Plasma Welding Machine Pta Transferred Arc for Engine Valve

Plasma Welding Machine Pta Transferred Arc for Engine Valve


Welding parameter:
1. Arc strike current:30A(100%)
2. Transferred arc current:0-300A(100%)
3. Powder feeder:Quantity 6-45 gram/minute,loading volume 18kg
4. Welding gun:Welding current 5-250A
5. Center gas flow rate: 0.6-6 L/minute
Powder feeder gas flow rate 0.6-6L/minute
Protection gas flow rate: 1.6-16L/minute
6. Positioning turntable:CNC motor,rotating speed 0.1-10 RPM, inclining range 00—+650
7. Cooling water tank:Provide constant temperature and hydraulic pressure to welding gun and turntable. Cooling ability is 6000 kilocalorie/hour. Cooling water temperature control range is+50C-+300C. Control accuracy±10C. Water tank volume is 45L(need deionized water)
8. Gas tube and water cooling cable components:1.5 meter length gas/water tube components used to connect welding gun and ignition box.
9. Operation system:text displayer,Chinese parameter show,91 set parameter reserve,Chinese breakdown reminder

Equipment working range

Workpiece diameter: 18-60mm
Groove shape:Should be accepted by both sides and suitable for plasma overlay welding

Install requirement
Below preparation should be ready before machine arriving:
1. Electric powder supply:380VAC±10%,one 65A air switch
380VAC , one 15A air switch
2. Gas supply: Bottle industry pure argon purity is99.99%. Provide oxygen pressure reducing valve in the same time.(low tension range 0-4Kg/cm2)
3. Provide 45kg of deionized water

System configuration and Main parts

NO.   ItemComponent and typePiece
1Control cabinetArc strike power(YC200 Panasonic)
Transferred arc power(YC400 Panasonic)
PLC programmable controller, Motor Driver, D/A transform, Isolation amplifier
2Welding room1
3Powder feederKK11
4Welding gun6001
5Remote control operating floorText displayer1
6Welding gun adjust systemStraight bearing1
7Gas tube and water cooling cablePressure pipe1
8Positioning turntable(CNC motor)1
9Water cooler6000 kilocalorie Freon refrigeration1
10Ignition boxHigh frequency generator and water flow rate switch1