Laser Cladding Repair Roll Bearing Seat

Laser Cladding Repair Roll Bearing Seat Process

Roll bearing seat

Material: C45+N

Laser Cladding Repair Roll Bearing Seat

Laser Repair Requirements:

Laser repair is required for the three parts marked in Figure 1.2.3, and repair to the size required in the drawing.

Operating conditions of the parts:

The work roll seat of the hot straightening roller box is severely worn online, and the bearing oscillation is too large in the process of straightening the steel plate.

Figure 1 part needs the entire surface fusion symmetry surface also need to be repaired.

Figure 2 shaft wear of 1.5 mm.

Figure 3: The wear of the bearing chamber is about 1mm

The three parts need to be measured by ourselves according to the drawing before determining the exact location of the repair.

After Laser Cladding Repair

Laser Cladding Repair Roll Bearing Seat Result