Tank Rotator

Across China, Waldun has been known by businesses as the best in manufacturing tank rotators. Having experience of more than 2 decades, Waldun’s quality has never been put in question.

Waldun can help you with whatever type of tank rotator you need. We have manual, semi-automatic, and automatic tank rotators that you will absolutely love!

Waldun’s Tank Rotators

You can use Waldun’s tank rotators, not just in welding, but also for proper and easier positioning of tanks and other cylindrical-shaped objects.


Waldun can assist you by providing the tank rotator that you truly need. The wide catalog of tank welding rotators we have will definitely fit whatever you’re going to need it for.

You can choose from Waldun’s tank rotator offerings, which can have metal or polyurethane wheels. You’ll also be given a chance to decide on the motor that will be installed!

Features of Our Tank Welding Rotators

The tank rotators for welding that Waldun offers are going to change your business, in a positive way.


Apart from the highly specialized customizability, Waldun’s tank rotators are:

Fast Responsive and Easy-to-Operate

Waldun’s tank rotators are equipped with a fully compatible control box. You can specify every move that you need for your project!

It also has a remote control to allow easier and simpler procedures and processes.

Easily Adjustable

The machine frame has wheels, which you can use to easily adjust on the situation of your project.

Compliant to American and European Standards

Waldun is a company compliant to European and American standards. We provide nothing but safety and effectiveness to our clients!

All of the tank welding rotators  of Waldun are licensed and certified.

Waldun’s Tank Rotator Applications

Many businesses use our tank rotator machines not only for welding, but also for cleaning, painting, repairing, and lining pipes and tubes.

Benefits Can You Get From Using Pipe Rotators

Apart from that, Waldun’s tank rotators are used by many businesses in many industries:

Oil & Gas Industry

Power & Generation Industry

Coal Mining Industry

Marine and Water Wildlife Industry

Construction and Structural Industry

Why Choose Waldun’s Tank Rotators?

Waldun is considered as the number one tank rotator manufacturer in the whole of China. Having both ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certification, you can place your full trust in us!

Besides that, here are some points on why you should choose Waldun for your tank rotators:

  • High quality electrical control parts, manufactured by world-renowned companies
  • Strong and highly durable steel frame, hard to break
  • 1-year warranty for all machines and equipment
  • Excellent client experience and aftersales services
  • Fast deliver: Within 20 days!

When it comes to tank rotators, there’s no other company better and more trusted than us here at Waldun. Servicing the industry for more than 15 years, you can fully bank on us.

Purchase the best tank rotators for welding for a competitive rate without sacrificing quality! Get a free quote of the welding machine that can help you with your business!

Tank Rotator – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Industries that fabricate heavy machinery would need the help of tank rotators. They make welding easier and with better quality!

A lot of people, though, get confused as to what a tank rotator is; that’s what we’ll talk about in this guide!

Upon finishing, you will have a better and a clearer understanding of what they are and how you can use them for your business!

What is a Tank Rotator?

Tank rotators are machines that you can use to assist your welding procedure.

What is a Tank Rotator

It’s called a tank rotator because the usual workpieces that it handles are tanks, large pipes, etc. It allows circumambient welding while maintaining a vertical position.

How Does a Tank Rotator Work or Operate?

Many people think that tank rotators are difficult to operate. When in fact, it’s easy and totally manageable!

How a Tank Rotator Works

  1. Adjust the wheels of your machine depending on the size of your load
  2. Mount the workpiece onto the tank rotator
  3. Activate or turn the tank rotator on
  4. Make sure it’s aligned then, operate the machine
  5. Provide assistance (if automatic); observe if program is accurate

That’s just the regular and the usual procedure in operating a tank rotator of any kind.

Welding Procedures That Support Tank Rotators

Welding Procedures That Support Tank Rotators
What welding processes can your tank rotators support? Is it applicable only to a specific set of processes?

No, you can use your tank rotators if you are to perform any of the following:

  • Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding
  • Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding
  • Metal Active Gas (MAG) Welding
  • Plasma Welding (PAW)
  • Submerged-Arc Welding (SAW)
  • Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Welding

Your uses of tank rotating machines aren’t just limited to this, though. These are just the most common welding processes done using tank rotators.

What Wheels Can be Used For Tank Rotators?

What Wheels Can be Used

You can choose from the different types of tank rotator wheels, which include:

  • Rubber Wheels
  • Metallic or Steel Wheels
  • Polyurethane Wheels
  • Plastic Wheels

The type of wheels you would select must clearly be compatible with the workpieces you have.

Selecting the wrong or the incorrect type can lead to problems; problems that can lead to your rotators or your workpieces being damaged.

What are Self-Aligning Tank Rotators?

Self-aligning rotators are machines that are used in the same purpose as tank rotators.

Self-Aligning Tank Rotators

The only difference is that its wheels automatically align themselves depending on the workpiece.

You’d want to use self-aligning rotators if you want automated movement of the load; perfect for assembling, welding, fitting, and even accuracy.

Why Should We Use Tank Rotators?

Welding can be a pretty tough job, especially if we’re talking about 100 tons of material. This is where the importance of tank rotators comes in.

Why Should We Use Tank Rotators

If you are in any industry that utilizes heavy equipment, you wouldn’t be able to craft your parts without using tank rotators.

Imagine that you need to weld a 50-ton tank for your petro chemical needs. Could you weld it all on your own?

No! You will need something to help you – and that’s why tank rotators are existent!

How Can You Benefit From Using Tank Welding Rotators?

How Can You Benefit From Using Tank Rotators

Using tank welding rotators can help you a lot with whatever project you have. In fact, you can get the following benefits and advantages if you do so:

Less Time to Complete Work

Using welding rotators can allow you to complete weld projects faster.

The 360-degree movement it gives the workpiece makes the procedure fast-paced; requiring less time to complete and achieve the weld.

Less Labor Needed

Since it’s capable of moving the workpiece, it doesn’t require the welder to move around. This translates to the fact that less work is needed.

Thanks to them, only one welder is needed even if it’s welding a 100-ton tank or pipe fitting.

Safer and More Secure For Your Welders

Tank rotators would be the machine to hold and clutch the heavy workpiece, not the welder. This puts the welder into an extremely safe and secure position.

Higher Accuracy of Welds

Machines are built for speed and accuracy – and that’s what tank rotators are. If you have bulk work, you can expect consistency in each produce.

Tank rotators cuff, clutch, and hold the workpiece in place; it also moves in directions it’s controlled to. You will achieve accurate, precise, and consistent welds, indefinitely.

Those are just among the many benefits you can get from using tank rotators.

Who Needs Tank Rotators?

Should you be in an industry with heavy circumferential or rounded parts, you need it.

Who Needs Tank Rotators

It can be used in various industries but the most common include the petro chemical industry, aerospace industry, and so on.

Where Can You Purchase the Best and the Highest Quality of Tank Rotators?

You can find many tank rotators in the market with similar features. But, if you choose our tank welding rollers here at Waldun, you’re in for a treat.

Since 2005, our goal has been the same; and that is to provide excellent quality machines to our clients. All our clients were more than happy with the quality of our equipment.

Why Purchase Our Tank Rotators?

Many companies from various industrial segments have trusted us. In fact, most of our clients are involved in any of the following businesses:

  • Aerospace and Aviation Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Power & Generation Industry
  • Nuclear and Chemical Industry
  • Pressure Vessel and Pipes Industry
  • Railroad and Transportation Industry
  • Mining Industry

Our tank rotators were able to suffice the requirement of their heavy parts.

This just goes to show that you can trust our welding positioners; and that it can perform what you need.

Waldun offers a 1-year warranty for all machines you purchase!

Also, you can expect the best after-sales service in the market!

Get your tank welding rotators within 20 days from the date of the order. Achieve the welds you never imagined would be possible by choosing our rotators here at Waldun!