The deposited wear plate is a dual-metal steel plate which manufactured by overlay welding process. The wear resistant alloys were welded on the surface of Mild steel plate. This process is order to create a surface which can work at high wear conditions. It can be fabricated as the properties of mild-steel.
The overlay welding process can be SAW, FCAW (Open arc), Sub-Arc Welding (The deposited layers can be made from calculated alloys using carbon electrode to melt weld pool). Depending each welding process, the width of welding seam will be difference.
Deposited wear plate can be made either Flat Process or Rotary Drum Process.
Wear Plate manufacturing process – flat(Wear Plate manufacturing process – flat)
Wear Plate manufacturing process – drum(Wear Plate manufacturing process – drum)
The deposited wear plate can be fabricated by various process, such as bending, cutting, welding, studding etc. Plate just can be cut (thermal cutting) by Plasma flame.
The deposited wear plate can be applied at many difference industries which contains difference wear factors, such as: Abrasion, Corrosion, Heat, Impact, etc. By changing the welding consumable (alloys), we can create a new product which is suitable for specific application.
Some typical industries: Cement, Coa-fired Power Plant, Mining, Quarrying…