Bimetal Hardfacing Abrasion Resistant Steel Pipe


WALDUN utilizes automatic and high-tech welding machines for abrasion and wear resistant pipes (for both internal and external parts). This meets the rising demand for wear resistant pipes that have small-to-medium diameters.

Wear Resistant Pipes

  1. Our abrasion and wear resistant steel pipes are made with regular base material with overlay alloy. Moreover, these wear pipes are done and welded using our advanced welding machines and equipments, which contributes to the good shape and the flatness of the surface pipes.
  2. Then, we bend the wear plate to make it into a round pipe
  3. Lastly, we duly assemble the wear plate into a square pipe, or depending on client request and requirement.

WALDUN utilizes metallurgical bonding + automatic welding to achieve the minimum pipe diameter of 80 mm; as well as the maximum pipe length of 3000 mm.

Wear Elbow

  1. We’re able to weld directly on the wall of the wear elbow
  2. We use wear plates to make the form of the joint needed

Wear resistant pipes Details

Standard: GB/T 12770  – 2002 and GB

Grade: Q195 – Q345, Q235, 16 mn

Thickness: 3 to 25 mm

Section Shape: Round Shape

Diameter (Exterior): 80 to 1200 mm

Country of Origin: Suzhou, China

Applications for the Product: Steel, Power, Port, Mining, Cement, Construction, etc.

Techniques Used in Manufacturing: Open Arc Welding and Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)

Certifications: ISO 9001 – 2008

Surface Treatment Processes: Hardfaced, Claded, Coated

Special Pipe Features: Wear Resistant Pipe

Alloy Classification: Alloy

Tolerance Level:  ±1%

Secondary or Non-Secondary: Non-Secondary

Material Used: Chromium Carbide Overlay; Q235 and Q345

Chemical Composition: Carbon (C): 3 to 5%; and Chromium (Cr): 25 to 40%

Hardness Level: 58 to 65 HRC

Processing Methods Used: Bolting, Drilling, Bending, Cutting, and Welding

Minimum Inner Diameter: 80 mm

Wear Resistance Level: High Wear Abrasion Resistance

Maximum Length Available: 3000 mm

Type of Material: Welded Steel Pipe

Supplication Ability

Supply Ability: 300 meter per meters per month of pipe wear resistant steel

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Steel pallet in non-fumigation pallets, customized.

Packaging Size: Customized, depending on client requirement

How many hours can wear resistant pipes be used

According to the working condition of the wear-resistant pipe, WALDUN design the site mapping to ensure the smooth installation and the long use cycle.

The working condition is very important and is the source of the problem.

The following table of the use of WALDUN wear resistant pipe in the actual working conditions is published below for your reference only.

Application area Recommended Products Approximate usage hours
1 Coal-fired power plant coal mill outlet wear-resistant straight pipe Bimetallic Wear Resistant Pipe 22000
2 Coal-fired power plant powder feed elbow Bimetallic wear-resistant pipes 75000
Ceramic patch wear-resistant pipe 75000
Cast stone composite pipe 75000
3 coal-fired power plant coal-fired power plant coal-fired power plant Bimetallic wear-resistant pipe 35000
4 coal-fired power plant coal-fired power plant economizer wear-resistant straight pipe Cast iron double casing 25000
Cast iron composite pipe 60000
Corundum wear-resistant pipe 22000
5 coal-fired power plant electric dust collector elbow 25000
coal-fired power plant electric dust collector straight pipe Bimetallic wear-resistant pipe 75000
Double casing 60000
Cast iron composite pipe 22000
6 coal-fired power plant negative pressure de-slagging pipe elbow Corundum wear-resistant pipe 20000
coal-fired power plant negative pressure de-slagging pipeline straight pipe Bimetallic wear-resistant pipe 30000

Wear Resistant Pipe – The All-Around FAQ Guide

Are you certain that you know what wear resistant pipes are?

In case you’re not familiar with it, don’t worry – our guide will be everything you need!

Today, you’ll learn what wear resistant pipes are. Not only that, you’ll also be able to know how you can find the best wear resistant pipe manufacturers in the market today.

What is a Wear Resistant Pipe?

A wear resistant pipe is a type of pipe with an alloy steel as its base.

What is a Wear Resistant Pipe
Large diameter wear resistant pipes used in the oil & gas industry

Then, its outer layer is made up and lined with an alloy that is wear resistant.

What Type of Process Does a Wear Resistant Pipe Undergo?

In creating or manufacturing a wear resistant pipe, centrifugal casting is the main process used.

What Type of Process Does a Wear Resistant Pipe Undergo
Centrifugal casting process used to manufacture a wear resistant pipe

It’s the process you would want to see to form good-quality metallurgy with high resistance to wear, temperature, and abrasion.

Manufacturing Process of Wear Resistant Pipes

The manufacturing procedure of wear resistant pipes isn’t actually difficult or challenging.

Manufacturing Process of Wear Resistant Pipes
Different types of pipes laid and formed for inspection (part of manufacturing)

In fact, it can simply and easily be summarized in the following steps/phases:

  1. Looping of the alloy steel base, forming the shape of the pipe
  2. Electricity resistance welding (high frequency) for the fusion of the edges
  3. Cutting of the beads and welding temperature controlling
  4. Cooling of the pipes
  5. Heat treatment of the pipes (after initial straightening, sizing, and cutting)
  6. Surface treatment and swaging
  7. Cold drawing of pipes
  8. Straightening and tube cutting
  9. Inspection of the pipe’s quality and/or physicality

That’s the general outline of how wear resistant pipes and tubes are made. Some manufacturers might have it differently, but that’s how it regularly goes.

What are Abrasion Resistant Pipes?

Similar to wear resistant pipes, abrasion resistant pipes are parts/components that are able to repel or to resist wear.

4800 MDPE Slurry Line Pic1

4800 MDPE Slurry Line Pic1

An example of an abrasion resistant pipe used to transport liquids from one point to another

More specifically, the type of wear would be abrasion, which involves the contact of one surface to another.

Therefore, an abrasion resistant pipe is one (1) type of wear resistant pipe.

Abrasion Resistant Pipe Fittings

Some industries and sectors require the usage of abrasion resistant pipe fittings.

Because some businesses require an extra layer or type of coating for their pipes to resist wear and abrasion, manufacturers have abrasion resistant pipe fittings.

You can choose from a lot of types of pipe fittings, which include:

  • Elbows
  • Tees
  • Street Elbows
  • End Caps
  • Plugs

Depending on your project and the type of pipe fitting you need, you can trust manufacturers to produce abrasion resistant fittings.

Different Characteristics of Wear Resistant Pipes

Some of the most notable characteristics of wear resistant pipes include:

Different Characteristics of Wear Resistant Pipes
Wear resistant pipes lined up for distribution

High Wear Resistance Level

All parts that are wear resistant possess high levels of wear resistance.

Because most, if not all have spiked levels of Chromium (Cr), they’re able to resist a wide variety of wear, including abrasion.

High Temperature Applications

One of the best traits of wear resistant pipes would be its high temperature capacity.

Because of the combination of Chromium and Carbon, it’s capable of being worked on even in temperatures where regular alloy and steel pipes would become molten.

Excellent Longevity

Did you know that wear resistant pipes and tubes last as much as three (3) times the life of regular pipes?

Because of their properties, they’ll be able to resist damages – they wouldn’t wear-out easily!

Excellent Overall Performance

Wear resistant tubes and pipes will be able to perform well in a lot of different scenarios.

You can trust that they’ll perform well and good; you will be able to use them in under any circumstance; and you won’t have any problems in replacing them.

Those are just some of the best characteristics of wear resistant pipes. You’ll learn a lot more when you get to experience them yourselves.

What Applications Can You Have For Wear Resistant Pipes?

Do you need wear resistant pipes? If so, what industries need it?

Applications for Wear Resistant Pipes
Oil & gas industry utilizing wear resistant pipes

Some of the best and the most common sectors and industries that need to utilize it include:

  • Power Plants and Solar Industries and Sectors
  • Coal and Mining Industries and Businesses
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Manufacturing and Machining Industries
  • Many More!

Definition of a Hardened Steel Pipe

A hardened steel pipe is anything between medium to hard carbon steel that has been formed via multiple procedures and processes.

Definition of a Hardened Steel Pipe
Hardened steel pipes being manufactured

The term “harden” means that it’s been treated to a point where it wouldn’t easily be deformed or warped.

What is a Rubber Lined Pipe?

It’s a type of pipe you use to transport many things, including liquids, chemicals, and the like.

What is a Rubber Lined Pipe
Sample of a rubber lined pipe

Rubber lined pipes are best for distributing chemicals that could be corrosive, solutions that are slurry in consistency, and many more.

You would want to use a rubber lined pipe if you’re in the chemical and petrochemical sectors. But, the usage of these pipes and fittings aren’t only limited to that.

Who Can You Trust for the Manufacturing of Wear Resistant Pipes?

The market is filled with a lot of wear resistant pipe manufacturers.

But, if you’re looking for the best, you need to search in China – it’s where all excellent manufacturers are.

China is home to tens, if not hundreds of different manufacturers of wear resistant pipes. And in the country, there’s no other company you can trust but us here at Waldun.

For more than 2 decades, Waldun never stopped in providing excellent-quality wear resistant pipes, wherever you are in the world.

From regular pipes, tubes, and fittings – to customized wear resistant pipes, you can bank and count on us!

Why is Waldun the Top Wear Resistant Pipe Manufacturer?

Waldun has been the go-to manufacturer of businesses and companies that need wear resistant pipes.

You can trust us to create and manufacture the pipes you need for your business!

  • We can give you a free sample of the parts and components you need
  • You can rely on us and our Research & Development (R&D) team
  • We will always be open to all inquiries and support you need, we have the best aftersales team
  • All your orders will arrive within 15 to 21 days

Contact us and we will never fail in manufacturing the wear resistant pipes you need for your business!