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Robotic Hardfacing Machine Purpose:

Manipulator + 600 kg welding positioner (360 degrees rotatable) is programmable and controlled to achieve a variety of shaped parts, conventional parts surface coating repair, and intensive plasma surfacing and welding treatment.

Features of CNC surfacing machines:

  • Versatile, the robot is fully capable of most operations as long as it is equipped with the right degree of freedom according to the work task requirements.
  • High reliability, high speed, and high precision are conducive to improving production efficiency and saving processing time.3. Flexible and multi-functional, because of the high reliability, high speed, and high accuracy, which is conducive to improving production efficiency and saving processing time.4. The different functions of the operating tools are also different, allowing for multiple uses.4. Reprogrammable, with all movements running as programmed. Safe and reliable.
  • Can be used in a harsh and dangerous environment, stable working quality can improve product quality.

Robotic Hardfacing

Plasma powder surfacing: process technology

Plasma powder surfacing is primarily used to manufacture the mining equipment, bottle molds, valve seats, and repair extruder screws or aircraft turbines. The PTA process is characterized by two separate and individually adjustable electric arcs.

In plasma powder surfacing, a pilot arc is ignited between a non-melting tungsten electrode and a plasma nozzle. This accelerates the plasma gas (usually argon or helium) and ignites the main arc between the electrode and the workpiece. The workpiece is then melted. The added metal powder is likewise liquefied and then covered over the workpiece as a protective layer.

We have automated plasma powder overlays.

Plasma powder surfacing is a coating process that is easily automated and leads to a high degree of repeatability. Therefore, the PTA process is particularly suitable for the production of mass-produced parts.

Different types of automation are also possible. For example, robots can guide welding nozzles (for heavy workpieces) and workpieces (for lighter materials).

Advantages of plasma powder surfacing.

The PTA process can increase workpieces’ service life, such as those with significant temperature differences or subject to shock loads. Also, the coating process offers the following advantages.

  • Small heat-affected area
  • High weld rate
  • Low mixing of necessary materials

Robotic Hardfacing Machine

PTA Welding Robot

Ordering a robotic hardfacing machine from WALDUN

In some cases, we can modify equipment to incorporate these liner plates when not in the original equipment design. If your equipment has lost some efficiency or does not hold the same tolerances as new, inspect the worn parts. There could be an easy and cost effective fix to the problem.