Welding Turning Rolls

Turning Rollers

 turning rollers have been one of the most known products we here at Waldun are offering. In fact, Waldun’s  turning rolls have been deemed as best in the market.

We here at Waldun can help you with many different types and kinds of  turning rolls. We can manufacture  rollers that have polyurethane wheels, or rollers that have metal wheels; and many more!

What are Waldun’s  Turning Rolls?

Don’t confuse yourself by thinking that Waldun’s turning rolls are different. In fact, our  turn rollers have the same uses as any other manufacturers.

Tank Turning Rolls

It’s the same machine that can steadily rotate round or cylindrical workpieces.

Waldun is deemed as the best because we can specify the  turning rolls that you need! You can tap on us to customize and tailor-fit your machines to help you with your processes!

Features of Our  Turning Rolls

Apart from customization, what other features do Waldun’s  rollers have?

Features of Our Tank Turning Rollers

You can enjoy the following features that our  turning rolls have:

Strong and durable  turning roll base and frame

All parts of the machine are sandblasted before painted

Control panel is secured in a brace inside a gear box

All electronic parts and components come with CE certificates

With other manufacturers, you’ll get less and less real features about the machines. But with Waldun’s  turning rollers, we are transparent in explaining our equipment to you.

Waldun’s  Turning Roll Applications

Applications of Tank Turning Rollers

You can apply and use Waldun’s  turning rollers for whatever round workpiece it may be. The most common uses for it include:

Shipyard and shipbuilding parts and components

Pressure and water  vessels


Piping and tubing

Water storage vessels

And many more!

Advantage of Choosing Waldun’s  Turning Rollers

Waldun is capable of customizing the  turning rolls you need. If you want to specify certain parts and components, you can ask us to do it for you!

You don’t have to worry about overpricing either! All the machines and equipment that we here at Waldun are offering have competitive and reasonable rates!

Why Choose Waldun For Your  Turning Rollers?

Waldun isn’t just the best company to produce the  turning rolls you need. You can trust us because we have passed many different certifications.

We’re ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Apart from that, we carry certifications local in various continents!

As a company, Waldun is the most trustworthy company when it comes to manufacturing welding equipment.

  • Get your orders within 20 days
  • All machines are completed with a solid and durable frame
  • Get a lifetime customer service and experience access!

What Else We Offer

turning rolls aren’t the only machines we can help you with.

You can ask us for other equipment such as roller hardfacing machines, pressing machines, overlay welding machines – even wear plates and CCO plates!

Waldun will always be ready and prepared to get you the quality of service and products you deserve! Contact us now and get a acquire the best  turning rolls you can get in the market!