plasma cutting source

Hypertherm plasma power source

Hypertherm plasma cutting technology in a leading position for more than 35 years, is the world’s leading manufacturer of plasma cutting equipment. Hypertherm in improving the cutting quality, improve productivity and reduce operating costs continue to achieve a breakthrough, once again confirmed and strengthened its position in the field of advanced high temperature metal cutting technology world leader.


ESAB plasma power source

Fine ESAB Group (ESAB) long-term technological innovation and customer-first oriented technology experience, customer-oriented company policy has always been the guiding principle, therefore ESAB its inception in 1904, has developed into the world’s largest welding and cutting equipment suppliers.


Thermal Dynamics plasma power source

U.S. Thermadyne (Thermadyne) Group is a production of welding equipment and related products and world-famous global companies. Thermal Dynamics plasma cutting systems in mild steel and non-ferrous metal cutting areas of sexual function with perfect cutting, cutting power supply is designed for reliable, low operating cost, high production efficiency. All along, excellent quality and perfect service.


Kjellberg HiFocus series plasma power source

The HiFocus is the finest high-precision plasma cutting unit worldwide. It covers a wide cutting range. It provides the highest quality when cutting sheets with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. A wide range of special torches and various fields of application in connection with robot systems make it ideal to wear plate industry.

Other plasma sources like US Kebo, also can be customized, Contate-Nos for more details.