Plasma Coating – The All-Inclusive FAQ Guide

Plasma coating has been one of the best coating processes because of its effectiveness. However, a lot of people find it confusing and too complex for their skill.

While this is true, you can actually easily learn it! In this guide, we’ll tell you what you need to now about plasma spray coating.

As a bonus, we’ll also discuss where you can get the best and the highest quality of plasma coating machines!

Understanding What Plasma Coating Is

Plasma coating is a type of thermal spraying procedure that you use to produce excellent quality coating.

Understanding Plasma Coating
A perfect example of how plasma spray coating is done

In case you’re not aware, plasma isn’t necessarily the coating, it’s a term used to identify the high-temperature gas it transforms to be electrically conductive.

You often use plasma coating to any type of ceramic or metallic material. However, plasma spray coating isn’t limited to that; you can, in fact, use it on a lot of other materials, too!

How Does a Plasma Spray Work?

During a plasma spray coating process, the feeding material, which can be a wire, rod, or powder, enter the plasma flame.

How Does A Plasma Spray Work
Plasma spray coating using a manual spray gun

These materials are then melted to a certain degree, and are shot through the target material being coated.

Because of the high temperature, the feedstock materials are melted and turned into plasma flame; and thus the term plasma spray coating.

What is a Plasma Coating Machine?

A plasma coating machine is the equipment you use to perform plasma spray coating.

What Is A Plasma Coating Machine
An example of a thermal spray coating (plasma coating) machine

The usual composition of the “gun” used in plasma spray coating includes:

  • Tungsten Cathode
  • Copper Anode

These are the parts responsible for the production of the electrical arc, which makes the plasma coating possible.

But is there just one (1) type of plasma coating machine? – No, in fact, there are different kinds with varying uses.

That brings us to our next topic, which is…

Different Types of Plasma Spray Coating Equipment

The varying types of plasma spraying techniques are classified in accordance to the environment of where they’re performed and completed.

Different Types Of Plasma Coating Equipment
A vacuum plasma spraying machine (VPS)

To discuss the different types of plasma spray coating techniques and procedures, they include:

Controlled Atmosphere Plasma Spraying (CAPS)

Also known as Insert Plasma Spraying, it’s done in a chamber that has an inert gas.

The inert gas usually is in the ranges of N2, H2, or Ar.

Atmospheric Plasma Spraying (APS)

It’s the type of plasma spray coating that is done and performed in the air; you can also refer to it as suspended plasma coating.

Shrouded Plasma Spray (SPS)

It’s shrouded or “shielded” by a nozzle that’s attached to the plasma torch’s anode.

This shield protects the jet from external contact.

Vacuum Plasma Spraying (VPS)

VPS, also known as Low Pressure Plasma Spraying (LPPS), is done in a chamber that has a vacuum, or anything that is low in pressure.

These are the different classifications of plasma coating. Now you know their differences, how can you use them to your benefit?

What Advantages Does Plasma Spray Coating Have?

Plasma coating is considered to be one of the best coating processes because of the following benefits and advantages:

Advantages Of Plasma Spray Coating
Versatility of a plasma spray coating procedure – use it on many types of materials

  • You can use plasma spray coating on a wide array of materials, such as plastics, glass and fiberglass, ceramics, steels and metals, etc.
  • You can modify and specify the particle size you can use for coating
  • It utilizes high temperature, making it best for the coating of different refractory metals
  • Processing plasma coating machines isn’t that difficult or complicated

Those are only some of the general benefits and advantages of choosing plasma coating. What about disadvantages and drawbacks?

Does Plasma Coating Have Disadvantages?

As good as we want it to get, there also are a couple of drawbacks in using plasma spray coating.

These disadvantages include:

  • Compared to other coating processes, plasma coating is expensive and costly
  • High temperatures can mean carbide decomposition, which can do more harm than good if it’s not controlled
  • You would find it difficult to coat and clad interiors of pipes and other materials because it’s a line-of-sight procedure
  • While you can use it manually, it’s best suited for automatic spray guns

If you weigh it out, the advantages will always outrun the disadvantages.

However, it’s still noteworthy to look and to consider the drawbacks it can have.

Plasma Spray Coating vs. Arc Spraying

Both are thermal spraying processes, and both achieve the same results – they provide coating.

Arc Spraying
What arc spraying looks like – it’s far from plasma spray coating

But how are these two processes different?

Arc Spraying is the process considered to have the best and the highest productivity.

In this process, you’ll use a DC electric arc. Moreover, it uses compressed gas to atomize the wires, which then shoots and propels the droplets to the target material.

Plasma Spraying also uses a DC electric arc. But, instead of compressed gas, it utilizes high temperature, which then expands the inert gas rapidly, shooting to the substrate or the target material.

Here’s a quick clip to help you understand arc spraying more:

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