Polished Hardfaced Chromium Carbide Overlay (cco) Wear Plate

Smooth Wear Plate

WALDUN has developed a new production process for submerged arc welding smooth wear plates.

Various experimental data show that the wear resistance, chromium content and hardness of the product can reach the industry leading level.

WALDUN started the mass production of smooth wear plates to serve domestic and foreign customers.

The unique feature is that the overlay surface has no visual weld channels and is very flat, thus adapting to a wider range of working conditions.

The technology is only different in forming process, and the wear resistance is no different from the open arc welding.


WALDUN Smooth Wear Plate Details

Model: WED-S100

Size: 1500mm×3000mm

Specifications: 6+4; 6+6; 8+4; 8+6; 8+7; 8+8; 10+4; 10+6; 10+8; 10+10; 12+4; 12+6; 12+8; 12+10; etc.

Advantage: smooth surface of wear-resistant plate, no welding channels and cracks, no blocking of material.

Increase the amount of inflation and improve the working efficiency.

It can be processed into liner plate according to the drawing, which is convenient for installation.

We can also adjust the element content of wear-resistant layer according to the different working conditions of use to meet the customized requirements of customers.

Hardness HRC58-63

Smooth Wear Plate

Smooth Wear Plate Chemical Composition Table

Element Minimum(%) Maximum(%)
Carbon 3.5 7.5
Silicon 0.2 1.88
Manganese 0.01 0.022
Chromium 21 35
Other elements 0.01 0.04

Smooth Wear Plate Test

Wear Plate G65 Wear Test

Results Average Specification Compliance
Mass loss, g 0.1029, 0.1090, 0.1090 0.1070 0.26 Complies
Volume Loss, mm3 13.4, 14.2, 14.2 13.9