Robotic Slide Laser Cladding Machine

Robotic Slide Laser Cladding Machine

Robotic slide rail cladding machine is WALDUN’s self-developed large scale repair and surface remanufacturing system based on industrial six-axis robots and slide rails, which is suitable for repair and surface strengthening of industrial large scale parts.

Robot slide rail laser cladding machine equipment summary

It can be equipped with 10000W laser, industrial six-axis robot, welding width 0.5-30mm, slide rail travel up to 10m, and can be used with spindle turntable or indexing machine.

The maximum speed of the spindle table is 1000rpm, and the maximum clamping length is 3m, which can be used for both high and low speed welding of workpieces.

The maximum weight of the indexing machine is 5t, which can be used to realize the melting of complex surfaces in space.

The equipment is easy to operate, the laser is stable, continuous and controllable.

With the company’s self-developed powder feeder, laser head, nozzle, you can flexibly choose the melting materials and related processes, such as iron-based, nickel-based, cobalt-based, titanium alloy, etc., for dimensional repair, surface strengthening, etc.

Robot slide laser cladding machine equipment parameters

Maximum power 10000W
Slideway travel Max. 10m
Spindle speed Max 1000rpm
Max. load capacity 5t
Scanning speed 0-3m/s
Welding width 0.5-30.0mm
Coating thickness 0.6-0.9mm
Clamping length Max. 3m

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