Welding Manipulator | Pipe Weld Overlay Cladding

Welding manipulator is composed of a welding column and boom, wire feeder, control system, multifunctional open arc welding power source, and other components.

welding manipulator

WALDUN had developed welding manipulator for weld overlay cladding pipe. We had sold more than 30 machines to end users. Our manipulators have good quality with moderate price. Also we have complete after service team to make sure stable running of your machines.


  • Mainly used in cement, power, steel, mining, petrochemical, and other industries.
  • For the hard surface repair work of large-scale vertical mills, coal mills, continuous casting rolls, crushers, roller presses, and other wear-resistant equipment.
  • Can achieve both online repair and offline repair.
  • Suitable for Open arc, submerged arc and flux core, gas shielded welding.
  • The aluminum alloy trolley and the aluminum alloy arm adopt a specially designed flip mechanism to achieve quick installation and can be installed by a single person.
  • The high-precision welded column and boom are composed of an aluminum alloy arm and an ultra-light walking trolley, which makes the equipment more lightweight and beautiful.
  • The aluminum alloy walking trolley is controlled horizontally (X-axis) on the aluminum alloy cross arm to realize welding walking.
  • The aluminum alloy trolley lifts the vertical (Z-axis) aluminum alloy vertical arm for step control to achieve shaft length/control.
  • The control operating system consists of a touch screen, a control box, and a hand-held panel.
  • The electrical connection of the electrical control box uses an aviation plug, which is convenient for quick removal and installation.


1.Using the latest Mitsubishi PLC control, color display touch screen, and stepper motor plus reducer drive.

  1. The interior of the control box is a plug-in design, and other electrical components are imported electrical components (mainly Schneider). Greatly improved the durability of the welding machine;
  2. The X \ Y-axis guide rails are all made of Taiwan HIWIN linear guide rails, combined with precision racks (7-level transmission) to ensure the welding accuracy.
  3. The welding power source is the Shanghai Hugong welding power source, with stable output characteristics and simple and convenient operation.
  4. The wire feeder adopts a dual-drive stepping motor to feed wire. Adopting Japan’s high-division drive system to ensure stable high-torque and high-current wire feeding, making welding smoother and more beautiful in harsh environments.
  5. Equipped with a remote welding device. It is more convenient and intuitive to control the equipment when welding online.
  6. It can automatically record the welding time, welding output, and downtime of each shift to facilitate the production management.
  7. It integrates multiple functions, including open arc welding, submerged arc welding, gas shielded welding, and swing welding.
  8. Both online surfacing and offline surfacing.