Tank fit up rolls

Tank Fit Up Rolls

Being the number one and the most trusted tank fit up rolls manufacturer, Waldun will never fail to meet whatever you expect and demand.

Waldun is trusted by many businesses in various industries. We can produce tank fit up rolling machines that have wide ranges of capacities.

So, you can count on us to help you with the fit up rolls that vary in size, capacity, and speed.

Waldun’s Tank Fit Up Rolls

Waldun’s tank fit up rollers are machines you can use in handling thin-walled tanks and vessels. They’re the perfect alternative to rollers as they’re easier to control and manipulate.

Tank Fit Up Rolls

You can get roller bed style fit up rolls or the fully automated tank fit up rolls; you can also choose metal or polyurethane wheels to assist your fabrication procedures.

Features of Waldun’s Tank Fit Up Rolls

You can choose our tank fit up rolls because all of them are enclosed by a tight and a durable machine frame that have wheels for better movement.

Features of Tank Fit Up Rolls

It’s also equipped with two groups of roller units that can turn to an angle within its reach. Waldun’s tank fit up rolls have load capacities of up to 500 kg!

Adjusting and/or sizing is easier thanks to the bolt shifts and the manual screw adjustment materials that make up the entirety of the machine.

Where Waldun’s Tank Fit-Up Rollers Can be Applied

Other companies’ tank fit up rolls are solely for welding purposes only.

Applications of Tank Fit Up Rolls

But, Waldun’s tank fit up rolls can be used for a lot of industries and processes, some of which include:

Oil & Gas Industries

Metal and Steel Fabrication

Petrochemical Industry

Construction and Mining Industry

Cleaning and Assembling

And Many More!

Capabilities of Waldun With Tank Fit-Up Roller Machines

Waldun can manufacture large volumes of tank fit up rolls in a single year. You can count on us to produce a proliferate amount of machines that are highly advanced and are specialized to your liking.

In case you’re not sure about how much budget you’ll need, don’t worry! Waldun offers a free consultation and a free estimate of the tank fit up rolls that you’re looking to purchase.

Why Choose Waldun?

You can choose Waldun’s tank fit up rolls for many reasons, some of the most common ones include:

  • Fast and urgent delivery of machines and equipment
  • We’re ISO 9001 Certified
  • We offer a lifetime aftersales service to our clients
  • The mechanical and electrical parts of the tank fit up rolls are from reliable manufacturers
  • Waldun employs skilled and certified engineers

What Else Do We Offer?

Tank fit up rolls aren’t the only machines Waldun make and manufacture.

In fact, you can also count and bank on us if you need other equipment such as overlay welding machines, welding positioners and manipulators, column & boom machines, and many more!

Being the best, our team here at Waldun can certainly get you the equipment you specifically need.

Shoot us an email or fill out our contact form! Get a free quotation of the machines you need!



Tank Fit Up Rolls – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

It’s not uncommon to use cranes in welding, especially involving heavy workpieces. But, did you know that you can actually tire your cranes out? That’s why many welders use tank fit up rolls.

Tank fit up rolls drastically assists and aids the welding process. In case it’s your first time hearing about this, don’t worry – this guide will be all about it.

Today, we would be discussing tank fit up rolls; and we’ll help you learn how you can use it to your advantage.

What is the Welding Fit Up Process?

Understanding fit up is just like comprehending what it means.

Welding FIt Up Process

It literally is the activity of fitting two (2) or more workpieces together to prepare them for welding.

What are Tank Fit Up Rolls?

Tank fit up rollers are the machines and equipment you use to fit them up.

Tank Fit Up Rolls

Instead of utilizing heavy-equipment and tire them out, you can utilize tank fit up rolls. They’re similar to a welding rotator, but with added features like the rails where the rotators would move, and so on.

But, the features you can have will depend on the outputs and the results you want and need.

Automatic Tank Fit Up Rolls

Automatic tank fit up rolls are machines, automated to rotate depending on the program.

Automatic Tank Fit Up Rolls

The fit up is and will go manual, but the rotation and the welding can be automated. You can find many automatic tank fit up rolls in the market; but totally, that would depend on what you need done.

Are Tank Fit Up Rolls Similar to Pipe Fit Up Rolls?

Yes, tank fit up rolls and pipe fit up rolls are the same.

Pipe Fit Up Rolls

They differ based only on the type of workpiece that you’ll work on. The machines and equipment used are similar, so don’t be confused about it.

What Advantages Can You Get With Tank Fit Up Rollers?

Using tank fit up rolls can actually have a ton of advantages for the workpiece, welder, and for your other equipment.

Advantages in Using Tank Fit Up Rolls

Less Fatigue From Welder

One of the main advantages you can get would be lower levels of welder fatigue. Because of the automation of tank fit up rolls, welders could stay in just a certain position while welding.

Without a tank fit up rolling machine, welders might find it difficult to fuse and join workpieces.

Reduced Crane Operations

In joining and welding two 100-ton tanks, people would be incapable to carry it; this is where the use of cranes come in.

Using cranes can carry heavy parts, but, it’d be time-consuming to line it up to another workpiece. With a tank fit up roll, the utility of cranes would be less.

This means that your cranes could be used up for other purposes; or it’ll experience less wear.

Faster and More Systematized Welding

It’s not an unknown fact that using welding positioners produce results faster. It’s also true with tank fit up rolls.

Using it can help you achieve the welds you need faster and more systematized; assisting you in producing better and higher quality welds.

Your Welders are Safer

Imagine if a crane lifts an 80-ton tank without any support from the bottom, would your welders be safe?

Tank fit up rollers can ensure the safety of your welders, 100% of the time. Apart from keeping the workpieces hanging, they can clutch workpieces – even those that are rounded or cylindrical in shape.

Oftentimes, many people think that tank fit up rolls would just be the same as welding rotators. But, welding rotators might not have the capacity to align and line up workpieces.

Tank fit up rolls can endure even the heaviest of workpieces, given they’re complete with the right set of tools.

Applications of Tank Fit Up Rolls

Most of the time, you can apply the usage of tank fit up rolls in heavy, rounded workpieces.

Applications of Tank Fit Up Rolls

They can be in any industry such as the shipyard and shipbuilding industry; the petrochemical industry, mining industry, and so on.

So long as a certain tank or pipe is too heavy to handle, using it can heighten safety, efficiency, and accuracy of the weld.

What Types of Tanks Can You Fit Up With These Machines?

You can fit up whatever kind and type of tanks with these roller machines. But, the most common avenue would be tanks that are heavy, hard, thick, and dangerous.

Types of Tanks

However, you can also use thin-walled tanks, medium-sized aluminum tanks, or whatever in tank fit up rolls.

Tank Fit Up Rolls Prices

Rates and prices for the tank fit up rolls that you need would depend on the manufacturer. Because there are a lot of variations, you need to set they’re not freely priced.

It’s also not possible to have any average price for these tank fit up rolling equipment. But, you can expect that they’ll be priced upwards of $5,000 for medium-sized rollers, and $11,000 upwards for large and multi-axes fit up rollers.

Tank Fit Up Roller Manufacturers

Across the globe, you can choose from a wide range of tank fit up rolling manufacturers.

However, the best ones can always be found here in China. Because of the resources and the manpower the country has, it’s easy to pull off the operations of these types of businesses.

Here in China, there’s no other tank fit up roll manufacturer trusted than us here at Waldun.

When you work with us, it’s only a matter of time until you get the best and the most effective rollers you need for your operations.

Why Choose Us For Your Tank Fit Up Rolls?

Our services and products have been tried and tested by a wide variety of business from all across the globe. This is because of the fact that our machines are universal.

Unlike other manufacturers, our tank and pipe fit up rolls fit most workpieces; even those that exceed the recommended length.

You can never go wrong in choosing us here at Waldun for your tank and pipe fit up rolls!

How Long Do We Deliver?

On a regular basis, we tell our clients to expect their orders deliver within 20 days. But, it usually comes on the second week from the date they order.

We here at Waldun never delays our clients’ orders! Work with the best now! Get a free quotation for the services or the products you need!