Automated Plasma Welding Machine | Longitudinal And Circumferential Seam Welding Pipe For Thick Plates

For pressure vessel, high-pressure pipe, thick plate, rare metal zirconium-titanium-nickel-copper thick plate welding, we introduction of the highly efficient stig high penetration plasma welding machine and automated circular seam tooling for single-sided and double-sided welding through 14 mm. Forming, no beveling required.

plasma welding machine

Industry pain point: thick plate welding is complicated, welding stress is also prone to stray slag and cracks. For pressure vessels, storage tanks, and high-pressure pipelines, high demands are placed on the pipe sheet, so it is necessary to ensure quality and improve production efficiency.

Solutions: We provide high fusion keyhole STIG welding system (SWS-1000) Equipment. Through the efficient electromagnetic compression of the arc to achieve the effect of plasma arc, welding arc energy concentration, welding process, arc pressure and The surface tension of the liquid metal in the molten pool is balanced, resulting in a stable pore effect with excellent penetration capacity. It can realize one-sided welding and double-sided forming, and can weld through the steel plate at one time, without beveling if it is below 14mm.

High-meltdepth welding equipment is also integrated and integrated welding equipment for power supply, arc pressure tracking, refrigeration tanks, controls and more.

Technical parameters:

Total Input Voltage3*380V+N 50/60HzInput Current60A
Input capacity38.4KVAPower factor0.92
Chiller220V 50/60Hz Single PhaseInput capacity1.2KVA
Output current range 50-1000A Arc voltage tracking range 12-20V
Output no-load voltage45VOutput voltage12-34V
Protection classIP21SafeguardTemperature, Overcurrent, Waterproof
load persistencyI2=1000A X=60% I2=600A X=100%

plasma welding machine for thick plates

We can customize non-standard automated tooling for longitudinal and circumferential welding of pipes and storage tanks.

SWS-1000 high penetration welding machine has many advantages.

(1) Concentrated energy density, small holes formed during welding.

(2) High penetration capacity, single-side welding and double-sided molding.

(3) The welding process is stable, the weld seam is beautiful, no porosity and slag, and the success rate of the film is more than 98%.

(4) Fast welding speed, 10mm stainless steel speed can reach 300 mm/min, which is 8 times faster than ordinary TIG.

Data comparison table summarizing actual welding parameters for 10 mm stainless steel.

Welding TechnologyComparison of Advantages
TIG/GAWM conventional weldingSignificant consumption of consumables and waste of breakage material

Welding consumed up to 1000 g/m

High-melting deep-hole STIG weldingLittle or no consumable filler metal consumption

Filling amount of welding consumables not more than 50g/m, 5% of the traditional 5%.

ConclusionMaterial savings of 90% with STIG welding
Welding QualityComparison of Advantages
TIG/GAWM conventional weldingMulti-layer and multi-channel filling welding, easy to appear slag, porosity and other phenomena.

High welding distortion

The one-time pass rate of weld filming is less than 90%.

Higher demands on the operators

High-melting deep-hole STIG weldingDisposable welding, no porosity, slagging, etc.

Double-sided welding, smooth and beautiful weld seam, small deformation

Cross-sectional structure to enhance the mechanical properties of the weld

One-time pass rate of over 95% for weld films

ConclusionHigher welding quality and welding efficiency with STIG welding
Efficiency comparison
Welding ProcessCuttingBevelingPre-cleaningFit-upFront WeldingReverse CleaningReverse Welding
High-melting deep-hole STIG weldingYESNOYESYESYESNONO
Welding speed up to 300mm/min, one-time welding through, one-sided welding double-sided forming, efficiency increased by more than 8 times.

Welding materials: titanium, zirconium plate, nickel-based, aluminium alloy, carbon steel plate, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel and other rare metals.

Type of weld: annular, longitudinal.

Application areas: petrochemical industry, food and pharmaceutical industry, aerospace, electric power industry, power plants (including nuclear power industry), water treatment industry, shipbuilding, boilers and pressure vessels (mainly including pipelines, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, storage tanks, reactors and other atmospheric and high-pressure pipelines and vessels in the manufacturing process of straight and ring welding seams), prefabricated pipelines in the construction of large infrastructure and the joining of plates.

plasma welding machine applications