tấm mài mòn

The carbon content of the alloy layer is up to 4~6%, the chromium content is as high as 25~30%, the volume fraction of cr7c3
carbides in the metallographic structure reaches more than 45%, the macroscopic hardness is hrc56~62, and the chromium
carbide The hardness is hv1400~1800, which is higher than the hardness hv800~1200 of quartz in sandstone. As the carbide is
vertically distributed in the direction of wear, even with the same composition and hardness of the casting alloy compared to
the wear-resistant Performance increased by more than one times.

Compared with several typical materials wear resistance is as follows:

(1) with low carbon steel; 20~25:
(2) with high manganese steel; 5~10:
(3) with tool steel; 5~10:
(4) and cast-state high chromium cast iron; 1.5~2.5: