Welding Turning Rolls

Pipe Turning Rollers 

In all of China, Waldun is known to be the best and the top manufacturer of pipe turning rollers. For more than 2 decades, Waldun has continuously produced different units and types of pipe rollers.

Waldun produces hundreds of welding equipment in a year, and our rollers could be the solution your business needs. You can choose from the catalog of the pipe rollers that we have. Alternatively, you can also tap us to create the specific pipe turning rollers you need!

Waldun’s Pipe Turning Rollers

The pipe turn rollers Waldun offers are flexible and versatile. You can use it if you’re working on light, medium – to heavy workpieces.

Pipe Turning Rolls

As long as it has a round or a cylindrical shape, our pipe rollers will be able to work on it.

Conventional/Manual Pipe Turning Rollers

Waldun’s pipe turning rolls are adjusted using the screws and bolts of the wheels. You’ll have to adjust it depending on the size of the workpiece.

When it comes to the speed, you’ll be the one to select how fast its rotation will be.

Self-Aligning Pipe Turning Rollers

The self-aligning pipe turning rollers that Waldun’s offering is perfect for continuous use. The machine automatically adjusts on the size of the workpiece, no need for you to do it.

These self-aligning rollers can be operated by a single welder, even one without skill.

Why should you choose our pipe turning rolls? What can you get from it?

What You Get From Waldun’s Pipe Turning Rolls

What You Get From Waldun's Pipe Turning Rolls

Choosing Waldun for your pipe turn rollers can get you the following advantages:

Excellent quality machines and equipment

Faster and cleaner welding processes

Easy-to-operate machines

Motor brand and inverter is made by ABB

Applications of Waldun’s Pipe Rollers

You don’t have to be in a specific industry to find use for Waldun’s pipe turning rollers. So long as you need to handle pipes, tubes, and other fittings, you will be able to use it.

Applications of Waldun's Pipe Rollers

Businesses in the mining industry, construction industry, and chemical industry – among others – have trusted Waldun’s pipe turning rollers.

Why Choose Waldun?

Waldun’s pipe turning rollers are scattered all across the globe. Businesses in various industries utilize it, and they never regret that they trusted us for it!

You will absolutely love working with us! Waldun will never fail you. In fact, be ready to experience world-class quality pipe turning rolls:

  1. Ultra-fast delivery (20 days max)
  2. 1-year warranty to all machines and equipment
  3. Excellent customer service and support
  4. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified

Other Products You Can Get

Pipe turning rollers aren’t the machines you can get from Waldun. You can also trust us if you need wear plates, weld overlay equipment, pipe welding machines, hardfacing machines, and many more!

You will never be able to find another manufacturer as good as Waldun! Contact us and let us know how you want us to produce your pipe turning rollers! We’ll specify it based on your need!

Pipe Turning Rollers – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you having troubles in handling heavy machinery and equipment? If you are, then you need to consider using pipe turning rollers!

Pipe turning rollers have been one of the best additions in the industry. You might find yourself gladly using it if you do! But what are they exactly?

In this post, we will guide you in understanding what pipe turning rollers are; we’ll also help you find out other important things about it, too!

What are Pipe Turning Rollers?

They’re mechanical machines that can handle small to large-sized workpieces for your business.

What are Pipe Turning Rolls_

You can use pipe turning rollers in many applications involving rounded or cylindrical objects, such as:

  • Cleaning
  • Painting or repainting
  • Inspecting
  • Improving (cladding, weld overlay, lining)
  • Welding

What’s the Use or the Function of Pipe Turning Rolls?

Use or Function of Pipe Turning Rolls

Their main use or function is to help you handle, hold, and move the workpiece with ease.

How Would You Operate Pipe Turning Rollers?

The procedure in which you can operate your pipe turning rollers is rather simple and easy.

How Would You Operate Pipe Turning Rollers_

It goes and flows out in the following structure:

  1. Sizing the pipe turn roller or adjusting the dimensions according to the workpiece
  2. Mounting the pipe or tube fitting
  3. Activating or turning the machine on
  4. Setting the speed, the rotation, etc.
  5. Integrating the welding equipment

That is how you would usually operate pipe turn rolling equipment and machineries.

Are There Automatic Pipe Rollers For Welding?

Yes! Automatic pipe turning rolls can be beneficial for you because all actions are automated.

Are There Automatic Pipe Rollers For Welding_

You wouldn’t have to think about manually operating it for movement, speed, etc.

Do You Just Rent/Lease Pipe Turn Rollers?

You have the option to rent or to lease it, but you can choose to purchase one as well.

Should you choose the latter option, you have the freedom on how you want to utilize it.

How Can Pipe Turning Rolls Help Welders?

How Can Pipe Turning Rolls Help Welders_

Pipe turning rolls in welding play a huge role in the welding process. It can assist welders in a wide variety of ways:

Less Effort and Fatigue

They are used to clutch, hold, and move the workpiece; welders wouldn’t need to crouch, lie down, or have any other position!

This ultimately reduces effort and fatigue from the welder because they don’t have to exert efforts in manually handling it.

Faster Weld Processes and Procedures

Maneuvering and rotating the workpiece, even if it’s heavy would never be a problem. There are machines that can handle weights of up to 100 tons!

Because of this, improvement in productivity is seen and is favored.

More Precise and Accurate Welds

With the use of all these equipment, welders can focus more on improving their welds.

Also, there are machines that have its own weld head attached to it, producing better and higher quality welds.

Promotes the Safety of Welders

There’ll be no danger of workpieces falling to the welders. Pipe turn rolling machines are known to hold and clutch materials tightly, preventing them from swaying or moving around.

These are the fundamental reasons on how pipe turn rollers help welders, there are a lot more!

What are the Types of Wheels For Pipe Turning Rollers?

In deciding which material for the wheels you’d go with, you can choose from the following:

Types of Wheels

  • Plastic Wheels
  • Polyurethane Wheels
  • Metal Wheels
  • Rubber Wheels

You need to make sure that the wheels you’ll select would be appropriate to your workpiece. Selecting an incorrect wheel can damage your workpieces; or they could fail to do the job.

What Does Sizing a Pipe Turning Roll Mean?

Sizing a turning roll means aligning it with the size and the width of the workpiece to be loaded.

What Does Sizing a Pipe Turning Roll Mean_

It’s important because there are instances where a workpiece wouldn’t fit to the equipment.

Adjusting or sizing a pipe turning roll is actually the first step in operating the machine.

Is it Advisable to Use Pipe Turn Rollers For Welding?

Yes, using pipe turn rolling equipment can help you make your welding projects easier.

Advisable to Use Pipe Turning Rolls for Welding_

It is advisable to use even in situations where the workpiece is not that heavy as it helps you:

  • Improve the quality of the output
  • Perform welds faster and hastier
  • Maintain the safety of your welders

Things You Should Look at With Pipe Turn Rollers

Things You Should Look at With Pipe Turn Rollers

Before purchasing, you need to look at the following specifications to make sure that you’re purchasing the machine fit for all your projects:

  • Shipping Weight (Weight per item or per set)
  • Input Power (How much electricity the device would need to operate)
  • Pipe Capacity (Size of pipes it can handle)
  • Load Capacity (How much weight it can handle)
  • Rotation Speed (The speed of rotation that you can get from it)
  • Rotational Motor Size (Size or strength of the motor)
  • Turning Capacity (The weight that the turning can handle)

Consider these as part of the most important things before you decide on an equipment. Missing any of it can result to failure or errors in your processing.

Where Can You Purchase High Quality Pipe Turning Rollers?

There are a lot of companies that make and manufacture pipe turn rolling machines. But, if you want the best of the best, work with us here at Waldun!

Waldun is named as the best in the industry; we supply products to various parts of the world!

We can offer you the best and the highest quality of pipe turning roller equipment you need. Whether you need it for small parts or components – or even large and heavy ones!

Why Choose Our Pipe Turning Rollers?

We here at Waldun are committed to providing the highest quality of pipe turning rollers.

Since 2005, our goal has been the same – and that is to make sure that all our clients utilize the best machines to improve and develop their processes.

Acquire the pipe turning rollers you need from us now and experience premium quality! Get a free quote from us!