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Waldun is known as the preeminent manufacturer of rotary welding positioners in China. We can supply manual rotary weld positioners, and robotic-type automatic weld positioners, depending on what you need!

You can choose from Waldun’s 2-axis, 3-axis, and multi-axis rotary weld positioners. We can also tailor-make the specific welding positioners rotary turntable that you’re looking for!

Waldun’s Rotary Welding Positioners

The rotary weld positioners that we offer here at Waldun fit whatever needs you have for it.

Rotary Welding Positioners

You can use it to properly position workpieces for welding; you can use it for rotary welding; you can use it to mount workpieces for assembly, and many more!

Waldun’s welding positioner tables can be manufactured specific to how you need them to be. You can choose to have us assemble a manual positioner or an automatic positioner.

You can choose a welding positioner rotary table that’s capable of working on heavyweights, or just enough to support and work on lightweights.

Whatever it is, Waldun is capable of making the specific machines your business requires!

Features and Benefits of Waldun’s Rotary Weld Positioners

Waldun’s rotary welding positioners span a wide range of functionalities, they include:

Features and Benefits

Your selection of AC or Servo Motors

High durability and quality of machine steel frames

Flexible worktable size and diameter

Maximum gravity center distance at 300 mm

Those aren’t the only features our welding rotary tables have, there are a lot more!

Applications of Waldun’s Welding Positioner Rotary Table

A ton of businesses approach Waldun to create rotary positioner turntables for their operations.

Applications of Rotary Welding Positioners

Businesses that are engaged in the creation and fabrication of boilers and tanks, water tanks and storages, pressure machines and vessels, oil & gas pipelines, shipyard equipment, and so on trust Waldun for their needs of acquiring rotary welding positioners.

Whatever business industry you’re in, you will find many uses if you choose our equipment.

Why Choose Our Rotary Weld Positioners?

Waldun wouldn’t be the best in the country if we perform how other manufacturers do. That’s why we crave excellence at its finest, especially when it comes to our services:

  • We offer a lifetime of excellent quality aftersales support and services
  • 1-year of warranty for all our machines and equipment
  • We source out all electrical parts from reliable companies
  • Fast and urgent delivery (Max. of 15 days)
  • Free quotation or estimate of the machines/equipment you need

Being an ISO 9001-certified company, all of Waldun’s processes are efficient and effective. You won’t ever have doubts of the overall work capacity of our machines.

What Other Products/Machines Do We Offer?

Apart from rotary welding positioners, Waldun can also be your source for other machines like:

  • Pipe Welding Machines
  • Welding Wire Line Equipment
  • Plate Welding Machines
  • Welding Manipulators
  • Column & Boom Welding Machines
  • And Many More!

Choosing the rotary welding positioners we offer here at Waldun will be the best decision you’ll ever make!

Send us an inquiry and get the best welding rotary turntables you can get! Get the welding equipment you need for a competitive rate; and get it exactly the way you want and need it!

Rotary Welding Positioner – The Full FAQ Guide

Rotary welding positioners have been helping welders in a lot of different ways. Imagine if a welder would manually work on a 50-ton tank vessel; how much time would they need?

Using a rotary welding positioner is the better choice because it brings many benefits. It brings advantages both to the welder and to the workpiece.

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about rotary weld positioners. We’ll leave nothing that you might ask!

What is a Rotary Welding Positioner?

It’s a type of auxiliary welding machine that rotates workpieces in a full 360-degree angle.

Rotary Welding Positioner

You’ll find the best benefit of using rotary welding positioners in welding:

  • Round Objects and Workpieces
  • Cylindrical Objects and Workpieces
  • Circular Objects and Workpieces

Is Rotary Positioner Table the Same With Rotary Welding Positioners?

By definition, rotary positioner tables are flat surfaces wherein you can mount objects. A positioner is a machine that moves the object within its axis.

Rotary Positioner Table

However, both the turntable and the positioner have the same function – to spin and rotate workpieces.

What Pointers Should You Have in Working With Rotary Weld Positioners?

Pointers You Need to Consider

Before you choose which rotary weld positioner you’ll purchase, know these pointers first:

Surface of the Positioner

Purchase rotary welding positioners that can be placed evenly and flat.

When your positioner stands on an uneven surface, it could disrupt the weld.

Workpiece Attachment

What workpieces would you work on? How are you going to clamp it onto the positioner?

Choose a positioner that can clamp and clutch on your workpiece firmly and tightly. Oftentimes, an accessory like a 3-jaw chuck would be enough to do the job.

However, it is still important if you select a positioner with reliable attachment.

Electrical Components and Mechanical Parts

Welders often fail on looking at the electrical components of their machines.

To help you avoid premature damage, know the electrical capacities of your machines. It’s a helpful tip that most welders forget to consider.

These pointers can give you a large advantage over the rotary welding positioner you’ll buy.

Why Should You Use Welding Positioners?

It’s not unknown that if you use a rotary welding positioner, you’ll see improvements.

Why Use Welding Positioner

But what are these benefits and advantages you can get from it?

  • Lesser Clutter and Footprint
  • Reduced Welder Fatigue and Tiredness
  • More Secure and Safer Welders
  • Increased and Improved Productivity
  • Better and Higher Quality of Welds
  • Less Labor Hours
  • Difficult Welds Become Easier
  • Decreased Rejects and Errors
  • And Many More

Other advantages will depend on your situation and your industry. But, rest assured that you will experience these when you utilize rotary welding positioners.

How Do Rotary Welding Positioners Improve Productivity?

One of the most notable perks you get from using them is increased productivity.

How It Improves Productivity

No matter where you look at it, they’re better – and it’s because of the following:

Correct Positions and Orientations

When you rotary welding positioners, you wouldn’t need to worry about positions. The auxiliary equipment can move it for you accurately.

Compare that to when welders manually move the positioners; it’s less accurate, more tiring, and it could be more dangerous.

Speedier and Faster Weld Turnover

Without rotary welding positioners, welders would have to maneuver around the workpiece.

This cuts and consumes a lot of opportunity and time from the arc time of the welder. But, in using a positioner, the arc time is maximized, giving path to faster and hastier welds.

Less Weld Labor

Even if you need to weld a workpiece that weighs 100 tons, you’ll only need 1 welder. The positioner will be the one to mount, hold, move, and position the workpiece.

It eliminates the usual 4 to 5 people working on a large weld; this saves a lot of time and money because of less labor required.

What Specifications Should You Look For in Purchasing a Rotary Welding Positioner?

Some of the most significant specs you need to focus on include:

  • Load or Weight Capacity
  • Tilt and Rotation Motor
  • Tilt Range
  • Diameter of Table
  • Power

Knowing these things can make your life easier in choosing a rotary welding positioner.

Which Industries Can Make the Most of Rotary Welding Positioners?

All industries that utilize welding and metal fabrication need it.

What Industries Can Make the Most Our Weld Positioners

The most common of these industries include:

  • Military and Defense Industry
  • Marine and Wildlife Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Power & Generation Industry
  • Railroad and Transportation Industry
  • And Many More

Even if you don’t see your industry here but you consider welding as a challenge, using rotary weld positioners can ease the difficulty.

What is a 3-Axis L Type Rotary Weld Positioner?

A 3-axis rotary weld positioner is a machine that can move in many different directions.

3-Axis L Type Rotary Weld Positioner

Instead of just one singular movement, it can move in three (3) different ways: right and left, forward and backward, and up and down.

It’s called 3-axis L-type rotary positioner because its frame is shaped as an L for support.

DIY Rotary Welding Positioner

You can actually create your own rotary welding positioner. You can find heaps of guides online about it.

DIY Rotary Weld Positioner

But, you can also purchase a rotary weld positioner kit so you wouldn’t have to worry about materials.

A weld positioner kit is a package that you can receive, complete with all parts – and it’ll be your job to assemble it.

Where Can You Get High Quality Rotary Welding Positioners?

Here in China, no other rotary weld positioner manufacturer is trusted but us here at WALDUN.

We have been the main provider of high quality and effective rotary weld positioners for more than 15 years.

When you work with us, you can customize the rotary welding positioner you want; and choose everything from motor type, mechanism type, color, and so on.

Don’t hesitate to contact and give us a call here at WALDUN for the weld positioner you need!

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