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Pipe Rotators

China’s number one manufacturer of pipe rotators is Waldun. Servicing the industry for more than 15 years, you can place your full trust in us when it comes to welding equipment.

Waldun can be your best source of pipe rotators for welding as we can produce a wide range of positioners for you.

You can use Waldun’s pipe welding rotators in working on projects that are lightweight, heavyweight – even those that are complex in size and in shape.

Waldun’s Pipe Rotators for Welding

Waldun’s pipe rotators aren’t only for pipes, tubes, and those types of fittings.

Pipe Rotators For Welding

You can work on other parts too such as tanks, vessels, shipyard components, and other workpieces that have the same cylindrical structure.

Waldun can help you manufacture the specific pipe welding rotators you need for your business. Unlike other manufacturers, Waldun can tailor-make the machines that can help with your operations.

Our Pipe Rotators’ Features and Benefits

Conventional Welding Rotator

Here are some of the most renowned features of Waldun’s welding rotators:

  • Self-adjustable roll frames, easy-to-operate
  • Low noise when activated and when being used
  • Contains a “reset” function for safety and security purposes
  • Compatible with manual and automatic welding
  • All our pipe rotators possess these features. You don’t have to worry about selecting or choosing which machine has it.

What Applications Do Waldun’s Pipe Welding Rotators Have?

You can use Waldun’s heavy duty pipe rotators for a lot of different applications.

Self-aligning Welding Rotator

Waldun’s welding pipe rotators can be your solution to fabricating and welding:

  • Petrochemical Pipes and Tubes
  • Shipbuilding and Shipyard Parts and Components
  • Pressure Tanks and Vessels
  • Underwater Tubing and Piping
  • Storage Tanks
  • And Many More!

Choosing Waldun For Your Welding Rotators

Waldun can be your all-around, one-stop shop business for the pipe welding rotator needs you have. Being the best in the industry for more than a decade, you’ll never have problems with our equipment!

We have the most comprehensive set of pipe rotators for welding, and, we can customize it to however you want it to be!

You’ll decide which ones you need and want, and we’ll be making it for you! Work with us to gain the following advantages:

  • Excellent and lifetime aftersales services
  • Trustworthy and experienced engineers and welding experts
  • Carefully engineered and built
  • Fully licensed and verified electronic control parts
  • Fast guaranteed delivery within 20 days

Waldun’s welding rotators also have 1-year worth of warranty! Don’t worry about it malfunctioning within the first year!

Are We Focused on Welding Rotators Alone?

Aside from pipe rotators for welding, you can also trust Waldun to help you with other welding equipment such as welding manipulators, column & boom welding machines, and many more!

In case you’re looking for the best pipe welding rotator manufacturer, look no further! Waldun’s pipe and tank rotators for welding will be the best ones you’ll see!

Contact us and never think about where to get the pipe rotators you need for welding!

Pipe Rotators For Welding, For Sale – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The use of pipe rotators in the welding industry has grown tremendously in the past few years. Because of its functionality, it’s wanted by many businesses involving welding and fabrication.

But what are pipe rotators? How can they help you with your welding projects? In this guide, we will discuss just that!

At the end of this guide, you will know everything you need to know about pipe rotators; you’d know whether or not this particular machine is for you!

What are Pipe Rotators?

A pipe rotator is an auxiliary machine you can use to help you with your welding projects.

Pipe Rotators

It’s a kind of welding positioner used for handling pipes and other cylindrical parts or objects. You can use it to clamp and clutch, rotate, tilt, and reposition the workpiece you’re working on.

Can Pipe Rotators be Used For Welding?

Yes! In fact, its main use is to assist and to complement the welding process.

Pipe Rotators be Used for Welding

It’s what you can use to hold a workpiece that is round or cylindrical; and move it in a whole 360-degree rotation.

What Pipes Can You Use With Pipe Rotators?

You can use pipe welding rotators for a wide range of pipe and tube fittings.

What Pipes Can You Use

Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Long Radius Bend Pipes
  • Elbow Pipes
  • Tee Pipes
  • Flanges
  • Wye Pipes
  • And Many More!

Note: Pipe welding rotators assist the welding process; so more often than not, big and heavy parts and components are loaded to these machines. But, you can also use it for small to medium-sized pipes and workpieces.

What are Pipe Welding Rollers?

Pipe welding rollers are pipe rotators, they’re the exact same thing.

Pipe Welding Rollers

Don’t be confused when you see pipe welding rollers as some manufacturers refer to it as that.

What Benefits Can You Get From Using Pipe Rotators For Welding?

Benefits Can You Get From Using Pipe Rotators

Using pipe welding rollers for welding can give you the following benefits and advantages:

Faster and Speedier Production

Your pipe rotators can help you get even to the most awkward and complicated parts. This makes production faster, more urgent, and hastier.

Stable and Consistent Welds (For Bulk Welds)

Pipe rotators can set your workpiece in place without it being misaligned. What does this mean for you?

Whenever you perform the weld, the rotator can move it more consistently with more stability; this makes all your welds exactly the same without any irregularities.

Safety and Security of Welders

Imagine welding a 50-ton pipe fitting; isn’t it dangerous for your welders? What happens when it gets mishandled?

Using pipe rotators dramatically increase the safety and security of your welders. It has been proven and tested.

Higher and Better Quality of Welds

Your welders wouldn’t anymore worry about how to handle the workpiece. With this, they can focus on the welding procedure itself, creating better and higher weld quality.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Using Pipe Welding Rollers?

When it comes to operation, there’s none.

But, if in case your pipe rotator malfunctions, you wouldn’t be able to push operations.

Why Do We Need Pipe Rotators?

There’s no way you can handle welding a 50-ton pipe fitting by yourself.

Why Do We Need Pipe Rotators

Even if you’re strong enough, it’ll be hard and rather impossible to turn it even with 2 to 3 people.

So, you need pipe rotators to easily and effortlessly weld even the heaviest workpieces.

Which Industries Can Find it Beneficial?

Which Industries

Many industries can find the use for pipe rotators beneficial. But among the most common that really utilize it are:

  • Metalworking and Fabrication Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Petrol Chemical Industry
  • Power and Generation Industries
  • Nuclear Industry

Oftentimes, industries that utilize heavy pipes and tubes find the best use for it. But, it can also be used in the automotive industry (i.e. creation of tanks, etc.).

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Pipe Rotator For Welding

In order for you to get the specific machine you need, consider asking these questions:

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing

  • Would the rotator meet the capacity requirement of the load?
  • Is there a specific speed for power or turning for any of the projects?
  • What specific type of wheels do I need?
  • How big would the workpieces be? How many rollers would I need?

How Much Are Pipe Rotators Usually?

The prices of pipe rotators would actually be different because there are a lot of factors. You could look at the type and kind of wheels, the number of wheels, the load capacity, etc.

Giving an average would be vague; but to have a figure, it sits between $2,000 and $10,000; the prices may change depending on availability and the market.

What is a Welding Rotator?

A welding rotator is a machine you can use to help in welding cylindrical or rounded objects.

What is a Welding Rotator

You can use it in welding either small or large-sized rounded objects.

How Does a Welding Rotator Function?

Many people don’t understand how a welding rotator works. But in reality, it actually functions quite easily.

How Does a Welding Rotator Function

It functions by rotating the circular or the cylindrical object to help and aid in welding. For heavy materials and workpieces, welders don’t need to change positions as the welding rotator would rotate it for them.

What are the Usual Parts of a Welding Rotator?

Parts of a Welding Rotator

Different welding rotators have different parts. Moreover, there are manufacturers that add certain components to it.

But, the parts that would never be taken out include:

  • Idler
  • Driving Wheels (what turns the materials or workpieces)
  • Wheel Frames (what supports the wheels)
  • Transmission Device (what controls the speed of the rotation)
  • Controller  (what is used to change and modify the speed of the rotation)
  • Direct Current (DC) Motor (what makes the motion concrete and real)

Even if just one of these parts are missing, a welding rotator would not be able to function.

What’s the Importance of a Welding Rotator?

In the fast-growing industry, the need for safety and security remains to be at the top priority.

Importance of Welding Rotator

Using welding rotators can give you a ton of benefits, some of which include:

Safety and Less Effort for Welders

If you use a welding rotator, you would exert less effort as it’ll be rotated automatically.

This means that a welder would not need to move and rotate the workpiece manually; promoting safety and security to the welder and the workpiece.

Faster Productivity

All automations result to faster and better productivity. The function of a welding rotator to move the workpiece, means that the welder can do more and better.

Stronger and More Reliable Support

The support from the equipment itself is already enough to tag it to have stronger and more reliable support.

This can protect the workpiece, its quality, and its overall dimensions from deformity.

Is the Welding Rotator the Same as a Welding Positioner?

No, a welding positioner is different from a welding rotator.

Welding Rotator

The welding positioner is a device that can hold and rotate a workpiece depending on the angle set. It can be different angles, allowing you to weld at a steady level. Any shape of workpiece can be loaded to a welding positioner.

Welding rotators are different. Once the workpiece is loaded, it’ll rotate consistently depending on how fast or slow you want it. The wheels on the rotator allow the movement; that is why only rounded and cylindrical objects are the ones that can be used with it.

Advantages of Using Welding Rotators

What advantages can you get from using welding rotators?

These machines and equipment can help you get a ton of advantages.

Advantages of Using Welding Rotators

The most common benefits and advantages you can actually achieve include, but are not limited to:

  • Safety of your welders and the workpiece
  • Accurate and precise welds
  • Continuous welds with ease
  • Higher productivity rate
  • More efficient and more effective results
  • Reduced working hours
  • And many more

If you are to weld many different rounded or cylindrical products in the same ways, using welding rotators can get you the job done easier and more conveniently.

What Welding Processes Can Welding Rotators Assist?

Welding Processes Can Welding Rotators Assist

You can use welding rotators if you are to perform any of the following welding procedures:

  • Sub-Arc Welding (SAW)
  • Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding
  • Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding

Whatever welding procedure you need, using a welding rotator can help you drastically.

What is the Usual Price of a Welding Rotator?

Most manufacturers don’t broadcast the price of welding rotators because they’re expensive. However, to give you a gist of how much the average price is, you can think of it in between $10,000 to $30,000.

The price, of course, would depend on the size and the functionality you need with it. So, it’s best to check with the manufacturer of your choice.

Why Use a Welding Rotator?

Using a welding rotator can benefit you in numerous ways. But, the most common reason why you should consider using it is because of the savings it can give you.

Why Use a Welding Rotator

With faster productivity, shorter working hours, and more accurate works – you’ll spend less money and you will be able to save more! Apart from that, you can ensure the safety of your workpieces and your welders!

Once mounted, the workpiece would depend on how you set the rotator’s settings to! No instability, no moving!

Where Can You Purchase the Highest Quality of Pipe Rotators?

You can purchase high quality pipe rotators from many suppliers and manufacturers. But, China stands as the top-ranked and rated when it comes to these.

And here in the country, we at Waldun are considered as the best.

We have been providing quality pipe welding rotators and rollers to our clients for years; and we received no negative feedback about any of our merchandise and/or our services.

You can trust us to help you with a wide range of pipe rotators that you might need!

Why Choose Waldun For Your Pipe Welding Rollers?

Choosing us can help you with all your business needs.

All our pipe welding rollers have been deemed as the most efficient and the most effective by our clients.

Companies and corporations that purchased from us experienced a surge in sales; and it was all because of our equipment!

Fast Delivery and 1-Year Warranty

With Waldun, you can expect your orders to be delivered within 20 days from the date of order.

In addition to that, you can also see to it that your equipment has a maximum of one (1) year in warranty!

You can trust us for all the pipe rotators you need for your business processes! Get world-class quality pipe welding rollers for a decent rate!