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Tungsten Carbide Wear Plate

Tungsten carbide wear plate is composed of Q235 or Q345 steel plate and wear-resistant layer. The base of the wear-resistant layer is metallurgic bonding, which fixed with low hydrogen sodium type flux-coated welding wire and other individual welding electrodes. One or more layers can compound it.

Due to the stress release, uniform transverse cracks produced on the surface of the composites, but the effect of the application is not affected. The composite wear-resistant plate has its unique metallographic structure, fiber-like distribution, hardness can reach 60 ~ 75 degrees (according to the field wear conditions, conditioning) .

Especially suitable for durable abrasive wear parts. Besides, the wear-resistant plate can cut, bending, welding, and other processing, basically a steel plate can be processed parts; the wear-resistant plate can also be treated.

The wear-resistant layer of the wear-resistant plate is mainly Tungsten Carbide, and it also contains chromium, manganese, niobium, nickel, and vanadium, forming alloy carbide, high hardness can be maintained below 700°C to ensure regular use.

The Tungsten Carbide composite wear-resistant steel plate can reduce maintenance costs, parking time, equipment productivity, and increasing power consumption. Due to wear and tear, and reducing material dropping due to wear and tear, pollution of the environment, and increase the manual cost of cleaning and other advantages.


Tungsten Carbide wear plate is 16Mn plate (or A3 steel plate) + Tungsten Carbide Alloy wear-resistant layer composition.


The wear layer adopts open-arc welding or submerged-arc welding. Open-arc welding is more wear-resistant, but the surface will have apparent cracks.


The special self-shielded Bright Arc welding wire is fused to the steel substrate of different thickness evenly, with less crack, high hardness, and longer life


made of hypereutectoid alloy composite wear-resistant layer board. The wear-resistant layer material is similar to high chromium cast iron.




Different thicknesses can produce according to different usage. Common Specifications: 6 + 4,6 + 6,8 + 4,8 + 6,10 + 4,10 + 6


  1. Dual properties of high hardness and toughness, can withstand moderate impact and vibration, prevent falling off.
  2. Comparing to the alloy steel plate, casting wear-resistant plate, ceramics, stone, rubber, polyurethane, etc. , with wear resistance, high toughness, can be arbitrary processing.
  3. Easy to install, cutting, welding, drilling, bending.
  4. On different occasions, wear-resistant performance is 10-15 times of ordinary wear-resistant materials.
  5. High temperature resistance, can be used at 550 degrees, does not affect the wear resistance.