CNC Plasma Cutting Machine | Cutting Chromium Carbide

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We have focused on the wear plates production for many years, so we can handle solutions for production of wear plates. Including welding, cutting, leveling and etc.

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cutting chromium carbide cnc plasma cutting machine

Main Feature

WALDUN cutting machines are euiped with Chinese or Hypertherm controller, and HD plasmas. All our machines are made according to high standard for cutting chromium carbide.

1.Beam adpots Q345B welded square steel tube structure with stress release by tempering, it has high intensity and rigidity.

2.After precision machining of the surface,the crossbeam has good rigidity and higi precision and excellent heat dissipation.

3.The product is suitable for equipment with any kinds of CNC systems.

Main technical parameter

1Track spanmm3000~9000
2Track lengthmmAccording to customers‘ requirement
3Transverse effective cuttingmm800 shorter than track length
4Longitudinal effective cuttingmm3000 shorter than track span
5Longitudinal railsm2m per rail. It may be increased or reduced in accordance with users’ requirement
6No of torchessetAccording to customers‘ requirement
7Cutting speedmm/min0~6000
8Traveling speedmm/min0~12000
9Torch lifting rangemm200-300
10Plasma cutting thicknessmmDepending on plasma power supply
11Flame cutting thicknessmm6~300


  • Available for cutting stainless steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum, and other Non-ferrous metal.


  • Mainly used for 2D cutting irregular graphics.
  • It is primarily composed of a plasma generator, numerical control system, machine tool, and air supply device.
  • Plasma Generator and its cutting torch directly determine the cutting quality. CNC system and machine tools directly identify the cutting accuracy.
  • The air supply device directly affects the cutting quality and is also a necessary condition for the plasma generator to work.


  • In addition to laser cutting, compared to other cutting methods, plasma cutting is much better. It has the advantages of high efficiency, high precision, and high stability, especially suitable for mass production and high precision cutting requirements.
  • For a cost point, the relative cost of plasma cutting is more economical, mainly when applied to massive processing production.
  • Plasma cutting under water can eliminate the noise, dust, harmful gas, and arc light pollution, effectively improve the working environment.
  • Excellent plasma cutting has made cutting quality close to the level of laser cutting. And now, with the maturity of high power plasma cutting technology, cutting thickness has exceeded 50 mm, expanding the range of CNC plasma cutting.
  • It is widely cutting for all kinds of sheet metal.
  • High cutting speed, high efficiency, cutting speed up to 10m / Min.
  • Cutting accuracy higher than flame cutting, underwater cutting without deformation, fine plasma cutting precision is more elevated.


  • It is costly to cut steel plates over 50mm, which needs high power plasma power and high cost. When cutting a thick plate, the cut has a V groove.

Cutting Video

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