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Small Welding Turntable

Waldun is China’s top manufacturer for small welding turntables. We are the manufacturer you can trust to help you in producing small welding positioners to help with your projects.

All of Waldun’s small welding turntables and positioners are carefully engineered and built to meet client expectation. As a matter of fact, you can ask us to produce a small welding turntable that is exactly what you need for your business.

Waldun’s Small Welding Turntables

Waldun’s small welding turntables can be used for a wide range of uses.

Small Welding Turntables

Apart from its regular purpose of positioning your workpieces, you can also use it for other things, too such as resizing, adjusting, and so on!

Moreover, you can use it for welding small-to-medium sized workpieces; and even heavy ones that are about 100 kg!

Most clients consider us as their go-to company because of completeness of our machines. It’s because we recommend all our clients to customize the small welding turntable that they need.

This way, it’ll be practical, economic, and useful for their purpose of being a part of your arsenal.

Advantages of Our Small Welding Turntables

Waldun’s small welding positioners have a lot of technical parameters. The most important would be that it’s set as an AC frequency steeples conversion, making it easier to operate.

Advantages of Small Welding Turntables

You’ll find Waldun’s small welding positioners useful as it has a 2.2 kW of tilting motor power. Also, it boasts a 1.5 kW of power for its rotating motor.

Having a roller linear speed of 80 to 1,600 mm per minute, Waldun’s small welding turntables will give you a lot of benefits.

Applications of Waldun’s Small Welding Turntables

You can use Waldun’s small welding turntables for a lot of different uses. But, it’s made for the use in the industrial sector.

Applications of Small Welding Turntables

Most business industries that utilize it are engaged in the following businesses:

Welding and fabrication

Petrochemical and chemical industries

Power and generation industries

Shipbuilding and shipyard industries

Construction and structural industries

Why Choose Waldun?

Waldun has been the best and the most trusted small welding turntable manufacturer in China. It has been because of the following reasons:

  • We offer unrelenting aftersales service and support to our clients
  • Delivery time of Waldun’s small welding turntables are just within 15 days
  • We’re certified in European, Asian, American, and Australian standards
  • All the electrical components of our machines are sourced from trusted manufacturers

We are ISO 9001 certified; you’ll never have doubts on the quality of our machines and products!

Other Products and Machines Waldun Offers

Small welding turntables are just one of Waldun’s fortes. Apart from that, you can also get welding manipulators, tank fit up rolls, pipe and tank welding positioners, and many more!

What are you waiting for? Get the customized small welding positioner you need for your business!

Give us a quick nudge and we will be more than happy to answer all of the questions you might have!

Small Welding Turntable – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

A lot of people don’t know that they need to utilize small welding turntables for their processes. For them, these welding positioners are just additional costs that don’t really give any help.

When in fact, it could be the change that they’re looking for, for their processes. And in case you’re not sure what a small welding turntable is, this complete and comprehensive guide is for you!

Upon finishing this guide, you’ll definitely have more knowledge on what these positioners are. More so, you’ll be able to get yourself the most effective welding turntable for your business!

What is a Small Welding Turntable?

It’s a type of welding positioner that caters to small-to-medium workpieces; it assists the welder by rotating or turning workpieces in a 360-degree radius.

Small Welding Turntable

This eliminates the need for a welder to frequently switch places during the weld.

Is Rotary Weld Table the Same as Welding Turntable?

Rotary weld tables function the same as welding turntables. It’s just a different term that you can use as manufacturers use it interchangeably.

Rotary Weld Table

So, when shopping, don’t be confused. Welding turntables and rotary weld tables are just varying terms.

What are Welding Positioners?

Welding positioners are machines and equipment that help and assist welders in their projects.

Welding Positioners

It’s a type of auxiliary machine that moves and shifts a workpiece; allowing welders to just stand in one position, or to be in just one level while welding.

Homemade or DIY Small Weld Turntable

There are a lot of people that create DIY or (Do-It-Yourself) welding turntables.

DIY Small Weld Turntable

They think that it’s a cheap alternative to buying or purchasing a real small welding turntable.

When actually, there could be a lot of things that aren’t included in it.

So, if you could secure yourself even the cheapest, but legitimate small welding turntable, don’t choose DIY or homemade weld positioners over it.

What are Benchtop Welding Positioners?

Benchtop welding positioners function in the same way as how welding turntables do.

Benchtop Welding Positioners

They assist welders in completing welding projects.

More so, they’re called “benchtop” because they’re usually mounted on a bench, a table, or some table.

They’re small, and therefore, they can also be called and dubbed as small welding turntables.

Why Use a Small Welding Turntable For Light Workpieces?

Many welders find it a challenge to work on a wide workpiece. In fact, they would have to move around it, which can be tedious.

Uses of Small Welding Turntable

This is why using or utilizing a small welding turntable is important. Through small welding turntables, they can save time, effort, and energy in moving around.

So, if you have projects wherein your welders would have to maneuever around the workpiece, using a small welding turntable can make their lives a lot easier.

Benefits of Small Welding Turntables For Welders?

Why do you want small welding turntables? For easier work, right?

Benefits of Small Welding Turntables

That’s actually what most welders aim for. So, in using small welding turntables, you can enjoy the following benefits and advantages:

Increased Production

You can expect increased production by using small welding turntables.

Because the machine will help you handle and move the workpiece, your welders can spend less time maneuvering around workpieces.

With less time needed to complete a project, more results will show.

Favors Safety of Welders

Even if you’re working on light-to-medium sized workpieces, it can still be the cause of injury for your welders.

But, if you decide to use small welding turntables, it’ll be placed firmly on that; it’ll even help you handle, rotate, and twist the workpiece!

This keeps the safety of your welders, and also the dimensions and the quality of the workpiece.

Better and Improved Quality

With welding turntables handling the workpiece’s movement and locomotion, your welders can focus more on the weld.

This can help you be given the assurance that the welds to be produced would be of higher and better quality.

Fewer Errors

With a welding turntable, you can have the assurance that you’ll produce fewer errors. Why? – Because the machine would move depending on the program you set it for!

All actions would be accurate and precise! The quality of the weld will then depend on the welder.

More Savings

Because you’d need fewer staff members and less effort, you can save more from using even small welding turntables.

Many companies oversee this as an expense because of the machine. But, in the long run, it actually help you save more money.

These benefits and advantages are just some of the most common, in using small welding turntables. There are a lot more that you can get!

Is a Small Welding Turntable a Welding Manipulator?

Though they seem similar, they’re actually two (2) different machines.

Welding Positioner

A welding turntable is strongly regarded to and deemed as a welding positioner. This is because of the fact that its function is to move, rotate, and maneuver the workpiece.

A welding manipulator, on the other hand, is a machine that moves the weld head nearer the workpiece. Their goals might be the same, but the variable moved is different.

Don’t confuse yourself in identifying which equipment or machine is a welding positioner, from a welding manipulator.

Who Can You Trust With Small Welding Turntables?

You can find a lot of suppliers and manufacturers of small welding turntables in the market.

But, should you be looking to work with the best, there’s no other company as trusted and as relied on as us here at Waldun.

We have been deemed and considered as the top small welding turntable supplier and manufacturer in the whole of Shanghai. You’ll never regret your decision of choosing us to be your small welding turntable supplier!

Do We Have Warranty?

Yes we do! For all the equipment and machines we offer, you can get a 1-year full warranty!

In case your machines malfunction, or break due to natural reasons, we’ll help you!

Contact us now, get a free quote, and receive your order within 20 days! Acquire world-class and premium quality small welding turntables for a decent rate!

Since 2005, Waldun has been providing excellent-quality machines and equipment.