Plasma Welding Machine Pta Transferred Arc for Engine Valve

Plasma Welding Machine Pta Transferred Arc for Engine Valve


Welding parameter:
1. Arc strike current:30A(100%)
2. Transferred arc current:0-300A(100%)
3. Powder feeder:Quantity 6-45 gram/minute,loading volume 18kg
4. Welding gun:Welding current 5-250A
5. Center gas flow rate: 0.6-6 L/minute
Powder feeder gas flow rate 0.6-6L/minute
Protection gas flow rate: 1.6-16L/minute
6. Positioning turntable:CNC motor,rotating speed 0.1-10 RPM, inclining range 00—+650
7. Cooling water tank:Provide constant temperature and hydraulic pressure to welding gun and turntable. Cooling ability is 6000 kilocalorie/hour. Cooling water temperature control range is+50C-+300C. Control accuracy±10C. Water tank volume is 45L(need deionized water)
8. Gas tube and water cooling cable components:1.5 meter length gas/water tube components used to connect welding gun and ignition box.
9. Operation system:text displayer,Chinese parameter show,91 set parameter reserve,Chinese breakdown reminder

Equipment working range

Workpiece diameter: 18-60mm
Groove shape:Should be accepted by both sides and suitable for plasma overlay welding

Install requirement
Below preparation should be ready before machine arriving:
1. Electric powder supply:380VAC±10%,one 65A air switch
380VAC , one 15A air switch
2. Gas supply: Bottle industry pure argon purity is99.99%. Provide oxygen pressure reducing valve in the same time.(low tension range 0-4Kg/cm2)
3. Provide 45kg of deionized water

System configuration and Main parts

NO.    Item Component and type Piece
1 Control cabinet Arc strike power(YC200 Panasonic)
Transferred arc power(YC400 Panasonic)
PLC programmable controller, Motor Driver, D/A transform, Isolation amplifier
2 Welding room 1
3 Powder feeder KK1 1
4 Welding gun 600 1
5 Remote control operating floor Text displayer 1
6 Welding gun adjust system Straight bearing 1
7 Gas tube and water cooling cable Pressure pipe 1
8 Positioning turntable (CNC motor) 1
9 Water cooler 6000 kilocalorie Freon refrigeration 1
10 Ignition box High frequency generator and water flow rate switch 1

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