Gantry type laser cladding machine

Gantry type laser cladding machine

Gantry type laser cladding machine is WALDUN’s self-developed large scale repair and surface remanufacturing system for industrial large scale parts repair and surface strengthening.

Overview of the gantry laser cladding machine

The maximum laser power is 10000W, the welding width is 0.5-30mm, the gantry stroke is 10m, and it can be used with spindle turntable or indexing machine.

Spindle turntable speed up to 1000rpm, clamping length up to 3m, can be used for both high and low speed welding of workpieces.

The maximum load capacity of the indexer is 5ton, which can be used together to realize the melting of complex surfaces in space.

The equipment is easy to operate, and the laser is stable, continuous and controllable.

Cooperate with the company’s self-developed powder feeder, laser head, nozzle, flexible choice of melting materials and related processes, iron-based, nickel-based, cobalt-based, titanium alloy, etc., according to demand, for size repair, surface strengthening, etc.

Parameters of gantry type laser cladding machine

Maximum power 10000W Scanning speed 0-3m/s
Gantry stroke Max. 10m Weld Width 0.5-30.0mm
Spindle speed Max 1000rpm Weld thickness 0.6-0.9mm
Max. load capacity 5t Clamping length Max 3m

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