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Small Weld Positioner 

Small weld positioners are the type of equipment Waldun is known for. We’re known to be the best and the number one benchtop and small weld positioner manufacturer in China.

Whether you need a 2-axis small weld positioner, or a rotary welding positioner turntable, Waldun can get it for you!

Waldun’s Small Weld Positioners

The small welding positioners that we have here at Waldun are comprehensive and equipped with 2 sets of either Servo for speed, or AC motors for functionality.

Small Weld Positioners

The machine frames of Waldun’s small weld positioners are all carefully sterilized, keeping it safe from wear and corrosion. All our welding machine frames are sandblasted to maximize its durability and effectiveness.

Waldun’s small weld positioner isn’t just for the use of small workpieces. We’ve designed and engineered it to be able to withstand strong and high forces.

You can also purchase it with chucks and/or jaws to maximize the clutch and the holding capacity of the positioner.

Advantages of Waldun’s Small Weld Positioners

Advantages of Small Weld Positioners

Choosing the small welding turntables that Waldun offers can get you these advantages:

Faster time to weld, with moderate-to-high rotational speed at 0.05 to 0.5 rpms

High loading capacities at 3T

Wide worktable area at 1,400 Φ

Powerful tilting and motor powers at 2.2 kW and 1.5 kW, respectively

Whatever you choose, Waldun will give you! You can specifically customize the small weld positioners you can purchase from us, and we’ll work out how we can make it for you!

What Applications Can You Use With Waldun’s Small Weld Positioners?

Waldun’s small rotary turntables aren’t just for welding, unlike how other manufacturers designed theirs.

Applications of Small Weld Positioners

In fact, many of our clients use it in many different ways, including:

Rotary positioning

Assembly of parts and components

Mounting of welding equipment

And many more!

You can make use of Waldun’s small positioners for welding whatever industry you might be in! We have clients that aren’t businesses in the fabrication industry,

Waldun is the go-to company of all businesses that need high quality and specialized small weld positioners!

Why Choose to Work With Waldun?

Many businesses have chosen Waldun for the manufacturing of their small weld positioners. It’s due to the fact that we:

  • Offer complete machine and equipment installation
  • Source out electrical parts and components from trusted manufacturers (Schneider, Yuding, Siemens, etc.)
  • Have 1-year warranty on all machines, products, and equipment
  • Provide a lifetime of aftersales services and support
  • Deliver all your orders in a timeframe of just 15 days

Besides small welding positioners, Waldun can also help you in producing and manufacturing welding manipulators, turning rolls, fit-up rollers, welding overlay machinery, CCO and wear plates, and many more!

Waldun will always make you feel like you’re the number one company in the world. The supreme customer service that we offer beats all other manufacturers easily.

Reach out to us and feed us with information on what types of small weld positioners you need!

Small Weld Positioner – The All-Inclusive FAQ Guide

Can’t choose between purchasing a small weld positioner and a regular weld positioner? What type of positioner do you truly need?

In this complete guide, you’ll have a better idea of what a small weld positioner is. Moreover, you’ll also learn where you can find the best small welding positioner!

Don’t skip out reading because this guide has something special for you!

What is a Small Weld Positioner?

It’s a small machine that can help you with your welding projects by rotating the workpiece.

Small Weld Positioner

By using it, you wouldn’t have to move around the object to weld on all angles; the positioner will rotate and move it for you!

What’s the Usual Load Capacity of Small Welding Positioners?

Oftentimes, small weld positioners have a load capacity of 10 kilograms. But, there are small welding positioners that can handle up to 400 pounds of weight!

Usual Load Capacity

The load capacity would depend on the manufacturer; also, on the type of material used to build the machine.

What is a Welding Positioner Kit?

A welding positioner kit is a package that you can buy to assemble your weld positioner.

Welding Positioner Kit

There are manufacturers that you can buy it from but the most popular is Certiflat.

What’s Included in a Small Weld Positioner Kit?

Upon unboxing, you’ll see a lot of parts within it.

Included in a Weld Positioner Kit

The things inside of a kit include:

  • Gearbox Plates (back plate, bushing plate, etc.)
  • Positioner Base (side plate, short brace, etc.)
  • Weld Positioner (spindle, cover, drill shaft, etc.)
  • Flanges

You’ll receive a manual along with the kit that contains all its parts and details about it.

Check if everything’s present because it wouldn’t function properly if it’s missing even a single part.

What is a Benchtop Welding Positioner?

It’s a type of welding positioner where the table is a surface of a workbench or a bench.

Benchtop Welding Positioners

You can use it for welding small-to-medium workpieces, vertically and horizontally.

How Do You Choose a Small Welding Positioner?

There are a lot of factors you can consider in choosing a small weld positioner.

Choose a Small Welding Positioner

But, the best tips you can have would be to consider:

  • Operational Needs (how you’d use the small welding positioners, what workpieces you’ll work on)
  • Electrical Parts and Components (are they produced by a known manufacturer?)
  • Speed and Rotational Requirements (how fast do you want the rotation to be?)
  • Workability and Functionality (can it clutch and clamp on the workpiece you’ll work on?)

Overall, you have to choose the equipment that can help you with your operations.

You should select a small weld positioner that can make your procedures easier and lighter.

Are Small Welding Turntables Effective?

Welding turntables, regardless of the size, are an effective means of easing your weld projects.

Their purpose is to help you by making you stay in a single position while welding. This can allow you to focus more on the weld than the position of the workpiece.

What Accessories Can You Purchase With Welding Positioners?

Welding positioner accessories can even further the help that the machine gives you.

Accessories Can You Purchase

The most common add-ons you can include in your purchase of small weld positioners include:

  • Jaw Chucks
  • Stands and Rollers
  • Foot Pedals and Hand Cranks or Pendants
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • And Others

Remember that add-ons should make your processes easier, not cost you more.

Cheap Small Welding Positioners: Are They Worth It?

If you surf the net, you’ll find a lot of cheap small weld positioners; those positioners that cost anywhere between $190 to $900.

Cheap Small Welding Positioners

They’re cheap and you can purchase them with no problems. But, take note that the cost to create a positioner doesn’t even match half that amount.

Therefore, you can expect cheap small weld positioners to not meet whatever you’re expecting. Also, most products on Craigslist have already been used, which opens another problem.

Used Welding Positioners For Sale

A lot of companies get enticed with the idea of owning a secondhand small weld positioner. It’s cheap and it’s working – what more can we ask for?

But, what most people don’t realize is that it’s been “used” already.

Meaning, it might be already worn-out; if not, it could be going to that path.

In fact, used positioners could cost more compared to just buying a brand new positioner in the long run.

Small Welding Positioner Price

Manufacturers don’t openly announce prices and rates for their small weld positioners.

If you’re looking for the rates and prices, you need to contact the manufacturer directly; you can get a quotation.

Estimated figures of small weld positioners can range from $1,800 to $10,000. These would depend on the features and specifications of the machine.

Is it Safe to Buy Small Welding Positioners on Craigslist?

Buying a small weld positioner on Craigslist is like buying from a person you don’t know. Anyone could pose to be anyone, even a company, and sell products.

It’s neither safe nor is it dangerous; it can get you to save money, or it can cost you a lot.

But, it would always be best if you communicate with a legitimate manufacturer of welding equipment.

Where Can You Purchase High Quality Small Welding Positioners?

Many manufacturers claim that they have the best positioners in the market.

But Waldun is a manufacturer that has never been beaten in the welding industry. For more than 20 years, we’ve been providing utmost care and assistance to our clients.

From helping them with their welding needs to providing different weld positioners, we sit at the top spot.

Why Choose Waldun For Your Small Weld Positioners?

  • You can be confident with us because we’re ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
  • All our small weld positioners have been carefully assessed and authenticated!
  • Waldun offers excellent quality after services
  • You get a 1-year warranty for all equipment you purchase from Waldun

Get the free estimate for the products and machines you need!