plasma cladding machine

Enclosed Type Plasma Cladding Machine

The enclosed plasma cladding machine can be used for welding the head, cutter, valve and other shaft parts, pipe parts of the outer circle, the inner hole and the end face. Surface strengthening and repair of wear-resistant layer overlays and damaged surfaces and disc parts.

Plasma cladding, which uses a micro-beam plasma arc as a heat source, uses alloy powder as the filler metal, the alloy powder and the surface of the substrate, and then uses it as a heat source. It is a kind of surfacing process method that is heated and melted together to form an alloy layer.

Enclosed Type Plasma Cladding Machine

Enclosed Type Plasma Cladding Machines

Plasma cladding machine features:

  • Mechanical walking structure using imported linear guide rails, precision worm gear reducer and stepping motor drive walking, the whole machine drive small gap, high rigidity, stable and reliable operation, convenient integration. It is equipped with a servomotor-driven slewing bearing for precise spindle drive. Small gap, high rotational accuracy, easy to control.
  • One-piece construction, easy to transport and move.
  • Equipped with lighting, exhaust fans, shading mobile protective doors, simple operation, the overall structure is beautiful and humane.

Plasma cladding applicable products:

Applicable to the general shaft parts, tube parts of the outer circle, bore and end face of the wear layer welding and damage surface repair. It can also be used for surface welding and repair of disk parts.

Plasma cladding machine parameters:

item Model and Brand Main parameters Configuration items Model and Brand Description of main parameters
Transverse Mechanism Motor YZM stepper motors Effective stroke 1000mm Arc Pressure Tracking WALDUN
Lifting Column Motor YZM stepper motors Effective stroke 700mm Current communication 485 communications
Spindle rotation motor Servo Motor Rotational speed 0.01r/min~5.0r/min Touchscreens Wellbutton 7″ screen TK6071IQ
Welding Positioner HBT-35 Rated load 300KG Control system Mitsubishi of Japan FX Series PLC
Three-jaw chuck K11-320C Clamping range 25~320mm Control panel WALDUN Integrated into the device housing
Reference size 3000mmX1200mmX2200mm


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Ordering a plasma cladding machine from WALDUN

In some cases, we can modify your equipment to incorporate these liner plates when not in the original equipment design. If your equipment has lost some efficiency or does not hold the same tolerances as new, inspect the worn parts. There could be an easy and cost effective fix to the problem.