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The DHF series of automatic girth seam welding machines specializes in automated girth welding of cylinders, tubes, shafts, and disks of high quality. The welding process can be used in a variety of ways, such as PAW\TIG\MIG\MAG. Suitable for welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, and other materials. It is widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, home appliances, pressure vessels, hardware products, and industrial processing industries.

Seam Welding Machines

Seam welding machine features.

The main welding machine is a horizontal machine structure. The machine base rail, spindle case, and tailstock are annealed and stress relieved after welding. It is guaranteed that the structural parts will not be deformed in the long term.

The head rotating action is driven by DC or AC deceleration motor. Precision gears or worm gears, stable rotation, stable and reliable welding.

The pneumatic tailstock is adjustable along the direction of the bed rail, adapted to different lengths of workpiece welding requirements.

The head of the welding machine can be adjusted according to the requirements, to adapt to the automatic welding of different shapes of workpieces, to ensure that the torch is in the best welding position.

(a) Single-sided welding and double-sided forming.

All gas pipes and cables rest in the drag chain—clean and attractive while avoiding cable breakage.

Adopting servo (stepping) motor, welding speed is precise and stable, with full adjustment range.

Automatic lifting of the gun.

Up and down, left and right crossed fine adjustment of the welding torch, precise alignment of the distance between the torch and the workpiece.

The gun can be rotated around a fixed rod for easy replacement and adjustment of accessories.Automatic Seam Welder

Seam welding machine applications

The machine can weld stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, carbon steel, low alloy, and other materials. Welding. The welding process and tooling used varies depending on the specific length and thickness of the workpiece.

Automatic Seam Welder Samples

Ordering a seam welding machine from WALDUN

In some cases, we can modify seam welding machine when not in the original equipment design. If your equipment has lost some efficiency or does not hold the same tolerances as new, inspect the worn parts. There could be an easy and cost effective fix to the problem.