Introduction of weld overlay repair online and offline | Welding overlay repair

Online overlay welding repair

The automatic open-arc welding machine in the mill and roller machine is applied to the in-line welding repair of mill rolls/disc tiles, which is a combination of mature equipment and technical experience, and can bring the user maximum economic benefits. The in-line repair of vertical mill rolls and tiles is carried to the site, and under the condition that the liner plate of vertical mill rolls is not removed, the repair is carried out using the bright arc welding of Φ1.2-3.2mm flux-cored wire. Since there is no need to dismantle the rollers and liner, the user can perform overlay repair within a short period of time during machine overhaul and machine shutdown, meeting the need for immediate overhaul and minimizing the downtime.

It can guarantee the quality of overlay repair and the service life after repair, and guarantee the original working size of the grinding rolls and discs, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and powder output, and also reduce the increase of labor cost, spare parts cycle and the influence of unsafe factors brought by the replacement of grinding discs and rolls.

Offline overlay repair

First, it started with the overlay welding of coal mill rolls in the power industry, and then with the rapid development of the new dry cement production line and more and more applications. Users who have spare parts generally choose to dismantle the rollers/disc tiles and ship them to the overlay production site for remanufacturing.

Advantages of off-line cladding remanufacturing.

1. There is no limit to the size of the rollers/disc tiles that can be remanufactured by overlay welding, and all shapes of rollers/disc tiles can be overwelded.

2. No matter how much work is done, off-line overlay construction will not affect downtime and will not cause any additional losses.

3. After wear and tear of the grinding rolls and discs can be dismantled to check in detail whether there are cracks and other defects in the workpiece substrate, the construction quality can be guaranteed.

4. The welded and remanufactured grinding rolls/disc tiles are firmly bonded to the substrate, with a beautiful appearance, good wear resistance and long service life.

5. Construction quality can be guaranteed, according to the original drawing size, based on the comprehensive construction process and technology, to ensure the true roundness and balance of the grinding roll or grinding plate liner, installation, use of stable and safe, save power consumption, avoid excessive vibration of the mill.

Although the risk of off-line overlay welding is small, but the relative construction cycle is long, and there are dismantling, transportation, installation costs, maintenance costs are high, and at the same time, after the overlay welding equipment also has installation and installation safety problems. As a result, in-line cladding remanufacturing has also become one of the options for manufacturers.

Therefore, a reasonable overlay repair process is the key to achieving the overlay repair of vertical mill rolls/disc tiles. Depending on the different wear conditions of the rolls/disc tiles and the actual working conditions, the wear-resistant cladding process is designed and selected to achieve the best cladding repair effect.

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