Ultra-high Speed Laser Cladding Equipment

high speed laser cladding machine for sale

WALDUN has successfully developed ultra-high-speed laser cladding equipment and process method for replacing hard chrome-plated shaft parts, which can realize integrated processing of turning and welding.

WALDUN has made a breakthrough in laser high-speed cladding technology based on all localized equipment and developed independently. The ultra-high speed laser cladding series belongs to the advanced environmental protection remanufacturing processing technology. For the replacement of hard chrome plated shaft parts, WALDUN has successfully developed the ultra-high speed cladding equipment and process method, which can realize the integrated processing of turning and cladding.

The hybrid manufacturing combining turning and ultra-high speed cladding developed by WALDUN can give full play to the efficiency advantage, so that the parts can be processed in one time after one clamping and positioning, and the combination of multiple processes of additive and subtractive materials can produce finished products in one time, which can avoid unnecessary coaxiality and circular runout errors caused by repositioning, and greatly improve the quality of coating and production efficiency.

Laser Cladding Machine Parameters

Lasers Solid-state laser
Motion mechanism 5-axis CNC
Maximum rotatable diameter 640mm
Machining length 1.5m
Repeatable positioning accuracy 0.012mm
Achievable layer thickness 50-400μm
Deposition efficiency Up to 500cm2/min
Substrate dilution rate <1%

The WALDUN laser ultra-high speed cladding technology has been optimized through a series of tests and processes to obtain a stable coating process that can be used in actual production.

Conventional laser cladding powder is melted after entering the melt pool, with layer thickness >500μm, laser scanning rate <1 m/min, and deposition surface efficiency 10-50cm2/ min.

Ultra-high speed laser cladding process, the laser and powder flow fully interact, the powder is fully heated by the laser to the molten state before entering the melt pool, and the powder utilization rate is high.

The characteristics of the molten layer are as follows.

  1. Single layer thickness of 50-350μm can be achieved
  2. Deposition surface efficiency up to 500cm2/ min
  3. Dilution rate <1%

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