  • Movement of goods
  • And so on

Those are just some of the main benefits that welding manipulators can give you. There are a lot more and they would depend on your project’s goal and objective.

Weld Manipulators Price

The price of welding manipulators would depend on the manufacturer. Also, it would depend on whether you’ll purchase OEM or ODM products.

However, you can expect that its prices are upwards of $5,000; and that’s the general amount. You can try to find manufacturers of welding manipulators out in the market.

Anything less might not have the quality, or even the functionality that you’re looking for.

Where Can You Get Welding Manipulators?

There are a lot of welding manipulator creators and manufacturers in the market. But, if you want to work with the best, you need to go and consider Waldun.

We here at Waldun have been providing excellent and quality welding manipulators for years. Our products have made and transformed the businesses of our clients, improving them in unimaginable ways.

Don’t settle for less when looking for a welding manipulator. Work with Waldun and expect the best and the highest quality of welding manipulators you can find in the market!

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