plasma welding machine

Plasma Welding Machine

With Waldun, you’ll never have to question the quality of our plasma welding machines. We’re considered as the best because of the standard we have in producing and manufacturing PTA welding machines.

Waldun’s plasma welding machines can also be used for cutting workpieces, too!

You can cut a wide range of materials and workpieces, including aluminum, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, copper, and the like.

Waldun’s Plasma Welding Equipment

We here at Waldun consider our plasma welding machines as the advanced TIG machines you use for welding.

Plasma Welding Machine

Waldun can effectively manufacture top-of-the-line plasma welding machines to carry out the solutions you’re looking for.

You can weld a lot of materials and objects through our plasma welding machines, including titanium and Inconel, among others.

Features of Our Plasma Welding Machines

The features that strike companies and businesses the most include:

Features of Our Plasma Welding Machines

Motors include AC or Servomotors, depending on the needs you have for it

Can produce workpieces that have hardness ranges from HRC 58 to HRC 60

Seamless welding of anti-wear and anti-corrosion materials

No signs of deformation after welding because of the water cooling property

Can weld plates that are ranging towards 6 mm

Suited and capable of being used with CNC machines and systems

Waldun’s plasma welding machines will never give you any shortage of the advantages you’ve always wanted to have.

Tell us what you want, and how you want it done and we’ll work it with our engineers to make it happen.

Where Could Our Plasma Welding Machines be Applied to?

There are a lot of available applications for our plasma or our PTA welding machines.

Applications of Plasma Welding Machines

Waldun is a company trusted by a wide range of businesses and industrial companies. The most common industries that ask for our support and assistance include:

Cryogenics and Similar Industries

Aerospace and Automotive

Railway and Transportation Industries

Shipbuilding and Shipyard Industries

Petrochemical and Chemical Industries

And Many More

What are the Capabilities of Waldun With Plasma Welding Machines?

Waldun is able to produce about 30 plasma welding machines in a month. All of which are accurate and precise to the needs and the requirements of our clients.

We’re a company that possesses CE and SGS certifications, applicable to a wide range of countries and continents.

Why Choose Waldun’s Plasma Welding Machines?

15 years’ plasma welding machine production experiences

Competitive Price With Faster Delivery

Quality Guaranteeing With Expert Service

All Machine Parts are From Good Brand

We deliver all machines within a 2-to-3-week time-frame

All plasma welding machines have a one (1) year warranty

Mechanical and electronic parts of our machines are from trusted partner manufacturers from all across the world

We offer complete installation and excellent aftersales services

Wherever you are, Waldun will be the best and the number one plasma welding machine manufacturer you’ll ever work with.

Don’t ever hesitate to contact us if you’re looking for the best and the highest quality of plasma welding machines!

Receive a free quotation for the equipment you are in need of! Rest assured that it’ll be within your allocated budget!

Plasma welding machine is an ideal machine. For pressure vessel, high-pressure pipe, thick plate, rare metal zirconium-titanium-nickel-copper thick plate welding.

WALDUN introduces highly efficient stig high penetration plasma welding machine and automated circular seam tooling for single-sided and double-sided welding through 14 mm. Forming, no beveling required.

Industry pain point: thick plate welding is complicated, welding stress is also prone to stray slag and cracks. For pressure vessels, storage tanks, and high-pressure pipelines, high demands are placed on the pipe sheet, so it is necessary to ensure quality and improve production efficiency.

Solutions: We provide high fusion keyhole STIG welding system (SWS-1000) Equipment. Through the efficient electromagnetic compression of the arc to achieve the effect of plasma arc, welding arc energy concentration, welding process, arc pressure and The surface tension of the liquid metal in the molten pool is balanced, resulting in a stable pore effect with excellent penetration capacity.

It can realize one-sided welding and double-sided forming, and can weld through the steel plate at one time, without beveling if it is below 14mm.

High-meltdepth welding equipment is also integrated and integrated welding equipment for power supply, arc pressure tracking, refrigeration tanks, controls and more.

Plasma Welding Machines – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

For your advanced welding processes, you would need a plasma welding machine.

Plasma welding is just one of the many different types and kinds of welding processes. In this guide, we will give you the answers to some of the most common questions about it.

So, if you have business relating to it, this guide is especially made for you!

What is Plasma Welding?

Also known as Plasma Arc Welding (PAW), it’s a welding process close to what TIG is.

Plasma Welding

In plasma welding, the electrode and the workpiece forms the arc. The arc is what melts the material, joining the two pieces together.

Plasma Arc Welding (PAW) vs. Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding

Both processes utilize a tungsten electrode. However, the distinction between them is with the shield gas.

TIG Welding

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) the process where you form the arc using the electrode. Then, it is maintained by a shield gas covering.

Plasma Welding (PAW), uses the same tungsten electrode but it’s placed in the torch. In this process, you’ll infuse the arc in gas (plasma), which shields it.

They’re almost the same, but only different in the shielding process.

Is TIG Better Than PAW?

No, TIG is not better than PAW; PAW is better as it’s the advanced version of TIG.

TIG Better than PAW

Both TIG and PAW run on the same electrode. Therefore, they should have the same results, right? But no, PAW can create faster welds with the same accuracy and precision as TIG.

What is Plasma Welding Used For?

You can use plasma welding for many different applications. In fact, here are some of the most noticeable ones you might find helpful.

Plasma Welding Used For

Sealed Parts and Components

One of the best uses you can have for plasma welding is for sealed parts. Through the process, you will have the ability to weld in narrow and delicate areas easier; reduce the heat input, focusing on a specific focal point; and so on.

Common applications under this category includes:

  • Bellows
  • Microswitches
  • Valves
  • Batteries
  • Fitting or Flange (Miniature)
  • And Many More

Small Part Welding

Also, with its thin and narrow point, plasma welding can be used in thin applications.

It can produce neat and consistent welds. Some of the best scenarios of using PAW include: probes, filaments of light bulbs, needle wires, wires, and so on.

Advantages of Using Plasma Welding

Advantages of Plasma Welding

If you choose to use plasma welding, you can experience a heap of benefits and advantages.

Lower Current Limits

Compared to TIG, PAW has lower current limits. This limit makes PAW a perfect solution for small welding applications.

This is why PAW is perfect for the welding of small medical parts and components.

Less Electrode Contamination

If you use PAW in the medium range of the current, it’s less tough than GTAW or TIG.

What this means for you is that you can have longer times of using the arc which favors the less contamination of the electrode material.

What is Micro Plasma Welding?

From its term alone, you already know hat Micro Plasma Welding is a process of forming the arc between the electrode and the workpiece.

Micro Plasma Welding

This means that you can perform it with smaller parts and component. Aside from that, there’s more intricacy and details to the project.

What are Plasma Welding Machines?

Plasma welding machines are the machines and equipment.

Plasma Welding Machine

You can use these types of machines if you need to weld at smaller joint and limited angles in bulk.

What are the Standard Specifications of Plasma Welding Machines?

The usual parts or components of plasma welding machines are:

Welding Machines Specifications

Power Supply or Source

This component is what delivers power to the machines, making them work and functional. Without a power source or supply, your equipment wouldn’t even turn on.

Plasma Welding Torch

The plasma welding torch is a part or component that directs the flow of plasma. It’s where the tungsten electrode is located during the plasma welding process.

Water Re-Circulator

This component is what moves hot water out of the plasma welding machine. You need this if you are to operate at a fast and speedy rate.

Torch Accessories (KIT)

This contains all complementary materials for the torch. Some of the most common ones include ceramics, tips, set-up gauges and other tools.

What are the Applications of the Products From Plasma Welding Machines?

Products that you get from plasma welding machines are usually made for the Aerospace and Defense industry.

Applications of Produccts

However, due to the evolution of processes and products, it’s also used in other sectors and businesses, too, including:

  • Medical Facilities
  • Military Applications
  • Construction Tools and Equipment
  • Cutlery
  • And Many More!

Because of the general setting of plasma welding machines, its pace can be controlled manually. Making it easier and better to weld on even the narrowest and smallest of workpieces that we actually have.

What’s a Plasma Welding Machine Torch?

The process of PAW requires the electrode to be in the torch.

Plasma Welding Torch

The torch is the medium that transports and delivers the generated heat to melt the material and the shield that it provides the arc.

How Do You Use a Plasma Welding Machine?

Using plasma welding machines and equipment isn’t rocket Science. In fact, it’s as simple as using a regular TIG machine.

  1. You need to power it up and adjust the amperes to meet your requirement
  2. Place the workpiece where the plasma welding machine can operate on it
  3. Set the program created for the specific weld/cut
  4. Adjust the speed based on your liking

What are Some of the Features of Plasma Welding Machines?

Some of the most notable features of the newest plasma welding machines include:

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Automated and Controlled Welding
  • Remote Control Machines and Equipment
  • Water Cooling Feature to Prevent Overheating

Depending on the company or manufacturer would be other results plasma welding can give you.

Where Can You Get the Best Plasma Welding Equipment?

Waldun is known as the best and the most reliable plasma welding machine manufacturer in the whole of China. Through constant development and improvement, we were able to come up with the best types and kinds of plasma welding machines.

For all your plasma welding machines and equipment requirements, you can bank and count on Waldun, the best in our country currently.

Contact us and get an estimate of the budget you need to have for the services and products you want and need!