Plasma Cladding System & Machine

Plasma cladding on centralizer,shafts, cylinders and rolls

Plasma Cladding System & Machine

Plasma Cladding System & Machine is used for automatic overlay welding of shafts, cylinders and rolls. The equipment includes: plasma welding machine, operating cabinet, tailstock positioner, adjustable roller frame, wire feeder, etc.


Plasma Cladding Technical parameters  

Number Item Unit Parameter
1 Cladding product size specification mm Φ70-400mm
2 Stroke of welding gun (X, Y, Z) mm 3500*400*500(mm)
3 Chuck diameter mm 400
4 Head load kg 800
5 Max. welding speed of single gun mm/min 1000
6 Max. speed of rotation min/r 2

Note: X.Y.Z axis is specified: X axis for beam direction and Z axis for perpendicular to the ground.

Composition and configuration of Plasma Cladding equipment

  • Welding power supply

Plasma welding integrated machine

Model: V03BD

1.1. The power supply adopts high-speed DSP chip as the control core, the whole process of welding adopts waveform control, the welding process is stable, and the dynamic quality of the power supply is excellent.

1.2. Adopting IGBT soft switching technology, the power device has low switching stress and long life, the power supply is energy efficient and has high power factor.

1.3. V03BD plasma welding machine adopts temporary waveform technology, the output current is stable, 30-300A continuously and precisely adjustable.

1.4. Precise current control, the arc current can be adjusted at will from 5-30A.

1.5. Control panel interface is clear, easy and intuitive to operate.

1.6. Welding data experience value storage function, can store 99 groups of data, storage call convenient and flexible, reduce the requirements of skilled welding workers.

1.7. There is a choice of communication function to realize the unified control of the welding machine and the automatic special machine control system, to achieve the effect of changing the parameters of the welding process according to the need.

  • Operating system

Adopt PLC system control, for a variety of complex products can be programmed to solve, than ordinary CNC system operation is easier to get started.

  • Driving device

The welding gun travels with precise stepping motor, linear slide rail, and travels precisely. The oscillator uses precise stepping motor and ball screw, which is precise in walking and small vibration.

  • Rotating head

The rotating mechanism is driven by precision rotary support mechanism, with high bearing capacity and high rotating precision. Rotation is controlled by servo motor, with precise rotation angle.

  • Console

The control panel controls the operation of the whole equipment.