High Power Plasma Arc Welding Machine

V03B high power plasma arc welding machine is suitable for the welding of low carbon steel, high and low alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, copper, nickel, and its alloys, which can meet the requirements of precision welding. And the chemical industry, pressure vessel industry, aerospace, weapons industry quality, and efficient welding needs.

plasma arc welding machine

Plasma Arc Welding Machine Features

1.Power supply adopts high-speed DSP chip as the control core, waveform control in the whole welding process, stable welding process, and electric power supply. Excellent quality. Accurate and precise output control.

2.Using IGBT soft switch technology, power device switching stress is small, long life, power-efficient and energy saving, high power factor.

3.Stable current output, a wide range of adjustment, current can be adjusted arbitrarily in 2-300A.

4.High voltage design makes sure the fluidity of the welding arc.

5.High voltage design, ensure the arc stiffness and length of the arc.

6.Adjustable arc starting current and base value flow.

7.Small dimensional arc current, reduce the welding gun load, and dimensional arc current size adjustable (2-20A).

8.Current rise, fall time adjustable, the gas delay time adjustable.

9.Multi-group data storage, easy to store, flexible call, easy to operate and use, reduce the requirements of the welding technology workers.

10.Equipped with a high-power refrigeration water tank, to meet the high temperature environment for a long time to work.

11.Control panel interface is clear, easy to operate, and intuitive.

Features of plasma welding.

  1. High arc energy, reliable penetrating power.
  2. Column slender, thin workpiece without beveling, shorten the preparation time.
  3. The weld’s quality is not sensitive to changes in arc length, due to the morphology of the plasma arc being close to cylindrical. The angle of divergence is small (about 5 degrees), and straightness is excellent, so the influence of the heating spot area is little when the arc length changes, making it easy to obtain uniformity. Weld status.
  4. Fast speed, which is 3-5 times of ordinary argon welding.
  5. Large energy density, strong arc directionality, can produce stable small hole effect, through the impact of small holes can be obtained good single-sided Welded double-sided molding.
  6. The arc column has good controllability and adjustability.
  7. Excellent reproducibility, the electrode shrinks in the nozzle, not easy to contaminate and burn, long life.
  8. The tungsten electrode shrinks inside the water-cooled nose, not in contact with the workpiece, so you can effectively avoid the phenomenon of weld metal tungsten clip. The great stirring of the arc and the high temperature of the molten pool are conducive to the release of gas in the molten pool.


It is suitable for the welding of low carbon steel, high and low alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, copper, nickel, and their alloys. It can meet the requirements of precision welding and chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. The pressure vessel industry, aerospace, weapons industry needs quality and efficient welding.

Ordering a plasma arc welding machine from WALDUN

In some cases, we can modify your equipment to incorporate these liner plates when not in the original equipment design. If your equipment has lost some efficiency or does not hold the same tolerances as new, inspect the worn parts. There could be an easy and cost effective fix to the problem.