Polished Hardfaced Chromium Carbide Overlay (cco) Wear Plate

Polished Hard-faced Chromium Carbide Overlay (CCO) Wear Plate

WALDUN polished chromium carbide overlay plate is made with WADLUN conventional overlay plate WED-100 or WED-357 or WED-80. Normally the size is customized by customer.

Normal except the Smooth overlay plate, the conventional CCO plate is not so flat enough for some special working condition. So the polish wear plate is needed.

If you have need in polished CCO plate, Please contact us.


Why WALDUN Polished Hard-faced Chromium Carbide Overlay (CCO) Wear Plate

  • Have a powerful R&D team
  • Have mass production capacity.
  • Delivery: Generally 7 days.
  • Trade Terms: Fob, EXWORK, CIF, and other trade terms.
  • Packing: Strictly in line with the customs’ requirements.

WALDUN Polished Hard-faced Chromium Carbide Overlay (CCO) Wear Plate

  • Chemical Composition: chromium carbide steel plate is a kind of wear-resistant alloy, with a lot of hard particles of chromium carbide deposited on the medium and low carbon base metal.
  • Standard thickness of chromium carbide plates mainly include: 3+3、4+4、5+5、6+4、6+5、6+6、8+5、8+6、8+8、10+5、10+6、10+7、10+8、10+10、12+5、12+6、12+7、12+8、12+10、12+11、12+12、14+6、14+8、14+10、16+6、16+8、16+10、18+6、18+8、18+10、20+6、20+8、20+10、30+10、40+10
  • Micro-structure: The volume fraction of Cr7C3 carbide in the metal lo-graphic structure of wear-resistant layer is more than 50% .
  • Hardness: According to the wear-resistant layer thickness, different usage, wear-resistant alloy surface hardness HRC56-65, the highest hardness of Chromium Carbide can be HV1800.
  • WEAR RESISTANCE: According to lab test for  wear resistance, WALDUN chrome carbide overlay steel is 20 times that of low carbon steel.  And 8 times that of heat treated wear resistant steel. Test data of surface wear resistance and 75% depth wear resistance of ASTM-G65A dry sand show that it has high wear resistance.
  • Chromium carbide overlay plate flatness: flatness control in ±3mm/M.
  • Chromium carbide overlay plate thickness : alloy layer thickness uniformity, thickness tolerance 0-0. 5 mm.
  • Other thickness chromium carbide wear plates can also be customized, welcome to inquiry.

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