Mobile laser cladding machine

mobile laser cladding machine

WALDUN’s second generation of mobile laser cladding equipment can quickly integrate individual modules for repair work, saving customers downtime costs, disassembly costs and transportation costs for large equipment.

The main design concept is to quickly respond to the customer’s on-site repair needs by integrating the laser cladding components into modules and using a special transport vehicle to deliver them to the customer’s site for rapid integration of the individual modules for repair work, saving the customer’s large equipment downtime costs, disassembly costs and transportation costs.

Mobile laser cladding equipment mainly consists of front-end actuator and back-end equipment. Front-end actuator includes multi-axis industrial robot, mobile trolley and electrical control system, powder feeding mechanism, laser cladding head, cladding nozzle; back-end equipment includes high power fiber laser, water cooler, power electrical box, protective gas. Using the same robot, it can be used not only for laser melting, but also for robot automatic grinding and polishing of the finished melting parts.

In addition, for the repair site of large equipment, especially for workpieces that cannot be disassembled and transported, mobile cladding equipment is almost the only option for repair. The application of this equipment not only solves the problem of rapid repair that must be solved for the continuous and reliable operation of major sets of equipment in large enterprises, but also avoids the process of disassembly, transportation, off-site repair and installation, saves workers’ labor intensity and repair time, reduces downtime and avoids the cost of replacing new parts and transportation for enterprises. The general comprehensive benefit is tens or even hundreds of times that of traditional methods.

Not only does it continue the advantages of the movable fusion cladding equipment, but it is fully upgraded on the basis of the previous generation of equipment as follows.

  1. More beautiful appearance, all integrated in one, smaller size, easy to transport.
  2. With almost no external wiring, the design has greatly reduced the failure rate.
  3. Adopted linear laser nozzle, higher melting efficiency.

Moible Laser Cladding Machine Technical Parameter:

Lasers Fiber laser
Laser Power 4000W
Power Instability ≤±2%
Laser Wavelength 1070±10nm
Operating mode Continuous/modulated
Motion actuator Six-axis industrial robot
Motion repetition accuracy ±0.03mm
Working range 2000mm
Maximum table load 100kg
Powder feeding capacity 1-400g/min
Deposition efficiency ≧50mm³/s
Remote communication profinet
Software CAAM
Other application technologies Induction heating, infrared temperature measurement, coaxial imaging, coaxial illumination, closed-loop feedback control

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