Pipeline Welding Machine – The Comprehensive FAQ Guide

Pipeline welding machines are important to various sectors. Because of their functionality, they’re able to move in orbit to a round or a circular-shaped object or material.

Out of all the many options you have, which pipeline welding machines manufacturer should you trust?

By the end of this complete guide, you’ll learn where you can source out for the best pipe welding machines at the best and the most reasonable rates you can find!

What is a Pipeline Welding Machine?

It’s a type of welding machine that is capable of welding the entire diameter of a pipe.

What Is A Pipeline Welding Machine
Pipeline welding machine welding the whole diameter of a pipe

If you think that this is something a regular welding machine can do, think again!

Regular welding machines wouldn’t have the same features and functionalities as they wouldn’t be “orbital” or they wouldn’t rotate or have any revolution.

What Welding Type is Used for Welding Pipelines?

Arc welding is the type of welding procedure you’d use in welding pipelines.

Lincoln Electric's Lf 72 Wire Feeder, Standard Duty Model

Lincoln Electric’s LF-72 Wire Feeder, Standard Duty model

An example of a Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) machine

What arc welding is, is that it consists of a power supply, which creates the electric arc – and that’s what’s used for the welding.

The different types of arc welding procedures and processes include:

  • Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding or Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • Oxy Acetylene Welding
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
  • Plasma Arc Welding (PAW)
  • Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)

The Top Pipeline Welding Machines This Year

This year has been one of the most revolutionary years for pipeline welding machines.

Because of infrastructure advancements in various parts of the globe, the demand for pipe welding machines have grown.

That being said, here are the top pipeline welding machines of this year:

  • Lincoln Electric Ranger 305
  • Pipe Pro 304
  • Bobcat 250
  • HOBART Champion Elite Welder
  • Lincoln Electric Ranger 225

These five (5) pipeline welding machines are named as the best because of some notable features they all have in common.


All of them have been tagged as a user-friendly pipeline welder. They’re easy-to-use, to the extent that even beginner welders will be able to operate them without any troubles.


Apart from being user-friendly, they’re all versatile machines and equipment, too.

They’re versatile in a way that you’ll be able to use them in many different applications, not just pipes!

If you have tubes, tanks, vessels, and other cylindrical objects, you can use pipe welding machines, too!

Contains High Power Rating

Having high power rating means that the processes would be quick, fast, and easy.

All of these pipeline welding machines are heavy-duty and have tremendous power when it comes to welding.

These are the common features and characteristics these machines have – and that’s what made them the best.

What’s the Common IP Rating of Pipeline Welding Machines?

Most pipe welding equipment are at IP54. But what does being IP54-rated mean?

What's The Common Ip Rating Of Pipeline Welding Machines
An IP54-rated pipeline welding machine, making it splash and object-proof

Basically, an IP54 rating means that the machine is seriously protected against dust ingress, but is not dust tight.

Moreover, it’s completely protected against small solid objects as well as water splashing.

What are the Core Applications of Pipeline Welding Machines?

As we’ve said above, pipeline welding machines are versatile in nature. Meaning, they’re not clamped to just a specific use or industry.

Core Applications Of Pipeline Welding Machines
A long pipe for heavy earth moving, welded using a pipeline welder

The different applications of where you can use pipe welding machines include:

  • Heavy Equipment Industry
  • Ship Manufacturing, Shipyard, and Shipbuilding
  • Aerospace and Automotive Industries
  • Bridge and Infrastructure Construction
  • Steel Structures
  • Mining Industry
  • Railroad Industry
  • And Many More!

So long as you’ll need to weld structures that are akin to pipes and fittings, you can use pipeline welding machines!

Are Pipeline Welders Automatic?

Today, most of the pipeline welding machines sold by manufacturers are automatic.

Are Pipeline Welders Automatic
An automatic pipeline welding machine

However, there are counterparts of these automatic pipe welding equipment that are manually controlled.

But, automatic pipeline welders would be more effective and efficient.

What is an Orbital Welding Machine?

An orbital welding machine, from its term alone, is a welding machine that follows an orbit.

What Is An Orbital Welding Machine
An orbital welding machine, traversing the entire diameter of the pipe

In this type of welding, the welding arc rotates to cover the whole diameter of the workpiece.

Can You Rent Pipeline Welding Machines?

Yes, if you think you wouldn’t need your pipe welders for a long time, you can choose the option to rent it instead.

However, the general rule of choosing to purchase than to rent would be if you’ll use the machine for more than 60 to 70%.

If you’ll use it like 30% in your project, renting might be the most ideal option. However, if you’ll use it more than 70%, purchasing might be what you’re looking at.

Some pipeline welding machine manufacturers also offer the rental option!

Which Pipeline Welding Machine Manufacturer Can You Trust?

We’ve given the top pipeline welding machines this year above, why look for more?

The ones we’ve mentioned above are expensive – they’re world-renowned so you might not be able to get the specific ones you need.

Here with us at Waldun, we can give you the guarantee that you’ll get the specific pipeline welding machine you’ve been asking for.

Through the help and the assistance of our Research & Development (R&D) team, you can send us sketches of how you want your machines to look like – and we’ll work to make it happen.

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  • We are a licensed and a certified company
  • Our pipeline welding machines are all high-powered and have decent IP ratings

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