Tank turning rolls

Tank Turning Rolls

For more than 2 decades, Waldun has been the top provider of Tank Turning Rolls in the market.

You can trust Waldun to get you the positioners you need! We offer anything from regular pipe and tank Tank Turning Rolls, to pipe and tube welding rotators!

We can deliver small welding Tank Turning Rolls for small and light applications. You can also get and purchase large tank rollers and rotators for heavy-industry applications from us!

In fact, we can arrange customized Tank Turning Rolls for your business to fit whatever uses you’re looking to have for it.

Waldun’s Tank Turning Rolls – What Are They?


Waldun’s Tank Turning Rolls can work on whatever that has a rounded, oval, or a cylindrical shape. It’s used to rotate, spin, and move workpieces to give the welder easier time working on it.

Waldun developed their Tank Turning Rolls to suit the needs of all clients; whatever industries they’re in.

The Tank Turning Rolls you can purchase from Waldun can handle even the heaviest of workpieces!

Why Choose Waldun’s Tank Turning Rolls?

For 20 years, Waldun has been the most trusted manufacturer of Tank Turning Rolls in the country. We’re their option because of the following advantages:

  • Waldun is ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified
  • Delivery time is guaranteed within 20 days
  • Waldun’s machine parts are manufactured with high quality
  • Waldun offers complete installation and excellent after service solutions
  • Waldun offers a 1-year warranty service

All products of Waldun are considered safe, globally.

Waldun’s welding Tank Turning Rolls can withstand high impact and loads.


Standard Tank Turning Rolls are able to support weights ranging from 100 pounds to 400,000 pounds.

But Waldun’s Tank Turning Rolls can help you with loads, upwards of 700,000 pounds!

In addition to that, all Tank Turning Rolls within our arsenal are:

  • Capable of supporting pipe diameters from 2”
  • Height adjustable
  • Equipped with reduction wheel gearboxes
  • Idler and drive wheel shafts are coated with aluminum

Is Waldun Limited to Tank Turning Rolls?

Tank Turning Rolls aren’t the only things Waldun specializes in.

In fact, you can also get other welding positioners and equipment too, including:

  • Welding Turntables
  • Welding Manipulators
  • Sub-Arc Manipulators
  • Colum and Boom Welding Machines
  • Weld Overlay Equipment
  • And Many More!

Contact Waldun For Your Tank Turning Rolls Now!

Get the best and the highest quality of welding Tank Turning Rolls in the market!

Choose Waldun and never worry about where you can get high quality turn rollers for your welding processes ever again!

Let’s review each of them in details.

Tank Turning Rolls – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The creation and fabrication of large and heavy tanks aren’t just done by hand; in most cases, they need the assistance of tank turning rollers.

Do you know what tank turning rollers are? If you’re in the industry, you will find a ton of use for it, especially in welding.

This guide will walk you through in knowing more about what tank turning rollers are! So, if you’re looking to purchase one, this comprehensive directory can help you!

Are Tank Turning Rolls Different From Pipe Turning Rollers?

Yes, a pipe turning roller and a tank turning roller is the same machine/equipment.

Are Tank Turning Rollers Different From Pipe Turning Rollers_

They’re interchanged depending on the type of material you’ll be working on.

Tank Turning Rollers vs. Welding Rotators

Are tank turning rollers the same as welding rotators? A lot of people think of it as the same, and it is true.

Welding Rotators

However, the term welding rotators only applies to the handling of workpieces in welding.

Tank turning rollers, on the other hand are machines you can use to clutch and move round or cylindrical workpieces in general; not just for the purpose of welding aid and assistance.

Where Else Can You Use Tank Turning Rollers Other Than Welding?

Welding isn’t the only thing you can use tank turner rolls for, in case you thought about that.

What Workpieces Can Tank Turning Rollers Work On_

As a matter of fact, you can also use it for repairing, inspecting, fabricating, customizing, and even cleaning round and cylindrical workpieces.

Do Tank Turning Rollers Require a Specific Size of Pipes and Tanks?

You can use whatever size of tank or pipe you need for your project.

Do Tank Rollers Require a Specific Size_

However, you need to make sure that the tanks or pipes you’ll work on would fit on the equipment.

There are tank turning rollers that only have certain limits on the size, weight, and dimensions. So, in choosing, specifying the tank turn rolling equipment you’ll use can help.

How Can Using Tank Turning Rollers Benefit Your Welding Procedure?

You can use them for welding as it can give you a ton of benefits.

How Tank Turning Rollers Beneit Welding

Some of the most common ones include:


If you decide to use tank turning rollers, you can perform welds with less laborers. In fact, one welder can work on even a workpiece weighing 100 tons!

What does this mean for you? – One thing, cost-effectiveness for you and for your company.

Less Fatigue and Effort From Welders

With tank turning rolls, there’s only thing you’ll ever worry about – the quality of the weld.

You wouldn’t worry about moving, aligning, or rotating workpieces and parts that are heavy and complicated.

Production of Higher Quality Welds

These machines can help you achieve better welds. Because it automates the movement of the workpiece, you don’t really need to focus much on handling it.

Instead, you’ll be focusing in performing cleaner, better, and higher quality welds. There have been studies that linked machines to fewer errors and mistakes.

Faster and More Urgent Results

All machines have one goal – to simplify and hasten processes.

With the use of tank turn rolling equipment, you can achieve results faster and more urgent.

Whatever the size of tank you’re looking to work on; and whatever kind of tank it is, you can absolutely find benefits in using tank turning rolling machines for it.

What is the Rotation Rating?

This is the power needed to be able to rotate or move the workpiece.

Rotation Rating_

You can distinguish this figure by basing it on the driver power.

What Industries Can Benefit From Using These Tank Turning Turn Rollers?

If you are in an industry that is involved in the creation, designing, welding, and the fabrication of tanks, you will find tank turner rolls useful and effective.

What Industries Can Benefit From Tank Turning Rollers_

To give you the industries that benefit from it the most, here are some of the most common:

  • Steel Industries
  • Power and Generation Industries
  • Industrial Storage Tank Industries
  • Plastic and Rubber Processing Industries
  • Chemical Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • And Many More

What Workpieces Can Tank Turner Roll Machines Work On?

You can work on any object or workpiece that is round or cylindrical using tank turning rollers.

What Workpieces Can Tank Turning Rollers Work On_

The size and weight of your workpieces don’t matter – if it’s rounded, your tank rollers can work on it and handle it.

What is a Tank Rotator?

Tank rotators are machines that you can use to assist your welding procedure.

What is a Tank Rotator

It’s called a tank rotator because the usual workpieces that it handles are tanks, large pipes, etc. It allows circumambient welding while maintaining a vertical position.

How Does a Tank Rotator Work or Operate?

Many people think that tank rotators are difficult to operate. When in fact, it’s easy and totally manageable!

How a Tank Rotator Works
  1. Adjust the wheels of your machine depending on the size of your load
  2. Mount the workpiece onto the tank rotator
  3. Activate or turn the tank rotator on
  4. Make sure it’s aligned then, operate the machine
  5. Provide assistance (if automatic); observe if program is accurate

That’s just the regular and the usual procedure in operating a tank rotator of any kind.

Welding Procedures That Support Tank Rotators

Welding Procedures That Support Tank Rotators What welding processes can your tank rotators support? Is it applicable only to a specific set of processes?

No, you can use your tank rotators if you are to perform any of the following:

  • Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding
  • Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding
  • Metal Active Gas (MAG) Welding
  • Plasma Welding (PAW)
  • Submerged-Arc Welding (SAW)
  • Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Welding

Your uses of tank rotating machines aren’t just limited to this, though. These are just the most common welding processes done using tank rotators.

What Wheels Can be Used For Tank Rotators?

What Wheels Can be Used

You can choose from the different types of tank rotator wheels, which include:

  • Rubber Wheels
  • Metallic or Steel Wheels
  • Polyurethane Wheels
  • Plastic Wheels

The type of wheels you would select must clearly be compatible with the workpieces you have.

Selecting the wrong or the incorrect type can lead to problems; problems that can lead to your rotators or your workpieces being damaged.

What are Self-Aligning Tank Rotators?

Self-aligning rotators are machines that are used in the same purpose as tank rotators.

Self-Aligning Tank Rotators

The only difference is that its wheels automatically align themselves depending on the workpiece.

You’d want to use self-aligning rotators if you want automated movement of the load; perfect for assembling, welding, fitting, and even accuracy.

Why Should We Use Tank Rotators?

Welding can be a pretty tough job, especially if we’re talking about 100 tons of material. This is where the importance of tank rotators comes in.

Why Should We Use Tank Rotators

If you are in any industry that utilizes heavy equipment, you wouldn’t be able to craft your parts without using tank rotators.

Imagine that you need to weld a 50-ton tank for your petro chemical needs. Could you weld it all on your own?

No! You will need something to help you – and that’s why tank rotators are existent!

How Can You Benefit From Using Tank Welding Rotators?

How Can You Benefit From Using Tank Rotators

Using tank welding rotators can help you a lot with whatever project you have. In fact, you can get the following benefits and advantages if you do so:

Less Time to Complete Work

Using welding rotators can allow you to complete weld projects faster.

The 360-degree movement it gives the workpiece makes the procedure fast-paced; requiring less time to complete and achieve the weld.

Less Labor Needed

Since it’s capable of moving the workpiece, it doesn’t require the welder to move around. This translates to the fact that less work is needed.

Thanks to them, only one welder is needed even if it’s welding a 100-ton tank or pipe fitting.

Safer and More Secure For Your Welders

Tank rotators would be the machine to hold and clutch the heavy workpiece, not the welder. This puts the welder into an extremely safe and secure position.

Higher Accuracy of Welds

Machines are built for speed and accuracy – and that’s what tank rotators are. If you have bulk work, you can expect consistency in each produce.

Tank rotators cuff, clutch, and hold the workpiece in place; it also moves in directions it’s controlled to. You will achieve accurate, precise, and consistent welds, indefinitely.

Those are just among the many benefits you can get from using tank rotators.

Who Needs Tank Rotators?

Should you be in an industry with heavy circumferential or rounded parts, you need it.

Who Needs Tank Rotators

It can be used in various industries but the most common include the petro chemical industry, aerospace industry, and so on.


They’re mechanical machines that can handle small to large-sized workpieces for your business.

What are Pipe Turning Rolls_

You can use pipe turning rollers in many applications involving rounded or cylindrical objects, such as:

  • Cleaning
  • Painting or repainting
  • Inspecting
  • Improving (cladding, weld overlay, lining)
  • Welding


Use or Function of Pipe Turning Rolls

Their main use or function is to help you handle, hold, and move the workpiece with ease.


The procedure in which you can operate your pipe turning rollers is rather simple and easy.

How Would You Operate Pipe Turning Rollers_

It goes and flows out in the following structure:

  1. Sizing the pipe turn roller or adjusting the dimensions according to the workpiece
  2. Mounting the pipe or tube fitting
  3. Activating or turning the machine on
  4. Setting the speed, the rotation, etc.
  5. Integrating the welding equipment

That is how you would usually operate pipe turn rolling equipment and machineries.


Yes! Automatic pipe turning rolls can be beneficial for you because all actions are automated.

Are There Automatic Pipe Rollers For Welding_

You wouldn’t have to think about manually operating it for movement, speed, etc.


You have the option to rent or to lease it, but you can choose to purchase one as well.

Should you choose the latter option, you have the freedom on how you want to utilize it.


How Can Pipe Turning Rolls Help Welders_

Pipe turning rolls in welding play a huge role in the welding process. It can assist welders in a wide variety of ways:

Less Effort and Fatigue

They are used to clutch, hold, and move the workpiece; welders wouldn’t need to crouch, lie down, or have any other position!

This ultimately reduces effort and fatigue from the welder because they don’t have to exert efforts in manually handling it.

Faster Weld Processes and Procedures

Maneuvering and rotating the workpiece, even if it’s heavy would never be a problem. There are machines that can handle weights of up to 100 tons!

Because of this, improvement in productivity is seen and is favored.

More Precise and Accurate Welds

With the use of all these equipment, welders can focus more on improving their welds.

Also, there are machines that have its own weld head attached to it, producing better and higher quality welds.

Promotes the Safety of Welders

There’ll be no danger of workpieces falling to the welders. Pipe turn rolling machines are known to hold and clutch materials tightly, preventing them from swaying or moving around.

These are the fundamental reasons on how pipe turn rollers help welders, there are a lot more!


In deciding which material for the wheels you’d go with, you can choose from the following:

Types of Wheels

  • Plastic Wheels
  • Polyurethane Wheels
  • Metal Wheels
  • Rubber Wheels

You need to make sure that the wheels you’ll select would be appropriate to your workpiece. Selecting an incorrect wheel can damage your workpieces; or they could fail to do the job.


Sizing a turning roll means aligning it with the size and the width of the workpiece to be loaded.

What Does Sizing a Pipe Turning Roll Mean_

It’s important because there are instances where a workpiece wouldn’t fit to the equipment.

Adjusting or sizing a pipe turning roll is actually the first step in operating the machine.


Yes, using pipe turn rolling equipment can help you make your welding projects easier.

Advisable to Use Pipe Turning Rolls for Welding_

It is advisable to use even in situations where the workpiece is not that heavy as it helps you:

  • Improve the quality of the output
  • Perform welds faster and hastier
  • Maintain the safety of your welders


Things You Should Look at With Pipe Turn Rollers

Before purchasing, you need to look at the following specifications to make sure that you’re purchasing the machine fit for all your projects:

  • Shipping Weight (Weight per item or per set)
  • Input Power (How much electricity the device would need to operate)
  • Pipe Capacity (Size of pipes it can handle)
  • Load Capacity (How much weight it can handle)
  • Rotation Speed (The speed of rotation that you can get from it)
  • Rotational Motor Size (Size or strength of the motor)
  • Turning Capacity (The weight that the turning can handle)

Consider these as part of the most important things before you decide on an equipment. Missing any of it can result to failure or errors in your processing.

How Can You Acquire a Tank Turning Roller Machine?

There are a lot of manufacturers of these machines that can help you with it.

In case you are in need of such machines, you can choose to rent/lease it, or purchase it from them.

Which Company Can You Trust With Your Tank Turning Rollers?

While there are a lot of manufacturers and suppliers of tank turner rolls, there is only one company you can ever trust – and that’s none other than us here at Waldun.

Here in Shanghai, we are the company trusted by tons of businesses and companies.

We supply to different parts and areas of the world, regardless of the operations you have.

What’s the Delivery Date For Your Orders?

From the date of your order, you can count up to a total of 20 days for delivery.

We are in partnerships and in cooperation with various courier services that run from across the globe.

Why Trust Waldun For Your Tank Turning Roll Machines?

Why should you choose us and not other competitors in the same league? Because of the following special characteristics that our tank turning rolling machines have:

  • We have tank turner rolls that have small to large diameters
  • You can ask us to personalize your machines, depending on your liking
  • Our machines have retractable carriages
  • You can choose from machines that are portable
  • We offer additives for workpieces that aren’t rounded

Waldun is the manufacturer you can fully trust! Contact us and get a free quote for the tank turning rollers that you need for your business, wherever you are!