General Laser Cladding Machine

general laser cladding machine

WALDUN’s intelligent laser cladding machine is customized to meet the actual needs of customers and is suitable for batch and lean manufacturing.

WALDUN’s intelligent laser cladding machine is customized to meet the actual needs of our customers, with a sophisticated industrial design, repair and 3D printing capabilities, and a low to medium price range for batch and lean manufacturing.

In addition, the laser can be freely configured, the main components are all self-made, the system is highly integrated, together with special customized software, a variety of process packages and accessories, can fully meet the universal market demand.

WALDUN laser machine consists of a three-axis (extendable fourth and fifth axis) motion mechanism built by electric cylinder, self-developed automatic powder feeder, laser head, nozzle, motion control system, water cooler, laser and other parts.

General Laser Cladding Machine Features

  1. Adopting linear module with high motion precision, stable dynamic performance, compact structure and good maintainability.
  2. linear motion axis and laser head above the machine, no change in load, while avoiding dust interference.
  3. large space on the table for placing large parts to be repaired and for replacing large turntables or indexing machines.
  4. centralized program control for motion control, laser, powder feeder, etc., with high integration.
  5. the use of PC-based high-performance CNC system, the user interface is more friendly than the traditional machine panel.
  6. field bus is used for communication between main machine, with high integration and low probability of failure.
  7. According to the application difference, can be matched with visual positioning, induction preheating and other auxiliary machine

Laser Cladding Machine Closed-loop Feedback Control System

  1. Higher dimensional accuracy of forming
  2. More stable process
  3. Zero failure rate
  4. Shorten the process development cycle

General Laser Cladding Machine Multi-function

1.Part repair

2.Part direct molding (3D printing)

3.Material and process development

4.Laser power can be freely configured

5.3-axis or 5-axis motion control system

6.Can be used as an assembly line workstation

General Laser Cladding Machine High Cost Performance

  1. All components are self-made or domestic
  2. Highly integrated system
  3. Excellent industrial design appearance
  4. Special customized software
  5. Various process packages and accessories
  6. Very competitive price advantage

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