Wear Resistant Steel Plates – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Not all wear resistant steel plates are the same; and if you’re not knowledgeable with that, you are now.

Different wear resistant steel plate manufacturers have different tricks up their sleeve.

By the end of this ultimate FAQ guide, you will not only learn what wear resistant plates are – you will also find out about the best wear resistant steel plate manufacturer you can trust.

This guide has bonus information about it, so stick around!

Defining a Wear Resistant Steel Plate

A wear resistant steel plate, also called an AR plate or an abrasion resistant plate, is steel that is comes in many different grades.

tiff infomation

tiff infomation

Example of what a wear resistant steel plate looks like

The main purpose of a wear resistant plate is to subdue premature wear that can be caused by various activities in different business sectors and industries.

What is an Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate?

It’s akin to what a wear resistant plate is.

Abrasion resistant steel plates, magnified

What is an Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate

Furthermore, its main goal is to allow a part to be resistant even to harsh abrasion.

Composition of Wear Resistant Steel Plates

Different wear resistant plates are made up of different ingredients and components.

Composition of Wear Resistant Steel Plates

Abrasion resistant steel plates after heat treatment for composite integration

However, the most common and usual include:

  • Carbon
  • Iron
  • Other Types of Alloys
  • Chromium (in some cases)

These have varying measurements and grades, which depend on the use and the functionality it will have.

AR400 Steel: What is it Used For?

AR400 is a type of abrasion resistant steel with a nominal hardness of 400 BHN.

AR400 Steel What is it Used For

An example of what AR400 steel looks like

You can choose to use AR400 in a wide scale of applications, including:

  • Serving as liners for heavy-duty and earth moving equipment
  • Additives for coal and mining equipment
  • Plates and wear material for buckets and excavator parts
  • Rifle range targets
  • And many more

The versatility of AR400 steel plates come from its hardness and overall flexibility.

Do You Need AR400 or an AR500 Steel Plate?

Choosing whether you need an AR400 or an AR500 wear resistant steel plate will depend on the application.

You would want to use AR400 steel if your activities will need high wear resistance levels. For instance, you can use AR400 to attach to digging blades and others of the like.

AR500, on the other hand, is perfect because of its high toughness and resistance levels. It’s harder, meaning, it’s a lot more brittle – and that basically means it’s not ideal for high impact applications and areas.

What is the Best Steel for Wear Resistance?

Out of the many different types and kinds of wear resistant steels, stainless steel remains to be the favorite.

What is the Best Steel for Wear Resistance

Stainless steel stacked up onto one another

The shine and the ability of stainless steel to resist impact, corrosion, and abrasion make it the best nominee for wear resistance.

However, there are situations where other types of steel are more effective. So, you need to consider the application you would have for it.

Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate Manufacturers and Suppliers

You’ll be able to find many manufacturers of wear resistant steel plates over the internet.

There will never be a shortage of them – the only thing you have to take note of is who do you trust?

Some of the most popular wear resistant steel plate manufacturers include:

  • QT-Plus
  • Fusion
  • Duracorr

What is the Hardest Type of Metal?

There’s no specific answer to this question, but the metal with the alloy of nickel and iron are part of the hardest and the most reliable compounds.

What is the Hardest Type of Metal

Tungsten strips // Known to be the one of the hardest types of metal

If we were to consider this in our formula, the hardest would be tungsten, followed by chromium.

Again, you can play with the different factors that make up for the hardness of the metal.

Where Can You Find the Best Wear Resistant Steel Plate Manufacturer?

In sourcing out for the best wear resistant steel plate manufacturer, China would be your best choice.

Here in the country, there are loads of wear resistant steel plate manufacturers. There are those with unrelenting experience, and those that are new to the industry.

If you are to source and find out where you can locate the best, don’t think twice in choosing China.

Choosing the Best Wear Resistant Steel Plate

There are a couple of factors you need to consider in choosing your wear resistant steel plate.

Understanding the Grades of Steel

By knowing and fully understanding the different grades of steel, you’d already know whether or not it’ll be able to support your needs.

Try to ask your manufacturer for the list of steel grades they have for the products they’re offering.

Applications You Can Have For It

What will you be using it for? Would it involve heavy impact and/or temperature? Or do you need it for friction and abrasion resistance?

One key in finding out the best wear resistant plate is to know the applications you will have for it by heart.

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