Welding Carriage


WALDUN offers a wide range of welding carriages. If you are looking welding carriage, you are in the right place.

Below are welding carriages you can get from us.

      Description Model Voltage Size Weaving Mode Rail



AC220V / AC36V










AC220V / AC36V







Fillet Welding Carriage Intermittent  



AC220V / AC36V







ED-2FL AC220V / AC36V 340*460*290MM N/A N/A

Angle Weaving

1.5M, Nylon, Magnets*4pcs
ED-5WB AC220V / AC36V 210*305*300MM  1.5M, Rigid Rail, Magnet*2pcs


Standard Fillet Welding Carriage 

The Standard welding carriage can be used for plate butt welding, such as changing the driving wheel, adding the flat track, adjusting the outstretched plate of the welding torch, etc.

Size(LXWXH) 250×302×269 Power AC220V/60Hz/50Hz
Weight 8.1Kg Drive Methods Four-wheel chain drive with rubber wheels
Drive Motor AC 220V  6W 1700RPM
Speed reducer 00:01:00
Magnets Built-in permanent magnet (magnetic control handle)
Adsorbability 24KG
ADJUSTMENT RANGE OF WELDING TORCH Up and down 0~32mm Working Angle ±45°
Left and right 0~32mm Angle of proceeding ±10°
Walking speed 100~999mm/min ±5%
Regulating function Power on / off lamp, walking start, walking stop, walking direction welding speed adjustment (LED display) , arc starting, arc closing delay function (0-5 seconds) welding / non-welding option
Power cable 15M(3P 1.0SQ 220V 3-PIN plug)
Torch holder 500A air-cooled torch ∮16 mm

Note: Input Voltage AC36V is optional


Swing Type Automatic Welding Carriage

A welding carriage offers an excellent and practical first step into the world of welding automation. Automation is the best way to resolve rising labor costs and increased demands for verifiable and consistent quality.

WALDUN offers a wide range of welding carriage from single wire solutions to tandem and ICE™.


Swing mode selection Four modes of Oscillation Center movement 0-±4°
Oscillating velocity 0-30RPM Walking speed control 0~950mm/min
Amplitude of Oscillation 0-±8° Adsorbability 40
Left and right dwell time adjustment 0-2S(4S optional) TRACTIVE force 20
Distance Adjustment of welding torch About: 0 ~ 32 mm Angle adjustment of welding torch Operating Angle:±45°
Run Angle:±10°
Move Four-wheel drive with rubber wheels Weight 10 Kg(Including oscillator)
Power Supply AC95V~230V60Hz/50Hz Size 260×326×269(L×W×H)

Note: 1. INPUT VOLTAGE AC 36V optional, 2. Current, voltage and tap wire feed are optional.


Ultra Light Welding Carriage

  • ED-MIC is an ultra-small, ultra-light (about 5Kg) automatic horizontal fillet welding carriage.
  • Speed control is precise and easy to operate.
  • There are limit stop switches at both ends of the trolley, and the trolley will stop automatically when welding to the end of the workpiece.
  • The running speed is designed by the feedback control principle, it can run on the inclined plane precisely and stably.
  • The welding direction selection switch is arranged, and left or right welding can be realized along the welding line.
  • Permanent strong magnet to prevent disconnection from welding wire.
  • Small, light, easy to handle, easy to operate.

8) Simple adjustment device for welding torch (horizontal + Rotary Adjustment).

Item Specification Note
Power supply AC 220V AC 36V optional
Size 210X 260X 260 L× W×H
Weight 5.5 kg
Move Four-wheel drive Sprocket drive
Walking speed 0-1100 mm / Min
Angle range ±15˚
Move start
Move stop
Choosing the direction of travel Left and right
Adjust walking speed Mark with a scale
Select, welding or no welding


Rail Welding Carriage

Specification ED-HZ
Body Part
Dimensions 310*325*215mm
Weight 8.5KG
Travel Speed 0 -990mm/min±5%
Input Voltage AC 220V
Driver Motor AC220V,6W 1500RPM
Gear reduction 120:1
Slide Part
Up/down 70mm
Lift/Right Rough adjust 100mm,Fine adjust 50mm
Welding Angle 35-50°
Running Angle ±3°
Seam Tracking Method Rail Location
Torch Clamp Clamp16mm
Control Method Feedback Location Control BY Pontention-Meter
Control Box
Dimensions 150*100*85mm
Main Function FND Display, Start/Stop, Travel Direction,
Travel Speed, Weld/No-weld, Power switch, Both Slide End Limit(option)
Material  Aluminum
Rail Fixing Type Magnet leaver Release
Rail Length/Weight 1.5m/6KG
Option Aluminum 2EA
Magnet Lever Realse, Adsorption 32KG/EA(total 2 EA), ON/OFF Switch Magnet(option)
Power Cable  1M(3P 1.0SQ 220V PLUG-CIRCULAR),15M(3PIN CONNECTOR)
Transformer  TF-AC36 type, AC220V to AC36V, 60W
Use position Horizontal ( Yes), Vertical(Only down)

Welding Carriage – The Complete FAQ Guide

Welding carriages have been part of the most important equipment and machinery in welding. In today’s guide, though, we’ll provide and give you the help, assistance, and the guidance you need in terms of welding carriages.

You will find this particular guide bountiful and helpful as we’ll be giving you a complete rundown of what welding carriages are. Not only that, we’ll also direct you to the best and the most trusted welding carriage manufacturers in the market!

What is a Welding Carriage?

A welding carriage is a type of welding equipment that you use to help in the automation of your cutting, welding, and other types of operations.

What is a Welding Carriage_
Image of a welding carriage

The “carriage” part utilizes magnet so that it can clamp and hold onto the job, making it versatile and flexible across a wide array of business industries.

In simpler terms, they’re machines you can use to help you with whatever type of welding procedure you want and need!

Welding Carriage vs. Welder Operator 

A lot of people, even those that have little experience in welding misunderstand these two (2) terms.

Welding Carriage vs. Welder Operator
Image of what a welder operator is

A welding carriage is a type of equipment you use to help and assist in the automation of welding. Welder operators, on the other hand, are people who operate on the controls of the device like its adaptive controls, movement, programs, etc.

Welder operators and welders are two (2) different types of people, too. We know what the former is – and the latter simply is the person who conducts and performs the act of welding.

What is a Portable Welder Generator?

For you to understand what a portable welder generator is, it’s imperative that you know what this particular machinery or equipment is first.

What is a Portable Welder Generator_
Sample image of what a portable welder generator looks like

A welder generator, for the benefit of everyone, is a type of machine that is the source of power for welding. It’s a good substitute or alternative for main electricity, as you’ll often use it in sites and locations that don’t have near electrical outlets.

Therefore, we can easily come to the conclusion that a portable welder generator is a machine or equipment that you can use as the source of power for your welding equipment, which is far from what a welding carriage is.

What is a Welding Oscillator?

Welding oscillators, more commonly referred to as welding weavers, are machines or technologies that you use to help in the controlling of the arc heat that’s produced by the weld.

What is a Welding Oscillator_
Image of what a welding oscillator looks like

You use it so that the welding head can move back and forth or sideways, depending on the perspective you are in.

And to answer one of the most frequent questions asked, no, a welding carriage isn’t a welding oscillator. As a matter of fact, the two (2) can complement each other depending on your project or your welding requirement!

There are welding carriages that have welding oscillators for better and more useful operations!

What Are Welding Carriages Used For?

A ton of business industries feel the need to use welding carriages because of the automation it can promise.

What Are Welding Carriages Used For
Image of welding carriage applications

In fact, here are some of the business industries that use welding carriages:

  • Automotive and Aerospace Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Tank, Valve, and Pressure Vessels
  • Shipyard and Shipbuilding
  • General Engineering Industry
  • Power and Energy Industry
  • And Many More!

In case you didn’t notice, these industries and sectors are the ones that require mobility, power, and energy. This is the reason why they’re the businesses that are the most productive in using welding carriages!

What Specifications Should You Look For in a Welding Carriage?

Of course, before you decide on the welding carriage you’ll be purchasing, you need to know its specifications first.

Similar to smartphones and other types of devices, you need to know what the specifications of your welding carriages are before buying them.

In fact, here’s a list of the specifications that are the most important:

  • Size of the machine
  • Weight of the machine
  • Drive speed
  • Drive system
  • Motor of the machine
  • Input power
  • Angular torch control

These are the specifications and the characteristics that you should know before you decide the specific welding carriage you’ll buy and purchase.

The importance of knowing the specs is that you’ll know if a machine or an equipment is just right for whatever your needs are!

When Do You Need to Use a Welding Carriage?

When Do You Need to Use a Welding Carriage_
Welding carriage being used for automated welding

It’s not necessarily a “need” if you think about it. However, using a welding carriage can give you the assistance you’ve been looking for, especially if you want your results to be precise, accurate, while it’s being done without inducing too much fatigue and stress on your welder.

You can think of a welding carriage to be a type of machine that will help you reach the goals of your projects.

Benefits of Using a Welding Carriage

Why do you think businesses love using welding carriages? It’s because of the advantages and the benefits that they promise to welders!

Benefits of Using a Welding Carriage
Freehand welding – one of the many benefits of welding carriages

To name a few of the beneficial and advantageous things you can get with it, here they are:

Heightens and Improves Productivity

Welding carriages can help welders be free from fatigue and numbness by maintaining a specific position.

Therefore, it’s easy for us to come to the conclusion that welding carriages can absolutely improve and develop overall productivity without sacrificing the quality and the aesthetics of the weld.


Imagine a manual long weld to be done and completed by a professional welder. While it’s going to be good, it can shave off a lot of time since the welder would have to make sure that it’s precise.

With a welding carriage, on the other hand, it can be programmed so that it’ll move according to how you programmed it. This eliminates the need for a welder to spend time welding it even in complex positions.

Accuracy and Precision

With a welding carriage, the welder can stay in a consistent and a constant position while welding. In long welds, especially if done manually, the welder would have to stop, pause, and reposition himself to make sure that the weld will be accurate.

But, if there’s a welding carriage, it can be done in a straight, single time without the need for the welder to pause and to stop.

These are just some of the benefits and the advantages of utilizing welding carriages in general. Depending on how you’ll use it, you can find a ton of other benefits and advantages to them, too!

What Are Programmable Welding Carriages?

Programmable welding carriages are welding carriages that you can program for them to be automated. More often than not, these are the welding carriages that you can use for high-quality and consistent welds.

Here with us at Waldun, we provide a ton of automated and programmable welding carriages that you wouldn’t be able to find in regular businesses and companies. We will get to that a little bit later.

What Other Equipment Do You Use When Using Welding Carriages?

While you might think that a welding carriage is a comprehensive machine, it can’t work 100% alone.

What Other Equipment Do You use
Welding positioner – one of the complementary equipment you use with welding carriages

In most cases, you need the help and the efficacy of other machines and equipment, too, such as:

  • Welding Oscillators
  • Welding Machines (Torch, Feeders, Etc.)
  • Welding Positioners and Manipulators
  • And Many More!

These are just some of the most common examples of auxiliary and complementary equipment you can utilize with welding carriages – but that doesn’t mean this is everything – there are a lot more!

Portable Welding Machine Price

Portable welding machines are greatly connected to welding carriages because both of them are complementary to each other.

So, if you plan on getting a welding carriage, you need to consider purchasing a portable welding machine, too!

Should you be wondering about how much one costs, it’s anywhere between $3,000 and $5,000. There are welding carriages that cost upwards of $10,000 but those are the biggest ones in the market – those that have the best and the highest levels of features and functionality.

How Do You Maintain a Welding Carriage?

Maintaining welding carriages isn’t far from how you maintain other welding machines and equipment. They’re fun to work with, and you wouldn’t spend hours trying to figure out how you can maintain them!

As a matter of fact, the maintenance of these welding carriages is simple – most especially if the welder is already knowledgeable in using and in working with it.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t really need special types of equipment and machines to care for and maintain it properly. In fact, you can do basic maintenance like cleaning both the interior and the exterior of the machines every after usage, storing and keeping the machine to a place or a location where it’s free from dirt, and many more!

When you consider maintenance, it should not be a cause for concern because you don’t need expensive tools and items, you can use whatever you use to clean up other welding materials and equipment you have!

Where Can You Purchase Welding Carriages?

You can find a lot of welding carriage manufacturers in the market. But, if you want the best and the highest quality, you can never go wrong in choosing a Chinese welding carriage supplier.

For years, the Chinese manufacturing companies dominated the global market by providing everything all businesses needed. From simple welding carriages, to the most complex of welding manipulators, column & booms, and oscillators.

But out of the hundreds, if not thousands of welding carriage manufacturers in China, which one should you trust?

Who is the Best Welding Carriage Supplier in China?

Across the entire plain of China, no other welding carriage manufacturer is more trusted than us here at Waldun.

For more than a decade, we never failed to delver promising quality of welding carriages to businesses and corporations worldwide.

Whether you need a welding carriage alone – or if you’re looking for other complementary machines and devices with it, you can place your full and your complete trust in us!

Features and Benefits of Waldun’s Welding Carriages

Choosing the welding carriages that we offer here at Waldun can get you a ton of benefits. Thanks to the features that we have and offer, you can enjoy a wide array of features and functionalities!

  • Convenient power supply
  • On and off toggling of magnetic traction
  • Precise and accurate torch adjustment
  • Multi-surface guiding
  • Silicone wheels are heat, abrasion, and temperature resistant
  • Compact and lightweight – they’re easily transportable
  • It has an LCD display that’s multifunctional
  • You can use it to maintain permanent contact with the workpiece
  • Can house multiple programs to help you with all your needs!

These are just some of the most notable features and functionalities of welding carriages – and you can get more if you decide to choose us here at Waldun as your welding carriage manufacturer!

For many years, we here at Waldun have been deemed and considered as the best and the most trusted welding carriage manufacturing company.

We are not like other companies as we look at all the possibilities of our clients’ businesses, whatever industry they are in.

If you yearn to get the best welding carriages, you’ll never go wrong if you choose us here at Waldun. Apart from having the best welding carriages, we also have the best people, experts, and machinery to produce and manufacture all welding machines and equipment you like!

Talk to us by reaching out through our hotline or our email address – we’ll be more than happy to help you! We can offer a free estimate or a free quotation for all the orders your business needs!