placas de desgaste

(1) High abrasion resistance: adopt international wear-resistant composite steel plate general alloy system, with excellent
wear-resistant abrasion, abrasion resistance is much higher than heat treatment wear-resistant steel, cast wear-resistant
cast iron,abrasion ability is also much higher than the spray welding or thermal spraying method.

(2) Impact: Wear-resistant composite steel plate substrate using a good plastic low carbon steel plate, can be affected by
the process of absorbing energy, so wear-resistant composite steel plate has a strong impact-resistant performance and crack
resistance, can be applied to the vibration and impact of strong working conditions.

(3) Easy to process: wear-resistant composite steel plate can be made into a standard size of the plate, light weight,
convenient and flexible processing, as a result of the use of soft substrate, so can be formed into the inner cold bending,
can use sub arc, carbon arc and other heat source cutting. Welding can be shaped to make the field welding work becomes time
-saving and convenient.

(4) High cost-effective: comprehensive consideration of maintenance costs, spare parts costs and loss of downtime, wear-
resistant composite steel plate manufacturing machinery performance price than ordinary materials 2~3 times.