Plasma-transferred arc (PTA) welding

Plasma transferred arc welding machine (PTA)  is a thermal process for applying wear- and corrosion-resistant layers on surfaces of metallic materials.

It is a versatile method of depositing high-quality metallurgically fused deposits on relatively low-cost surfaces.

The PTA process is used in instances of extreme demands on wear resistance.

Plasma transferred arc welding machine is mainly used in high quality large flat surface spray welding.

After surface hardness can reach HRC58-60, within the scope of the 1000 x1000 weld layer does not crack, not obvious deformation.

Can work out a complete plane without defects, can be used in the manufacture of rolling mill bearing high hardness skateboard.

PTA Welding Machine Feature:

  • High automation, one button start and stop, simple operation, greatly simplifies the operation process
  • Barreled welding wire located above the beam, to ensure smooth wire feeding
  • Water cooling effect is good; ensure welding wear-resistant plate, plate deformation after welding is very small
  • CNC systemis used to control the operation of the machine, AC variable frequency speed regulation, improve equipment reliability
  • IPC control the stability of the platform, in order to ensure the long time stable operation of welding system
  • Machine parameters can be set to make any combination of the welding torch welding
  • The integration of multi welding torch swing, driven by AC servo motor, stable swinging, weld forming beautiful
  • Breakpoint welding function
  • Air-cooled torch improve consumable life

PTA Welding Machine Technique Data

Main technical parameters PH-V03BD
impulse welding continuous welding
pilot arc current (A) 3-20 3-20
welding current (A) 2-300 2-300
basic current (A) 2-110
current-rise time (s) 0-2.0 0-2.0
Current fall time (s) 0-2.0 0-2.0
Pulse welding time(ms) 1-999
welding interval(ms) 10-990
Gas protection time(s) 1.0-20.0 1-20.0
 Input Voltage (V) 3PHASE,380V,50HZ AC
Rate input power capacity (KVA) 17.8
Cooling capacity(W) 5200
Duty cycle (%) 60%
Rated flow of cooling water m³/h 1
Cooling water rated head m 15
Weight(KG) 161
Dimension (mm) 800*500*1558
Gas flow control range 0.2~2L/min
Powder gas flow regulating range 0.5~2L/min
Shielding gas flow regulating range 2~12L/min
Powder bucket capacity 10Kg
Powder quantity adjusting range 0~50g/min
Distance 3~12mm
Thickness of the surfacing at a time 1-4mm
Width of the surfacing at a time 2-13mm
Powder size 50-200 mesh
Powder surfacing welding efficiency ≥90%