Surfacing flux cored welding wire production line

Flux Cored Wire Manufacturing Machine


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Program design procedure

Here are the details of WALDUN’s program design procedures for the welding wire production line.

Product Layout

  • This involves the design of the manufacturing line for the welding wire assembling.
  • It has a 24-hours available working system
  • It has significant product specifications of about φ2.4-4.0mm (hardfacing).
  • Creating a section shape, that’s the O-lap joint.

Major equipment capacity allocation

  • It has a manufacturing capacity of welding wire, which is over 1000 tons per year.

Procedure and most prestigious technical parameters

  • Process flow outline: This project chooses the present very mature rolling combined steel strip fabricating procedure to manufacture our welding wire. Most of the time, it’s quite preferably using the steel strip forming method due to its simplicity and reliable procedure. In addition to lower costs. Thereby making almost all welding wire production line to use this method for their production.
  • However, here are the most important points of the manufacturing procedure using strip forming method are: To cut the cold-rolled coil into a 14–16 mm wide steel strip, then proceed to roll it into a “U” groove, fill the powder, and roll it into an “O” tube blank. Also, it should be further rolled and stretched into a finished wire of φ2.4 mm.
  • But For the manufacturing of φ2.4mm flux-cored welding wire for surfacing: it’s mostly recommended to use (14-16)* (0.3-0. 4) steel strip as the production line. Then Steel strip for surfacing: the width measurements of B=14-16mm±0.05mm and thickness measurements of δ=0.3-0.35mm±0.01mm. In addition, Carbon steel strip grade of HS1; SYHS is well recommended.

Process Flow:

The main components of the production line

Powder preparation→steel strip rewinding unit→formed rough drawing unit→barreling machine take-up line

Forming process

Surfacing: 0.3-0.35×14-16mm “O” type tower connection

Main equipment

  • Steel belt rewinding unit
  • Forming rough drawing unit
  • Barreled unit
  • Steel belt rewinding machine
  • Flux core wire forming machine

Program design basis

Product outline

1. Design of the production line for flux cored wire forming

2. 24-hour work system

3. main product specifications: φ2.4-4.0mm (hardfacing)

4. Forming section shape: O-lap joint.

Main equipment capacity allocation (24-hour work system)

  1. Production capacity of surfacing flux cored wire
  2. Flux cored wire forming rough drawing production line: production capacity of about 1000 tons / year (300D * 18H)


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