Sub Arc Manipulator

Producing sub arc manipulators has been the specialty of Waldun for over 15 years. We can help your business produce higher quality welds through different types of SAW manipulators.

Waldun can manufacture and design the sub arc manipulator that you specifically need. Whether you need a manual sub arc manipulator, or the automatic, self-moving one, Waldun will be your best choice.

Our submerged arc welding manipulators are truly the best in the league, and here are some details why!

Waldun’s Sub Arc Manipulator

Waldun’s sub arc manipulators are what you can use to automate your welding processes.

Sub Arc Manipulator

We have sub arc manipulator machines here at Waldun that are either manual or automatic. Also, they’re something that aren’t as complex as how other manufacturers present theirs.

The sub arc manipulators that Waldun has would make your welding processes easier.

Benefits and Advantages of Waldun’s SAW Manipulators

Choosing the sub arc manipulators that Waldun is offering can get you these advantages:

Advantages of SAW Manipulators

Multiple-axis adjustment (easier work for the welder)

Heavy-duty machine complete frame (better durability and safety of welders)

Boom travel speeds of 100 to 2,000 mm per minute (higher productivity)

Your option of a manual or an automatic revolution speed

Overall, the sub arc manipulators that we can produce for you will be based on what you need. Waldun’s team of highly-skilled and expert engineers can create the exact manipulator for you!

Waldun’s Sub Arc Manipulator Applications

Our clients aren’t just businesses in the welding industry. In fact, there are other businesses that look for Waldun’s sub arc manipulators because of the automation that it offers.

Applications of Sub Arc Manipulators

Businesses like building and construction, mining, marine, and many more continue to trust Waldun for their need of acquiring sub arc manipulators.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the business owner who needs it for his company; or if you’re a retailer looking for clients you can sell it to for a higher price; or if you’re a distributor just looking to make commissions.

Waldun’s submerged arc welding or SAW manipulators will be your best choice!

Waldun’s Business Advantages

We can specify the machine you need; depending on how you want it to look like and operate. Waldun will never fail to meet whatever outcome you require from our products.

Why Choose Waldun?

  • Waldun offers OEM and ODM products
  • We offer a guaranteed 15-day delivery time
  • All mechanical parts are coated and finalized to prevent wear and corrosion
  • All electronic components are from trusted distributors from all around the world
  • Complete aftersales support and assistance
  • 1-year warranty for all machines and equipment

Waldun’s sub arc manipulators are just one of the few types of machines available. There are a lot more you can get like welding positioners, welding turntables, column & boom machines, and so on!

Reach out to us here at Waldun and get the exact type of sub arc manipulator you want!

Get a free quote for what you need and receive it urgently!

Sub Arc Manipulator – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Using a sub arc manipulator can absolutely speed up your welding processes. You might not realize it now, but when you experience using it, you will.

This guide is dedicated solely in discussing sub arc manipulators. If you’re wondering what that is, then read ‘til the end – we got something special for you!

We’ll be tackling the basics; literally everything about sub arc manipulators you should know.

What is Sub Arc Welding?

It’s the process of welding where the arc is submerged to powdered flux, acting as a gas shield.

Twin Wire welding in Submerged arc process - Brochure Wind Energy

You wouldn’t need a shielding gas because the layer of flux deposited will serve as protection.

Here’s a quick video of what sub arc welding is:

What are Welding Manipulators?

Weld manipulators are machines that assist your welding by reaching hard-to-reach places.

Welding Manipulators

These machines function by moving the weld source to the workpiece.

Welding Manipulator vs. Welding Positioner 

Don’t ever confuse yourself in distinguishing which is which. The manipulator and the positioner are two (2) different machines that would make your welding process easier.

Welding Positioner

A welding positioner is an auxiliary machine that moves the workpiece according to your position.

Welding manipulators, on the other hand, function reversibly. A manipulator moves the welder to the workpiece.

More often than not, you’ll need a positioner to work with a manipulator. The positioner moves the workpiece, while the manipulator would help the welding machine perform the weld.

What are Sub Arc Welding Manipulators?

They’re machines that can assist you with your submerged arc welding process.

Sub Arc Welding Manipulators

The manipulator can position the welding head closer and deeper to the workpiece without you touching or moving it.

Is SAW the Only Solution Compatible With Welding Manipulators?

Submerged arc welding or SAW isn’t the only welding solution compatible with a manipulator. In fact, you can use it for other welding processes, too, including:

  • Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding
  • Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding
  • Metal Active Gas (MAG) Welding
  • And Others

Your capability will depend on the welding manipulator that you have.

Parts of a SAW Manipulator

A sub arc manipulator can have many parts and components. That would entirely depend on the manufacturer.

SAW Manipulator Parts

However, in order for a SAW manipulator to function, it would need the following:

  • Weld head
  • Control system
  • Power source or welding machine
  • Weld torch
  • Travel mechanism
  • Electrode material

Even if just one of these is not present, the sub arc manipulator wouldn’t be able to function. This is the complete package of what a SAW manipulator is.

Before you decide on the manipulator you’ll buy, make sure that all of these are included.

What’s a Welding Manipulator?

It’s a technology that helps in the welding process by moving the welder over the workpiece.

Welding Manipulator

Welding manipulators are just part of the many advancements in the welding sector.

How Does a Welding Manipulator Work?

You can understand to the fullest extent how a welding manipulator works. It’s actually simple.

How Does a Welding Manipulator Work

Its purpose is to move the welding head closer to the workpiece; it will allow you to reach parts and areas that a welder with high skills can.

In simpler terms, it enables and enhances the welder’s lifting capability so that it reaches closer to the workpiece or the part to be welded.

What’s a Column & Boom Welding Manipulator?

It’s a type of a welding manipulator that consists of the welding boom and the column.

Column and Boom Welding Manipulator

The column is what helps you to hold the workpiece in place, so that the welder can work on it. Welding booms are the part that helps you have complete coverage of the area being welded.

It’s a perfect machine you can use to handle any welding positions. It’s mainly used to weld on difficult parts of a particular machine or equipment.

What is a Welding Positioner?

It’s also a welding machine, which can help you automate the shifting of the workpiece.

Welding Positioner

Many people confuse weld positioners and weld manipulators, when they are actually two difference pieces of equipment.

Is Welding Positioner the Same as Welding Manipulator?

No, a welding manipulator is not the same as a welding positioner; in fact, they’re a lot different.

Same as Welding Positioner_

You would want to use a welding positioner if you want the workpiece to be kept in place. You would want to use a welding manipulator if you want to reach positions and angles that are far.

So, the welding positioner moves the workpiece, while the weld manipulator moves the weld head.

They have the same goal – to help you with your welding project.

However, they actually have different and separate functionalities and operations.

Why Should You Use a Welding Manipulator?

Why Should You Use a Welding Manipulator_

Welding manipulators can help you with any welding project. If you have welding projects that are difficult to complete, welding manipulators can aid and assist you.

Even the most skilled and the most talented welder would have limitations; that’s what welding manipulators are for.

Who Needs to Use a Welding Manipulator?

You would need to use a welding manipulator if you have a project that has far reach. Meaning, if there are areas that a regular welder can’t reach, using a welding manipulator can help.

In fact, in many welding projects today, almost all welders prefer using it because of its ease.

What is a Column and Boom Welding Manipulator?

It’s a type of a manipulator that consists of a “column” and a “boom” to assist a process.

Column & Boom Manipulator

The column is the pathway of the boom to move up and down. The boom is the machine that holds the oscillator, performing the weld.

You can use a column & boom manipulator to work on many different workpieces; from light, medium – to heavy workpieces.

Welding Manipulators For Sale

There are a lot of welding manipulators you can purchase in the market.

You can choose anything from cheap ones, expensive ones, those that can operate SAW, among others. Sub

Also, you can choose to rent or lease these welding manipulators. This option is best for companies that wouldn’t use manipulators for too long.

What Benefits Can Using Sub Arc Manipulators Have?

Sub arc manipulators wouldn’t be sold in the market if they didn’t have any use.

Benefits of Using Sub Arc Manipulators

But what benefits can you get if you decide to use sub arc welding manipulators?

  1. Maximized welding control (speed of wire, voltage, current and power, etc.)
  2. Reduced fatigue of welders; minimized manual labor required and needed from welders
  3. Safer and more secure environment
  4. Increase in productivity; faster and more urgent results
  5. Higher and better quality of welds

You can expect these benefits should you decide to use a sub arc manipulator.

What is a Sub Arc Manipulator Ideal For?

Sub arc manipulators cover a complex line of industries.

Sub Arc Manipulator Ideal

It can be used for the construction industry, shipyard and shipbuilding industry, pressure tanks and vessels, the petrochemical industry, and many more!

Exactly how Does a Welding Manipulator Function?

It operates as a kind of equipment that can easily do the assembly for you.
Even though you utilize a manual column & boom, welders definitely would not possess to keep the weld head. The device is chosen the ground using the pillar, as well as the boom is the only part moving.

Assembly Boom Design and Structure

The design of the assembly boom is very closely similar to that of a robot upper arm.
The pillar is what helps you to keep the work surface in location, to ensure that the welder can easily deal with it. Welding upsurges are the part that aids you possess comprehensive insurance coverage of the location being bonded.
It is actually an excellent device you can easily utilize to handle any welding positions. It’s mainly made use of to join on complicated components of a specific maker or equipment.

It’s an equipment that constantly relocates the weld scalp deeper to the area of the workpiece. The common framework of an assembly boom would consist of:
Boom Arc Swing
Gearbox and Gearbox Base.
Boom Motor.
Wire Chain.
These are actually the main component of a welding boom; if one is missing, it may certainly not have the ability to work and work.

Is a Column & Boom a Welding Positioner?

Due to the fact that it doesn’t move the work surface, a column & boom is not an assembly positioner.
It’s thought about as a welding manipulator given that the boom is actually the one moving.
Its own main feature is to move the welding component to the workpiece.
Usually, a welding positioner is actually made use of with a pillar & boom welding manipulator.
It keeps the work surface in location as well as carries out the job of placing it.

Technical Parts of a Welding Manipulator.

A column & boom may be actually divided in to 4 (4) components: pillar and boost, core, and the carriage. Each of them have their personal components.
The principal technical component of a Welding Manipulator includes:.
Pillar & Elevation Gearbox.
Column Safety and also Elevation Rack.
Restriction Switches.
Column Strikers.
Elevation Pinion.
Electric motor.
Limit Switch.
Wire Chains.
Insurer Plate (Gearbox).
Feet (Gearbox).
Boom Pinion.

Welding Manipulator Electrical Parts.

Assembly Manipulators have a bunch of electric components. Here are parts that are actually the most made use of and also looked for after:.
Advancement Motor Inverter.
1, 2, and 3 Pole Circuit Breakers.
Unexpected Emergency Stop Button.
The planet Terminals.
Integrate Holders.
The portion of a Welding Manipulator will rely on the manufacturer.
Perks of utilization a Welding Manipulator.
You can get a bunch of perks if you make use of a Welding Manipulator.
The advantages will rotate around the protection of your welders, as well as the performance of the venture. The best popular ones consist of:.
Excellent quality of welds, featuring challenging and crucial welds.
Flexibility and convenience of the weld.
Higher and better efficiency.
Welder and also employee protection and safety and security.
Reduced welder exhaustion.
Minimized floor area.
As well as much more.
What Workpieces Can You Work On Using a Column & Boom?
You may operate on a wide array of work surfaces, especially those that are actually massive and facility.
You’ll have the capacity to service pipes as well as tanks, boats as well as pipes, even angular workpieces.
Long as it may enforce an obstacle to your welder, Welding Manipulators may help!
What Welding Can You Perform With a Welding Manipulator?
A whole lot of individuals do not know it, yet they can carry out many different welding procedures using Welding Manipulators.
SAW or even plunged arc welding isn’t the only assembly answer, it can also consist of:.
Fuel Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) or TIG Welding.
Fuel Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) or even MIG Welding.
Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW).
Plasma Televisions Arc Welding (PAW).
Below’s a video clip of the different styles as well as type of assembly:.

What is actually a Welding Manipulator?

It is actually an innovation that helps in the welding process through moving the welder over the workpiece.
Assembly operators are merely component of the numerous advancements in the welding field.

How Does a Welding Manipulator Work?

You may recognize to the fullest extent how a welding manipulator works. It’s really easy.
Its own function is actually to move the welding head closer to the workpiece; it will definitely allow you to hit parts and also areas that a welder along with high abilities can.
In simpler phrases, it improves the welder as well as enables’s lifting ability in order that it reaches closer to the component or the work surface to become soldered.
What is actually a Column & Boom Welding Manipulator?
It’s a kind of a welding manipulator that includes the assembly boom and also the pillar.

How Do You Size a Welding Manipulator?

In welding, sizing means adjusting.

Before you use a sub arc manipulator, you need to make sure that your workpiece fits in it. Sizing a SAW manipulator means that you would have to adjust the following:

  • Load Capacity of the manipulator
  • Reach and the Lift capabilities
  • Attachments or accessories that you can use with the welding manipulator

Preparing all these can help you a lot in easing your welding projects and processes.

Where Can You Purchase The Best Sub Arc Welding Manipulator?

You can find a ton of suppliers and manufacturers of sub arc manipulators in the market.

But China is where you want to go if you want only the best quality of machines.

Here in the country, there’s no other company trusted when it comes to the production of sub arc manipulators but us here at WALDUN.

WALDUN offers top-of-the-line sub arc welding manipulators. All equipped with the accessories that you need!

How Many Days Can WALDUN Deliver Products?

WALDUN promises all machines and equipment to be delivered within just 20 days!

You don’t have to wait for more than a month to get your order; you can get it in as fast as 2 weeks!

We’re China’s top-rated, number one welding equipment manufacturer. For over 20 years, we’re considered as the best and the most trusted by our clients.

You can contact and approach us if you want customizations on your sub arc manipulators.

Wherever you are, WALDUN is just an email away!

Get a free quote for the welding machines you need! Acquire the sub arc welding equipment that would be the most fit for your business!

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