Wear Plate For Mining

Wear Plates For Mining | A Solution For Saving Cost And Time

Wear plate for mining: Wear and tear of equipment in the mining sector has always been a headache problem. To extend the service life of the machine, reduce the number of equipment repairs, and find the best cost-effective wear-resistant materials, it has been the subject of research by engineers in the mining field.

wear plate for mining

WALDUN analyzed the use of wear-resistant materials and actual technical data. It is found that the traditional manganese steel and heat-treated wear-resistant materials can no longer meet the user’s requirements for their wear resistance on many occasions. The wear resistance of the chromium carbide composite plate is far better than that of traditional high-manganese steel and hot-rolled heat-resistant wear-resistant plate. Its usage is increasing day by day, and the field of use is also getting wider and wider.

The application results of chromium carbide composite wear-resistant steel liners in the crushing system of the ore dressing plant show that its wear resistance can reach 3.7 times of Q235 steel liners, six times of ZG55 steel liners, and 2.8 times of ZGMnl3 steel liners. The most significant advantage of wear liner is that its wear-resistant layer has excellent anti-wear ability. And the non-wear-resistant base metal has excellent welding performance, which is very suitable for wear resistance in the chute and the hopper of the crushing system of the beneficiation plant. Relevant plant crushing system and belt conveyor transfer stations, unloading car nozzles, and parachute, etc. consumed initially about 320 tons of liners. After using chromium carbide composite wear-resistant steel liners, the annual liners consumption will be reduced to 120 tons., It has excellent economic benefits, and it can also significantly reduce the replacement and maintenance time.

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