Wear Plate: NM400 VS NM500 

Wear plate in china is divided into different models: 400, 500, so what is the difference between wear plate NM400 and wear plate NM500? Let’s find out more about it below.

Wear plates can also be welded to smooth carbon steel structures in areas where abrasive wear occurs. Wear-resistant steel paste can be used in areas where there is high wear on the material’s surface, whether in cracks, scratches, abrasions, or other forms of damage. Wear – The resistant steel “pate” is often used in places such as inside a building where the area is prone to wear due to dust, sand, and other abrasives and on surfaces with a high degree of corrosion and corrosion – sensitive materials. Wear-resistant steel caps can often be used in places such as the interior and exterior of an apartment building or in an area where they are exposed to dust and abrasion, especially on floors and walls.

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What is the difference between wear plate 400 and wear plate 500?

1.the difference between the two is the range of hardness values, NM400 hardness requirements between 360-440, and NM500 hardness requirements between 480-550. Secondly, the cutting process is different, in welding performance requirements are also different, and finally, there is a difference in price.

2.The metallurgical bond between the wear-resistant steel alloy wear layer and the matrix. The automatic welding process, high hardness self-protection alloy welder evenly welded on the substrate through special equipment, the automated welding process. The number of composite layers is 1~2~multilayer. The alloy contraction ratio is different in compounding, leading to uniform transverse cracking is the outstanding characteristic of wear-resistant steel plate.

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What are the applications of wear plate?

1.Combustion power plant: medium-speed coal mill cylinder liner, fan impeller nest shell, dust collector inlet flue, ash duct, bucket turbine liner, the separator is connecting pipe, coal crusher liner, coal hopper and crusher liner, burner, coal hopper and funnel liner, air preheater bracket tile, separator guide vanes.

2.Coalfield: feeding chute and funnel liner, hopper bushing, fan blade, pusher floor, cyclone dust collector, coke guide liner, ball mill liner, drill stabilizer, spiral feeder bell and base, ring feeder, dump truck floor.

3.Cement plant: chute liner, cyclone dust collector, separator blade and guide blade, fan blade and liner, recycle hopper liner, screw conveyor base plate, pipe components, frit cooling tray liner, conveyor tank liner.

4.Loading machinery: unloading mill chain plate, hopper liner, grapple blade plate, automatic dump truck tipping plate, dump truck body.

5.Mining machinery: mineral, stone crusher liner, blade, conveyor liner, baffle.

6.Construction machinery: cement pusher tooth plate, concrete mixer, dust collector liner plate, brick making machine mold plate.

7.Construction machinery: loader, bulldozer, excavator bucket plate, side blade plate, bucket bottom plate, blade, rotary drilling rig drill pipe.

8.Metallurgical machinery: iron ore sintering machine, conveying elbow, iron ore sintering machine liner, scraper liner.